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(Frerard) While Gerard is away, Frank's only option is sexting.

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A/N-The title is from the song "Sexting" by Blood On The Dance Floor. I thought it fit perfectly. I've never seen a sexting fic before, so I decided to write one. ENJOY!

Frank nuzzled his face in his boyfriend’s shoulder, letting out a small whimper to show his distress. The taller man he was facing sighed and wrapped his slender arms around the depressed guitarist.
“B-but Gerard...” Frank mumbled into his sweater.
“I’m sorry Frank. You just can’t come with me. We need to keep everything under wraps, remember? It’s for the best” Gerard calmly stated back to his boyfriend, while proceeding to kiss his forehead and shush him. “I’ll only be gone for a week, baby. There’s no need to get all flustered...” Frank looked up at Gerard so their eyes met. He had never seen his partner’s emerald green eyes so flushed with tears.
“Well I’m so used to us always being together...I’m sorry I’m so clingy...” Frank sniffled.
Gerard huffed in response, “You’re not clingy. You just care for me a lot. And I appreciate that Frankie. I care about you too, so much.” He ran his fingers along Frank’s strong jawline, then brought their lips together.
It wasn’t long before Frank hesitantly pulled away. “It-It’s just that...when you’re so far away...if anything happens to you....I can’t do anything about it.” he pouted.
Gerard just gave him a reassuring smile. “I’ll be fine. I promise.” He then leaned in once more and sealed his words with a final kiss. “Now I really have to go, don’t want to be late.” Gerard picked up his small suitcase and walked towards the door. Frank merely watched in disbelief as the door slammed shut and the taxi pulled out of the driveway.
Sure, it wasn’t the end of the world, but it felt like it for Frank. Gerard, being the successful, driven, (and let’s not forget sexy), man that he was, the release of his highly anticipated comic book, The Umbrella Academy, was a huge hit. It was decided only a few days ago that the publishing company would be shipping him off to promote the book. While Gerard was more than happy to spread the word of his new work, Frank didn’t share the excitement.
The two had been dating for the past 3 years, and had lived together for a couple months. The two were inseparable. They absolutely adored each other. After all the struggles with depression and addiction in his life, Gerard was in heaven having found someone who truly loved him. Frank found Gerard the most fascinating person he had ever met, and he turned out to be a loving and sweet boyfriend as well. Not wanting to start an uproar within their fan base, the two lovers kept their relationship quiet, though still sharing much affection on stage and when they thought no one was watching.
After years of touring together, the two were already so used to being together constantly. However, this caused Frank to develop a huge case of separation anxiety. He felt so safe and loved when he was around Gerard, without him, nothing was the same.
Frank thought about this as he plopped down onto the couch in their small Jersey home. He pulled the sleeve of his hoodie over his hand, and wiped off the tears still brimming the corners of his eyes. He felt pathetic and worthless, but he really was nothing without Gerard. His other half.
What was he even supposed to DO for a whole week by himself? It wasn’t like he and Gerard did much. They never really left the house, save for band practice, tours, and the occasional shopping trip for food and other necessities. Being two hormonal young men, Frank and Gerard usually spent most of the time at home fucking like rabbits. There weren’t many opportunities to get intimate on tour, so they saved all of their raw passion for home. Neither of the boys really liked doing it anywhere else anyways. Gerard just HAD to be a total gentleman when it came to sex. He insisted on it always being on their bed, and always being slow and meaningful. He despised the word “fucking”, rather referring to it as “making love”. “Horny teenagers fuck” Gerard explained once, “We have much more class, and much more respect for each other to do that.” On occasion, however, Gerard would give in to some of Frank’s ideas, like seeking vertical horizons, or doing it so hard and fast that both men would cum at least 3 times during the session.
Frank sighed at the thought of no sex for an entire week. Sure he had done it on tour multiple times, but this was different. Home time was where the two could lay in each others arms, naked, for hours, and no one would bother them. Home was where they could be as loud and messy as they wanted. Home carried so many reminders of love and Gerard, and when he wasn’t there with Frank, it just didn’t feel...right.
Thankfully Frank’s frustrated thoughts were broken up by Sweet Pea jumping onto his lap. Frank smiled and petted the tiny black dog. “Looks like you’ll have to keep me company this week, before I go completely insane.”
Frank had made Gerard promise to call him every night, and to text him whenever he wasn’t busy. Since he was probably on a plane right now, Frank hadn’t received any texts just yet. He brought his feet up to his legs on the sofa and decided to watch a movie until he could communicate with his beloved. He moved around a bit until the familiar position of being on his knees, legs slightly open, let memories slip into his mind.

Frank mind was taken back to 3 months ago, he and Gerard had just moved in to their new house. The only furniture present so far was the very couch he was sitting on currently. He remembered everything from that night crystal clear, kneeling in the same position while Gerard was stood up in front of him, sinking his engorged cock into Frank’s mouth.
“That’s it baby...suck me good...” Gerard threw his head back and began to gently thrust his hips.
The scene then flitted to about 20 minutes later. Frank was in the same kneeling position, only this time Gerard’s cum was dripping down from the corners of his mouth, while he rode violently on the cock it had came from. Gerard held Frank’s hips like a vice, lifting him up and down to match his thrusts. Frank couldn’t really remember what he had yelled out at the time, but he couldn’t forget the loud, throaty moan Gerard did when he came for the second time in Frank’s tight hole.

Frank shook his head to release himself from his naughty thoughts. He couldn’t let himself get turned on like this. Not with Gerard not present to fulfill his sexual needs. Frank couldn’t remember the last time he actually masturbated. The only time he ever did was when he teased Gerard as foreplay for real sex. Fapping wasn’t necessary in Frank’s life once Gerard stepped in, but now the thought of it sounded pretty fucking good.
Thankfully, Gerard had thought about this before he left. Though he was only given a few days notice before he had to be on his way, he made sure to spend the whole day with his angel so he’d be okay for the week he’d spend alone. Gerard made sure to give him tons of sex that day, so there was no way he’d have enough energy or have enough motivation to do it again by himself.
However, he had underestimated the guy.
Before he could remember anything else, Frank got up and shoved a random DVD into the player. He also made sure to lie in a position that could not be found sexual as he made his way back to the couch. The screen came to life once the disc had been read, and Frank blindly selected the play button. He knew from the first few seconds what movie it was.
Of course, Frank had chosen Dawn of the Dead by some odd chance. It just HAD to be him and Gerard’s favorite movie of all time. The one they had watched together at least 20 times, the one they were watching on the bus the night they shared their first kiss...

The two boys’ lips came apart with a wet pop. Gerard’s golden honey-colored eyes stared back into Frank’s.
“Was that...okay?” Gerard whispered, unsure of himself. The rest of the guys had gone to bed already, but Frank and Gerard decided to stay up to watch the last five minutes of the classic horror film. Frank couldn’t help himself as he leaned in to the gorgeous boy sitting next to him, and they began to make out.
Frank smiled back and planted a reassuring peck on Gerard’s lips. “Mm...perfect. Kiss me again?” The two just giggled and went back to their fun.

Of course, that had also been the night that the guys found out Frank was bi just like Gerard, and that the two were both very interested in one another. Frank stood up angrily and ejected the disc, not wanting to relive any more memories without his lover by his side. He fished his hand around the shelf that stored their DVDs. Their collection was quite impressive, but the range of genres, not so much. It was mainly horror movies, with the occasional comedy and chick flick.
In his search, Frank came across a dusty old case with nothing on the cover. He quirked an eyebrow in curiosity and brought the case with him back to the TV. Just when he was about to press play, he decided he should probably figure out what it was first.
Frank took a second look at the disc. It was one of those ones you buy at an office store, that you put your own things on. Under “Title/Name” the disc was marked with nothing but a heart, and the date it was recorded underneath. Frank instantly knew what he had just discovered.

“A sex tape? You’re joking, right?” Frank couldn’t tell if Gerard looked more humored or annoyed. Seemed to be a little bit of both. Frank merely climbed on top of his boyfriend, kissing him with a mischievous smile.
“Nope. I mean, why not?” Frank giggled, playing with Gerard’s hair as an attempt to get him to agree.
“Do you know what would happen to us if that thing leaked? It would RUIN us Frank!” The humor was gone. Gerard now looked petrified and irritated.
Frank pulled back, a disappointed expression on his face. “But I thought it would be fun make it...and to watch it later...”
“It’s not worth it sugar.” Gerard interrupted.
“How would it leak anyways?” Frank pouted. “Do you not trust me...?” Frank was hurt at this realization.
“No! No, no, no Frankie. That’s not what I meant...”

Frank ended up being upset the rest of the day. He wasn’t mad at Gerard, he was just disappointed that he wasn’t willing to take a risk to make him happy. The disc was marked by Frank, who had hopes of making the tape, but it was just an empty disc with no purpose now.
Frank didn’t know what to do with himself anymore. After all of these memories flooding back to him. However, he was sure of 2 things, that was for sure. 1. He was horny. 2. He missed Gerard.
And also, he had just thought of the perfect solution.


Gerard had now remembered why he had hated working for the Cartoon Network. Sure, he loved drawing and getting paid for doing what he loved, but a goddamn desk job with meeting and shit was just too much. He was brought back to those days as he sat at the head of the conference table, only this time discussing his own book. Sure, he loved talking about his work, but this was just boring.
Gerard had decided that he would give anything to be with his love right about now, but then the sad realization that he wouldn’t see him for another week hit him. Now he realized why Frank was so upset.
A few minutes after he had finished speaking, Gerard got up to leave and felt his phone buzz in his pocket. When he saw Frank’s name flashing across the screen, he literally facepalmed. He had promised Frank that he would text him, yet he completely forget about his phone when he had to turn it off for the flight. He was just about to send him an apology when he read the text.

Hey baby...r u alone? xo F

Gerard looked around and shrugged. It wasn’t like anyone could see his phone where he was. He wasn’t busy.

Yeah I am. why? xxx G

Gerard decided to not mention the whole forgetting to text him thing. If Frank didn’t bring it up, Gerard sure as hell didn’t want to either. It was a few minutes until Gerard’s phone buzzed again. His eyes shot open at the text he received, quickly shielding his phone before anyone could see what was on it.
On the screen was a picture of the front of Frank’s jeans, and from he looks of it, he had taken it while lying down. There was a huge bulge protruding from the front, and Frank’s familiar tattooed hand was sitting just above the hem of his pants, dangerously close. The text that went with it read-

You like? I’m thinking about you... ;)

Gerard felt a shudder race down his spine. He never knew Frank was one for sexting. This would be an awesome idea, if Gerard wasn’t in a suit and tie and wasn’t with hundreds of people. Wanting him to continue, Gerard responded.

Mm hell yes. I love it.

It was the best Gerard could come up with. He wasn’t sure if he could talk dirty back, considering where he was at the time. He eagerly waited for Frank to respond, and a few seconds later, he received-

Send me some of you sexy. I need some inspiration ;)

Gerard felt a bolt of heat fire straight to his cock. He knew he should tell Frank to stop, but he really didn’t want him to.

Kind of busy. Give me a minute?

Gerard quickly responded back, hoping Frank would understand.

Theres’s no need to be shy sugar. Don’t leave me with blue balls D:

Gerard groaned in agony and ran his fingers through his hair. He needed to get back to his hotel room. Now. Thankfully this meeting took place in the hotel he was staying in. He tried to direct his thoughts away from his sexually frustrated boyfriend that was currently sexting him, but it was hard. It was even harder to conceal his semi in his nice dress pants.
When he finally arrived in his room, Gerard hurriedly stripped out of his suit, until he was in nothing but his boxers. He wanted to send Frank pictures, he wanted to play along, but he wasn’t really sure how. He had seen all those horrific stories of teenagers going to jail and having their pics go everywhere...would this apply to him?
Gerard gingerly picked up his phone and typed back.

Ok I think I’m ready...but, what do you want a picture of exactly? :P

Gerard laid down on the bed, nervous and eager for Frank’s reply.

Are you hard too? Send me one of your dick ;)

Gerard sighed, looking down. He was slightly aroused from the playful texting, but not nearly as big as Frank was in the picture he had received. Instead, Gerard tried a different approach. He leapt off of the bed and made his way to the bathroom. He kicked his boxers off, leaving him completely naked in front of the large bathroom mirror. Gerard held his dick out with one hand, his phone in the other, put on the sexiest face he could, and snapped a picture. He was so out of his element. He quickly sent the picture to Frank and deleted it off his phone for good.
Gerard smiled at how quickly Frank responded.

Wowwww. Thats HOT. Thanks hun.

Gerard felt his cheeks flame, confidence boosted from the positive response. Gerard thought for a bit, not exactly sure how to respond now. He wondered if Frank had ever done this before.

Can I have another? :*

And sure enough, a few seconds later, another picture from the same viewpoint popped up on his phone. Only this time, there were no jeans. Just Frank’s tattooed hand wrapped around his cock. Theres was even noticed pre-cum already dripping from the tip. The caption was simply-

Mmmm sure

Gerard couldn’t take this any more. He made his way back over to the bed, keeping his hands on his cock and his eyes on the phone screen. He decided to follow Frank’s lead and wrapped his had around his own enlarged dick. He gazed at the suggestive picture as he pumped his hand, slowly at first, then gradually increasing speed. Sadly, his phone vibrated, distracting him greatly.

Are you touching yourself?

Gerard groaned and stop paying attention to his dick to text Frankie back.

Yeah...feels so fucking good.

Call me sugar ;)

Gerard was confused for a second, but then it clicked. Sending pics was getting him hot already, he couldn’t wait to hear Frankie’s breathy moans as he touched himself. Gerard quickly dialed the number, Frank picking up on the second ring.
“Let me fucking hear you Gerard” Frank growled. He sounded out of breath, like he was really into what he was doing.
“Oh-Oh fuck...uuunnnnggg Frankieeeee. It feels...”
“Tell me how it feels Gee.”
“Like heaven. Oh my gosh I want you here with me...”
“Me too Gerard. Fuck, I just want you huge cock buried inside of me.”
Gerard let out a needy whimper. This was so unlike him, he was usually the one whispering the bad things he’d do to Frank in his ear. He usually topped, he was always the one that initiated sex. But he was really liking this so far.
“Frank...I-I can’t hold on much longer...”
“Cum Gerard. Cum for me, baby”
That one phrase was all it took for Gerard to tip over the edge, screaming out in delight as rope after rope of cum spurted onto his hands. Though it was probably only for a couple of seconds, Gerard felt like his orgasm tore through him for hours. When he finally couldn’t give any more, he heard Frank making similar noises on the other end, and then all was silent.
“Frankie?” Gerard asked, shocked by the silence. A few seconds after he had questioned, a meek voice finally responded.
“Holy fuck was that good.” Frank laughed. “I’ve never been silent during an orgasm like was just so amazing a scream just didn’t cut it.” HIs breathing sounded really heavy.
“That was amazing. Why have we not had phone sex already?”
“Because we like to be traditional. I miss you Gerard.”
“I miss you too baby.”
“Can we do this again tomorrow?” Frank asked playfully.
“Of course. Just warn me first” Both men chuckled.
“I love you Gee.”
“I love you too Frankie.”
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