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The Future Is Not Definate

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Inspired by `Sleeping Beauty' by SWPB :)

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I made this in about 10 minutes, it's inspired by the acoustic version of `Sleeping Beauty' by Snow White's Poison Bite

It's also available in non-acoustic which is partly in comprehensible but sounds awesome :)

How can it be this hard? Far away is just too far for my broken heart.

Just as things were starting to sort themselves out and I thought life was on my side, everything fails.

The one person I love changed their mind about their future. Now, instead of going to the same universities, we would be split apart. After years of being best friends and spending almost all our time together, we would no longer go to each other’s houses on the weekends when the parents were out and have a few drinks. No more could we share a true, comforting hug. I now have no one.

For years, we had somehow (completely by chance) decided to try for the same university. I was set on going because it isn’t too far from home and, for the price, it is very good. My best friend had thought the same thing. Until now.

Now, they are going further north to work instead of further education. I don’t quite know what to do. Do I go with and chance finding a job after the internship? Or do I follow my plan and start fresh with people I don’t know (and almost definitely won’t like) in University?

I have just a year left for definite. I need to use this time well.

Through this person I found love. I know teenage love isn’t the last, but I don’t want it to slip through my fingers unnoticed. I want to tell them how I feel, confess everything. But I know they don’t feel the same. And I know it will make things awkward.

For the next year I will have to make the most of things. Maybe I will change my mind and pursue something completely different. Or maybe I’ll carry on in my own little bubble, floating through life with a wall that only one person can break down.

All I know now, is I don’t want my best friend to leave me. If I had the choice, I’d keep them as a friend forever and stay close rather than confess and have them leave.

How can it be this hard? Far away is just too far for my broken heart.

So it's a little depressive, but this is what the song makes me think about. It can be seen as a Frerard, like the were both going to music uni together and then gee went to work in art somewhere...

Please R&R, I'd like to know what people think of this one

Much love,

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