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The plan.

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Spencer and Jon make a plan whilst Ryan is toying with Brendon's mind.

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~~Brendon's POV~~

We stroll outside of the stuffy club, walking past people dancing around with flashing disco lights flickering above us.

I think I should at least take Ryan home, he is too drunk to cope at the moment, then I will go and look for Spencer and Jon, I am sure they will be fine as they are. I mean they have eachother.

I stop walking left, and Ryan looks confused, whilst drunk.


"Were going back to the hotel, you need to go to sleep Ryan." I grab his hand and I begin to pull him, like you would pull a child that wants sweets and you said no.

"No! I- I want to go and see S-Spencer and Joooooon." he begins to cry, I have no clue why though. But his face, so beautiful. I must not resist.

"No you are not Ryan, you need to sleep." I tug his shoulder and he nods his head because he knows that I have won.

We walk to the hotel which seemed like it took forever with Ryan tripping and skipping around the place like some clumsy fairy. I hot fairy at that.

~~Ryan's POV*~~

you love Brendon you love Brendon!

NO! Nooo I do not.

Yes you do.

C'mon Ryaaaaaan, you know you love him, your just scared that everyone will reject you for being gaaaaay.

Shut up.

We get back to the hotel and Brendon looks like a steak that you just want to pounce on, I just want to snog his face off.

I told yooou

Shut up I said! I don't love him, he is just.. what's the word.. Hot, like that..

yooooou like him, and you are going to use him for sex. I know you Ryan, I am your druunk self where as you are normal, listen to meeeee. You love Brendon and your scared. Get that in your head Ryaaaaan. I don't see why you are going to use him for seeeex.

I DON'T LOVE HIM! I am only using him because I know him too well, he will know that I like him as a friend and he knows that I haven't scored a girl for over a month so this is kind of pity sex for me.

oh shut the fuck up and go oooout with him alreaaady.


your loss, you know you love him Ryaaaaan, you just have to faaaaace it sooner of lateeeer.


I, I think I might actually though, but, no Ryan, you don't its all in your head, is it?

We get to the door and Brendon opens it for me, we walk inside.

"You need some sleep, get into bed."

He puts me into bed. He is about to leave when I become the biggest idiot in the world and..

"No, no p-please staaay with meee." Why did I ask?

He looks like he is happy.


He sits on the edge of the bed and looks around.

"Noooo, into bed pleaasseeee."

~~Brendons POV~~

those words made me shiver, imagine hearing that every night when you go to bed? just Ryan, being there in your bed, I would love every second of it.

So I sit on the edge of the bed, trying not to scare him if I get in too close, god I am so tempted to kiss them drunk lips right now.

Then he said it "Nooo, into bed pleaasseeee."

I think I am going to cry with excitement. I do as I am told and get into bed, but still my back is facing him.

"Brendoooon, face mee." So I do..

He gently but quickly places his lips against mine and I resist for a moment until I suddenly click. Ryan Ross is kissing me, Ryan Ross! I close my eyes and enjoyed the moment because I know that this will never happen again, Ryan is drunk, he doesn't love me, but I know that he won't remember this in the morning.

Our lips part ways and I open my eyes.

"Ryan? why did you do that?"

"I dunnooooo."

I get a text from Spencer.

Dude, where are you? me and Jon are worried sick! text me back as soon as possible! are you with Ryan? is everything okay? me and Jon need to tell you something.

Hmm I wonder what?

Yeah mate I am fine, I am with Ryan and we are back at the hotel, he is in a drunken state so you know, I have to take care of him, because SOME PEOPLE went off ;)

~~Spencer and Jon's POV~~

I am SUPER excited! I can't believe that Ryan might actually have FEELINGS for Brendon!! this is big news, Brendon has liked Ryan ever since he started the band, almost like love at first sight without the mushy shit. But seriously.

Me and Jon are walking through Ibiza when we come to a mini bar, it looks quite dead. So we decide to go in and order beers and talk about it.

I find out that Ryan has all ways never known about Brendon like one day he would fall in love with him and the next day not be bothered to talk to him.. but Brendon didn't notice, neither did I.. Jon did though, he confronted Ryan about it a few months back but he just told Jon he doesn't know any more. Jon believes that he totally does.

"So what's the plan?"

"Well, I was thinking that we all ways go out places with each other and leave them to do what the want, like force them quietly you know?"

"Ahh, okay so you mean basically we hang out with each other all holiday and leave them out?"

"Exactly, so when they want to go out with us we leave them alone together and let us hope shit will happen."

I believe Jon's words and we sip our beer.
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