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Three Pikey Drabbles

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Exactly what it says on the tin. ;P

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“Do I look alright?”

At the question Pete looks up from his cell for the first time in hours to see a sight that makes his jaw drop to the floor and his eyes shine like stars; his boyfriend, Mikey Way, is stood in front of him in jeans tight enough for Pete to be able to make out the shape of his favourite body part and Mikey’s top rides up perfectly, revealing the milky skin of his hip bones.

In short, Pete thinks, Mikey looks amazing. Stunning. And extremely fuckable.

“No. I think you need to lose the jeans.”


Pete is Mikey’s water. He keeps Mikey going when the younger bassist feels like giving up; he refreshes him with his relentless barrage of energy that never seems to run out.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call Pete Mikey’s boat, keeping him afloat through life’s metaphorical stormy seas. Just like Mikey does for Pete; they keep each other going when everything’s fallen to shit.

No. Pete’s definitely his water. Mikey’s sure he’d just shrivel up and die without Pete, hence his water-like qualities. But he’s so much more than just his water.

He’s his boyfriend. Just his.


Pete just wants to play, that’s all he ever truly wants; all that can make him truly happy. Up there on stage, playing his bass and making kids scream like they’ve never been happier.

That’s not the only kind of playing he finds bliss in though, far from it.

His favourite plaything is currently a younger bassist by the name of Mikey Way, someone who idolizes and adores him more than anything. But not more than Pete does him.

Currently, Mikey’s asleep. Exhausted by ‘playing’ with Pete. The older is wide awake though, content to watch his lover sleep.


A/N: This is what happens when I get bored and hungry for Pikey yet am too lazy to write a proper-sized fanfiction. Meh. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed them!

Also; anyone else super excited and going to see Batman tonight?! :D
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