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Dear anyone who reads my stuff...

by KobraBlaze 1 review

Just read please... :(

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Hi. So basically, I'm going to make this as short as possible.

See my mother found out that I was on this site. She found Ficwad open on my laptop which I left in the sitting room. She probably didn't even know what it was at first but then she got the idea when she read down the page. I don't think she knows I write anything on here but she was really angry that I was reading stuff like this and told me never to go on this site again. (And yes, I went on this site again.)

So now I have to be like more careful. I don't think she would go through my laptop or phone but it's possible. So I may not visit this site as much or write as much. But I will finish my current story! And I will try to get some one-shots up. And I will continue to read stuff as much as possible.

Thanks for reading this and I'm sorry about it all! :(

P.s. I know I wrote the first chapter of that story like, what... like 2 weeks ago? And then I wrote the second part but then I lost it all so now I have been rewriting it and kind of changing it. I will try to have it up as soon as possible.
I'm really sorry. :'(
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