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Cemetery Drive

by Bella_Jinxx 2 reviews

Based on my emotions as we walked through a cemetery today.

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Cemetery Drive

Walking among the dead

Her freezing fingers touch the stone

Stroke over the letters

People so long gone

She feels at peace

Ice cold air swishing under her long coat

Voices whisper

Oh, how they whisper

The secrets revealed are worth more

Gold is invaluable compared to the secrets

Of the cemetery voices

Some young as nine months old

The sun went down on them much too early

Death is not something the small girl is scared of

She is scared of only the light

Realization is terrifying

It sends shivers down her spine

Raises goosebumps on her pale skin

She watches over them

Her brown eyes darting

Lips whispering silent apologies

She won't let them get hurt

Not her family

She cannot let them become another puzzle piece

She will not them become mere ghosts in the snow

Her footfalls are silent

They fall on wet leaves

Jaw set in determination

She will be what tomorrow needs

She will not go home to a world of crime

She will save everyone

Then again, how can she?

Because the small girl

Dressed in a large coat

Is pale not because of lack of sunlight

She is pale because she is no longer alive

She is dead

She is Death herself

She claimed every one of these souls and

She bares her fangs as she readies to take another one.

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