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Battle of The Sexes

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When the guys make fun of Gerard's girlfriend, Jessie, about tearing up as she gets here eyebrows plucked, it starts a whole battle of which sex is stronger

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"Ow." Jessie whimpered as the woman plucked at her eyebrows. "Ow." She breathed softly, her hands clenching against her thighs.

No matter how many times she said it, her face stayed relaxed. A tear rolled over her cheek. I wiped it away carefully, gaining a glare from the Asian woman.

When she was done, Jessie hugged me and paid the woman, thanking her. The guys were laughing loudly from the chairs. "What?" She looked at them with sharp, shiny eyes.

"It can't really hurt that much." Frank giggled, holding his crotch so he wouldn't piss himself. Jessie smirked.

"Being a girl is harder than you'd think. We have a lot to deal with." She crossed her arms as her friends stood on either side of her.

"Like what? Deciding what to wear every day?" Mikey smiled at the three girls.

"No. Pain wise. Guys are such pussies when it comes to pain." Alicia shot at him. "There's shaving."

"Waxing. Periods." Megan put out.

"Heels. Facials. Plucking." Jessie ticked them on her fingers.

"Burns from straighteners and curlers. Cramping." Jessie and Alicia nodded.

"Or shutting your finger in a compact mirror. Broken nails." They all shuddered.

"Oh please. You guys think you're so tough? Try getting kicked in the nuts." All the girls looked at Ray like he was a loser.

"Is that all you can think of? Really?" They laughed at him. I held my hands up.

"Not getting involved! White flag." I waved my striped jacket. "Close enough."

The girls shared a look and smirked evilly. "Okay, tough guys. We'll PAY for you to get your eyebrows plucked." Jessie said with a grin.

I watched as the guys stood up, shrugging. Jessie talked to the Asian woman softly for a moment, the woman looking back at the guys.

After a moment, ahe nodded and called something into the back of the room. Two more woman walked out with large tweezers.

They all stood behind chairs where the guys sat in. The chairs were lowered and the woman went to work.

"God!" Ray nearly screamed, making the woman jump and stop. Similar sounds drifted from Mikey and Frank as their faces scrunched up and tears soaking their faces.

"Can't take it?" Jessie asked sweetly. "Well, either way, they're gonna finish. Unless you wanna look stupid."

I took her hand and kissed her cheek. See, I knew to not mess with girls. Like, ever.

Once the women were done, the guys looked like tomatoes in a rain storm. They were all red and sweaty with tear stains on their cheeks.

"I'm out." Ray whimpered. Frank and Mikey shook their heads slowly.

"Thank you." Each girl handed over ten dollars with huge smiles. "Now. Stilettos and skirts."

Back at Jessie's, Ray and I sat in the living room, waiting for the girls to be done dressing the guys. Several screams of denial and rejection came from inside Jessie's room.

"Your eyebrows look good." I shrugged, trying to make a small conversation. Ray glared at me

"That shit fucking hurt dude." The door opened as I laughed. Mikey and Frank were forced out by the girls behind them.

I fell silent. They were both in skirts and tall, thin heels. "Say nothing." Mikey hissed.

"Now. I want you both to go up and down the stairs for an hour. No stopping." Jessie pointed to the stairs.

We watched TV as the guys fell up and down the stairs. "I'm out!" They both shouted after a while.

"And the vaginas win!!!!" The girls danced around "Wooo!!!" The guys sulked as they went to go put guy clothes back on.

I'm SOOO glad I stayed out of that one.

Randomness!!!! R+R

Hugs and Dyson,
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