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False Fairy Tale

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Why do you stay stuck like this? Brainwashed by an evil kiss.

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My feelings and thoughts fall on deaf ears
I know you're listening, you just pretend not to hear
Brush me off to the side like I'm not wanted
Every year I'm a little more wounded, a little more haunted

Can't get over what happened in the past
You forced me into this, so soon and so fast
Turn a blind eye to my breaking heart
I always knew he was trouble, right from the start

You're weak and scared to be alone
But what about me, what about our home?

Aren't I good enough anymore?
I used to be once, sometime before
Now I'm just dramatic as you claim
Choosing his side once again, increasing my pain

One day soon I'll hopefully gone
Then maybe you'll finally see you were wrong
I can't live like this forever, it isn't fair
I'll never treat my own like you have, I wouldn't dare

You let him ruin our bond over and over
But I'm a little stronger now, a little more older
I'm strong enough to know when I need to walk away
I'll convince myself to save my tears for another day

When it falls apart again, don't call me crying
I don't want to hear your excuses, I don't want hear "I'm sorry"
I won't fall for it, I won't waste another minute
It's a false fairy tale mother, and I refuse to be in it.
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