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A High School sophomore finds himself slowly descending into madness.

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Warning: This Fic contains, intense levels of blood and gore, and strong language. Read at your own risk.
Take note the characters in here are humanoid animals, so I guess you could call them furries

The bus came to a stop, we all unloaded, I looked up at the giant institute they called High School. I don't who's idea it was to cram all the students into one big High School but what ever. I knew I wasn't the only new kid at this school but I was still nervous, I hadn't been to Kirkwood in so long, I didn't know if I would fit in so to speak. I entered the building nervously, the hallways were huge, and were teaming with students frantically trying to make it to first period. I looked down at my schedule, Chemistry, "Uh".
I made my way down the halls trying to find my way to the Science hall when, without knowing it, I bumped into someone, causing me to drop my supplies.
"Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm just in such a hurry!" She said trying frantically to help me pick up my things. The girl that stood before me was a blonde cat, she was dressed nicely, (Heaven know's why) But she had the cutest curly orange hair, and a pair of read glasses.
"I-It's fine I get get the rest." I said nervously. She stood up.
"I'm so sorry."
"Don't worry it's fine, I know you're in a hurry."
I looked down at my watch.
"Look the bell's gonna ring soon I gotta get going."
"So do I." She ran back the opposite way I was going.
I approached a certain classroom that looked as though the door was that of a lab.
I entered, not many people had arrived yet but a few were already in their seats.
I turned to the Teacher's desk, our teacher was tall but thin rat. He was balding on the top of his head, but his fur was a dark grayish color. He was dressed in a lab coat with goggles, and almost looked like a mad scientist.
He looked up from his clipboard and saw me.
"Name Please." He said looking back down, he even sounded like a mad scientist.
"Uh, Jacob Saint. Omer" I replied nervous as ever.
He looked through his list, "Hmm, Jacob, Jacob Ja-Ah there you are." He said marking his list.
"Your lucky, since you got here early, you get to pick your seat, but choose wisely. You'll be sitting there for the rest of the semester."
I looked around at the open seats, there were a lot, which one should I choose.
"Sometime today, Mr. Omer." The teacher said impatiently.
I stepped forward and found a seat near the back.
I sat down next to a Fox, you could tell he was a boy, but he was so glossed up and dressy if it wasn't for his lack of breasts he could pass as a girl, his hair was long and black, but was so long it reached his back.
While I grabbed my supplies out of my bag, I could see him glancing over at me through the corner of my eye.
He turned back when I looked back at him.
Soon the other students began coming into the class, with our mad scientist of a teacher pointed them to their seats.
I could still see that the guy next to me kept glancing at me, I finally turned to him.
"Do you need something?" I said loosing my patience.
He blushed. "N-no, no, I uh was just admiring your hair." His voice was effeminate, I would have been disturbed if I wasn't so accepting.
I felt my hair, I had my dreadlocks done just the day before school started and they were really soft.
"Well would you mind not staring at me so much." I responded.
"Quiet in the back please." The teacher said pointing at us.
I sank into my seat, when the bell finally rang.
The Teacher stood up and walked to the front of the class. He wrote his name on the board, "Mr. Bunsen."
"Alright class I know that your all pretty nervous about the first day, but let me set the rules of my class. First off I hope you enjoy the seats your in, because you'll be in them for the rest of the Semester. Second of all no food or drinks in my class, and absolutely no gum. Third of all, I will have no foolishness in my class, you clown around, you're out of here."
He looked around.
"Any Questions?" He asked.
Someone in the back raised their hand.
"And no I am not related to Robert Bunsen in any way."
The person in the back lowered his hand.
He looked around.
"Alright everyone turn to your neighbor to the right, you are to learn to trust this person because they will be your lab partner from now on. So I want you to start getting to know them."
Uh, why did it have to be the right? Now I have to talk to him.
I turned to him.
"I think we got off on the wrong foot." He said.
"My name is Larry, what's yours."
"Um Jacob." I replied.
"That's a nice name." He said looking up at my hair.
"Could I maybe touch your hair."
I shivered a bit after hearing that.
"Uhhh, fine."
He reached at the top of my head, and started moving his hand through my dreads. It felt really weird but I didn't make a fuss.
Right behind me, I could her some other people giggling.
I blushed and dropped my head down on my desk, I could tell this was gonna be one long year.
Author Note: I know it's not really scary or dramatic right now but there will be more to come, and it will start getting bloody.
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