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My weirrrd dream (with .gifs)

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This was just weird, not written very well I woke up and felt I had to share... Don't hate me becaus o my brain. this wasn't that weird compared to my other dreams...

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I had a dream Gerard moved into the apartment below me and I became really good friends with Lin-Z but I I didn't know it was actually Lin-Z and then she asked me to babysit Bandit and I was like sure and then I went over and I was like
'OMAHFUCKANJEZUS Lin-Z + Bandit....(derpherpderp (that is the sound my brain makes when it works)) this is GERD WEH's FAMALIIIIIEEEEE'
and then I kinda had a freak out. And while I was babysitting Bandit I didn't leave the living room cause I didn't t myself to not steal Gerard's undies or something I don't know...
But then Lin-Z came home and was like Oh I didn't know you were an MCR fan you should go to this convention because my husband' band is playing and it happened to be Anime Overload, and I was like "asdfghjkl I'm working security or that." So I got Towa the security head to switch me to guest relations. And so I was going to the green room, where I was to meet a Japanese band that I can't remember and the surprise guest... and I tried to go in and one of the security people just grabbed my arm and said not to go in and I was like (inner bitch expand!) "I've been doing security for two years I am head of guest relation and I can have you're badge pulled because what is the number two rule. NEVER PUT YOU'RE HANDS ON AN ATENDEE. I wasn't like yelling but I was doing that scary voice thing. Then Bob came out and was like hi, I'm the event's cordinator. And I was like "Hi" then I walked in the room and Gerd had no shirts on. Not a single shirt was on that man I swear... and I was like
'Don't look! you're friends with his wife!
And then my mind was like: That's not your fault!
'It's wrong'
You don't have to look but I am
'but what if I get an accident boner!? Bad time brain'
and my brain was: like you'll thank me later...
Gerard turnd aroun and smiled at me and I was like asdfghjkl m7gdnd5Ps21qf81m3o2_500.gif
and he introduced himself and I was like Oh hai dere... and then Mikey was in some very pretty makeup and he was like you're out fit kind of sucks and I was like "You look like a GAWD" in my mind but I accidentally said something really rude like 'You look like a whore with big eyelashes!'
and then I went and changed into my normal goth attire with my perdy makeup (I'm gonna do a profile of a ficwadddian if you really ant to see me.) and then I went in and got them water and Ray was freaking awesome excpt they were all kind of tired of being treated like super star so I was kind of a earth to band persona and Mikey was like get me some water and I was like you will get your own water. And then he had watermelon and I have no idea why I was so mean to Mikey wo decided that he was going to dress me up and I was like ....Okay but on the inside I was like and so he dressed me up like.... yum and we were wearing matching leather pant's (derrrrrrrp , read and The kiss said) and he put his finger in one of my belt loops and then I was like Oh look at the time and I am of shift. It was freaking awesome cause they were like, why don't you stand in for Frank on gutiar cause we can't find him and so I was like OH NO I LOST ON OF YOU????? Cause I basically was gonna have to explain to Matt the event coordinator that I was incompetently putting makeup on and lost Frank. But then I realized Bob was the events coordinator. So I played the show and it was AMAZING and Gerd was like I always do stage gay with Frank but he's not here and I just can't with Ray and Mikey would like it too much (mikey winked) and I was like gonna make him say it out lout and he was a bit awkward and he was like so can I like... just n stage. And then I thought about Lin-Z and I was like I'm friends with Lin-Z I should ask her. And then apparently I did cause while we were on stage. Both Gerd and Mikey were allllll over me. Like Gerardardadarardarard was like kissing me and singing in my ear. Normal stage-gay but Mikey was taking it further than
with the groping and grinding and it pokeman leveled up from stage gay to stage rape almost and I viewed I from the crowd and I was like damn I am so so sexy. And then Towa got angry at me cause I'm 15 and they were all like younger thn they are not, but still older than me. Ad statutory stag rape blah and I blame Towa because I never got to have sex with Mikey Before I woke up.

The end
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