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The Kiss Said:

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Our lips millimeters apart. Our breaths were one entity softly stirring like the slow moving water of a shallow creek. Mikey Way/Gerard Way

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Here's something to tie you over while I'm Busy Writing my ASS off.... I'm putting effort in my writing again and I know some of you are angry at the ending of Gaze into his killing Jar. But it was just killing me and I needed to get it over with... Take me back? Read this, I'll prove to you my love. Review earns you love. Tons and Tons of faggy forever love.

Mikey's in the black leather pants he'd gotten for Christmas two years ago.
The material sticks to his newly washed, silky legs and hugs his smooth apple-white skin. Water streams confident from his hair down his bare bone-colored back and into the line of his ass. He looks, edible. My cheeks burn and it is obvious he notices, perhaps it is his intention even. He stops directly in front of me doing a 180 I try not to stare at his ass as he shifts from one foot to another. My lips of their own accord moisten themselves. My mouth is very, dry.
"What do you think" He says in that voice that means so many things, delicious things, but still offers salvation, innocent want of wardrobe feedback. I take the bait.
I reach out provoked by his show and wrap my finger around his hind belt loop dragging him closer to me. Until he lands on my lap with a squeak, indecipherable as to what it came from, boy or pants.
He breathes out. My hand skids down his right leg making a squeaking noise, my other arm wraps around his waist, afraid at any moment he will disappear.
My tongue is restless, tossing inside my mouth gathering what little saliva there is, to match my ever increasing swallowing needs.
"They look great" I coughed out. I pressed my face against his back which was a bad idea because I now have become acutely aware of the feverish after shower warmth he exuded. I inhaled the smell of boy and watermelon hair conditioner. His right digits closed over mine sliding my hand up the inseam of his thigh. His other arm covers mine. My arm tightens and I can feel the muscles tensing as I scoot him from my knee's to directly over my groin. My waist meets his buttocks in a smooth perfect curve.
He leans backwards into me, his damp hair balanced on my shoulder. He sprawls lanky, awkward but tactful.

"Mikey "

My lips are pressed against his skin. Do not eat Do not eat. Perhaps if I just lick... Then I have licked my brother, who I am supposed to protect from guys like me.

"Gee, don't ” Breath. Exhale. “ Just do it.”

His head turned toward my own, our lips millimeters apart. Our breaths were one entity softly stirring like the slow moving water of a shallow creek. A beautiful set of honest eyes thinly veiled in damp honey brown hair.
“Do what?” I breathed into his mouth. He considered this. I considered it more.


Unfathomable, there must be a God and he must be sick, or testing me, perhaps both.

Mikey blushed, moving my hand directly over the taught leather material which had a suspicious tent in the center of the crotch. I pushed my hand down the front of his devilish pants taking hold of that solid suspicion. In the other hand I took his chin, pulling his and my lips together. Soft but frantic. He made a very distinguished grind into my cock and I let a moan drip like butter through my teeth, through his teeth, a breath more intimate than a kiss. He unzipped his fly exposing my hand like a magic trick. There was something desperate in our touches, the way he sprawled and folded in on himself. It was like playing an accordion. Each time he moaned the tension in my spine thawed. I rolled him over, his body thumping into the black denim sofa. Looking at him so vulnerable under me. His eyes are clear and as they meet mine he swallows and blinks. I hover over him silently asking for permission, reaffirming that this is his choice. That this is what he wants. The slightest of nods, if I hadn't have been watching those intense eyes, I would have missed it.

“Mikey” I breathe his name for the second time.

This is what he want's. I tell myself, a little bitter. When have I ever been able to deny him Anything?

Pealing off his tight pants. He is perfect. I hadn't really seen my brother from the waist down since I was a child. Stolen glances accidentally thought of while lying with others, or guiltily called upon while lying alone.

Our bodies collide in a sheet of warmth and sweat and frantic need. My shirt is off, and our chests are pressed against each other embracing tightly. His heart beat stirs mine almost as if the others thumping is merely an echo or a shadow, perhaps a chain reaction that would cease to exist had the others heart not beat first. He lay his head into my shoulder, absorbing my warmth, it was comfortable crammed so tightly into each other on the couch. The taught nerves wiring through out my body were calmed and the only slight discomfort was my throbbing member. Mikey's hip bone was pressed int my erection and h seemed to become aware of this as I tried to shift away, to prolong this moment of perfect tenderness. Something changed and Mikey was very aware of both of our state. The calm ambiance that had settled around us became charged and sexual and desperate. Our lips trapped each other and his length pressed against my stomach, the same feverish temperature as his skin. I grabbed his length and he arched. Distracted by pleasure, fumbling blindly with my jeans. There was a pop and a hitch and fabric sliding over my buttocks. The cool air made the newly exposed flesh of my cock constrict even further. He kissed his way down my chest, exhaling through his nose in soft foggy little breaths.

I know that even if he wanted to stop there was no going back now. His cheeks were flushed as he looked up at me from between my legs. His mouth soft and magnificent on my flesh. It was like nothing from anyone I had ever received. He kissed the tip taking me all the way into the back of his throat. My hand roamed through his hair as the other one gripped the rough material of the couch. Every ounce of me wanted to push his soft throat further down, to feel that choking convulse on my tip. That unique everything spasm. His lips drew back up too soon. Leaving a heavy trail of saliva in its wake. He straddled me, sitting on my thighs so that my cock was pressed perfectly in between the tender flesh of his buttocks. Our erections sitting on the bases of each. I pulled Mikey back into a kiss simultaneously jerking both of us in one hand. He leaned forward putting his weight against his chest, against my chest so that his ass was slightly raised. Without skipping a beat he guided me into his entrance.

“no” The word wasn't commanding or disapproving in anyway. It echoed in the silence for both of us. Before he could draw the wrong conclusion I kissed him.
“Not here, Not here Mikes, you deserve (Someone whos' not your brother, someone who loves you, a bed, a date, flowers. Better) somewhere better than this...

Mikey and I moved the five feet to my bed.

" Relax baby ", I whispered, testing the words. Mikey exhaled, His spine like a wind chime as he slid down the well lubricated base of my shaft. I held his hips to steady him. The sensation, of him constricted around me was better than his mouth. Slowly he sat up, taking me in completely to the hilt. Mikey bit his lip as I rubbed what I hoped were soothing circles into his lover back. I could feel a warm liquid-y substance dripping down the base of my cock and scrotum.
“Okay” Mikey snapped me back to reality. I licked my lips, moving my hips down and then up the tiniest bit. Mikey inhaled sharp, a mix between a whine and a gasp. I didn't like to hurt him but I'll admit, that noise was particularly delicious.
Mikey groaned as I worked my self slowly back and forth into him.
“Relax, if you don't relax it'll hurt more”
Mikey's insides uncoiled and I rolled in slowly once again.
"Unhh, Gee. Do that again." He squeaked.
When I hesitated he added a please. Soon I let myself go thrusting into him in time with his staccato gasps and moans. Completely and utterly edible. After Mikey released I did and we became a helpless boy flavored pile of heavy breathing. We kissed again and it was soft, and still every it of needy. The kiss said; there is no going back. The kiss said; this happened. The kiss; blatantly described everything we had done and asked for it to happen again. But it was the way we pulled our mouths a part and fell asleep tangle in the others limbs as the only protective force in the world that said. “I love you”

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