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Amy in high school

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"Sonic, will you g to the prom with me?" "Of course Amy! I love you." "Really?" "Yes..." Their faces got loser, and closer...
"Amy! Wake up! You'll be late for your first day of school!"
Amy's eyes shot open. She groaned and got out of bed. Amy is much different then she was when she saw Sonic four years ago. She had stop chasing him, but she still has dreams about him. Her quills passed her shoulders, and her bangs got longer. She wears a black micromini and a gray off shoulder tank. Her headband was replaced with a black one, and she now wears black Mary janes. Some boys like her. She walked over to the bathroom, washed her face, put on her makeup, ate, grabbed her stuff, and walked out the door.
On her way to school she passed Scourge's house. As she passed by him, he also walked to school. He ran next to Amy and put his arm around her shoulder. The touch surprised Amy. "Hey there, babe," he greeted. Amy just sighed. "What do you want?" Scourge pulled her closer to him and hugged her. "Just sayin' hi," he replied. "Aren't you still with Fiona?" asked Amy. "Are you serious? We left each other years ago!" Scourge laughed.
"Oh," Amy simply replied. "Not many guys would be able to respect you like me, toots," flirted Scourge. "Ummm... Ok then...?" Amy stuttered. 'Is Scourge... Hitting on me?' "By the way, Ames, I have your lunch and math and gym class," said Scourge, grinning at Amy. "The touch was getting more and more uncomfortable as he slid his hand from her shoulder to her chest.
"What are you doing?" "Oh, nothing, baby."
Then, out of nowhere, he started giving Amy a shoulder massage. "Ohhh... That feels so good..," moaned Amy. Scourge smirked. "Need some help gettin to class?" "Sure," replied Amy. Scourge picked her up bridal style. "Hold on!" Amy clutched his shoulders as he sped to the school.
About 2 seconds later, Amy and Scourge were at the school. "If you need anything, just call," Scourge said, handing Amy his phone number. Scourge gave a wave behind him as he walked into the school. Suddenly, somebody pushed Amy from behind. She fell to the ground. When sh e looked up, there was a female chipmunk in front of her. There was also a white bat and a brown raccoon. The chipmunk stepped forwards and put her foot on Amy as the bat and raccoon reached into her purse.
Just then, the world famous blue blur sped forwards. He looked angrier then ever. "Leave the poor girl alone! And Sally, we are over!" he yelled, shoving the girls back. Sally ran off crying. "Rouge, Marine, SCRAM!" The other girls ran off after Sally. Amy groaned. Sonic helped her up. "You okay? Wait... Amy? Is that you?"
Amy nodded, rubbing her head. "You look so... Different!" Sonic stared at Amy. 'She may have been cute before, but now... She's totally HOT!' he thought. Suddenly, the bell rang, but Sonic didn't notice. "Uh, Sonic? Sonic? SONIC! The bell rang!" "What, er.. I mean, oh yeah! Umm.. Have a nice day!" Sonic stuttered, zooming off.
As Amy was in math class, a note was passed to her. It said,"Hi Amy. You are really pretty. Meet me at the end of school. Luv, Shadow." Amy sighed. This would be a long year.
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