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The Man In The Moon Whispered Terrible Things

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A month passes, and Brendon and Ryan are still,well, "ryden"


I walk into the doors of the Coffee Bean on the Santa Monica Pier late Tuesday morning. Ryan was sitting at a couch drinking his espresso and looking at his iPhone. "Hey man!", I say, because I can't call him babe in public. He gets up and hugs me."hey babe." he whispers softly in my ear. I go to the counter and get the new ice blended drink. We sit on the couch and discuss how our lives have been going. Somehow, Ryan said something that sounded exactly like Dallon. I missed that guy. I quickly change the subject to something fun. "So, do you want to walk to Venice after this? Or just hang on the pier?" I say. "Well, I thought we can go back to my place and jam..." Ryan says, in an awkward unsure tone. "you know that's not okay, the last time we played together, we fought, and I don't want to risk loosing you again" I say in a serious voice. Ryan giggles softly, and grabs his coffee off of the table and goes out the door, with me following him behind. "So Ry, where to know?". "I have hookups in Venice if you want to toke out for a bit.." Ryan says. I nod in a very passionate way, I missed weed days with Ryan.
We go up to this average looking man, and Ryan pulls some cash out of his pocket, and gets something in return. "This stuff is smooth dude, got it last week." the weed man says. "Sounds pretty sick.", Ryan says. We go back in the parking lot to find Ryan's car. We get out of the car at a vacant lot in the Santa Monica Mountains. Ryan puts a blanket over his shoulders, lays it on the floor, and grabs our weed. "Rolled?" Ryan says. "nah babe, bong it." I say, probably sounding like an idiot. Ryan gets a bong out of the VW wagon and sets it on the blanket. It is now late at night, the stars are out. Ryan puts the bong to his mouth and lights up. "This shit better be good, I want to get shitfaced tonight.."
After a couple minutes, it already hit, and we were laughing. Suddenly Ryan pulls out shrooms. And takes one, I do the same, even though I probably shouldn't. "Did you hear that??!!" I whisper. "Hear I-" Ryan says as I rudely interrupt. "SHH, There is a man on the moon, and he is whispering to me." " terrible things, violent things, just stop." I say to Ryan. " hahaha, you're cute." Ryan says, knowing it is the first time I've done shrooms. "Ahhhhhh Ryan! Don't move. You are sitting on a cactus." I say. "shit I guess there was only 1 shroom in there, because I'm not THAT high!" Ryan says. I hug Ryan tightly. I was scared.mThe man on the moon said something terrible. A warning. Something I should do.
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