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Nice Shot Mikes

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his perfect face stained by his tears...

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Gerard’s POV

As Bob dragged me away I could feel my heart sink, all I could think about was what was happening to Mikey, was he dead? Was he fending them off like a true fighter? Or being turned into a zombie ‘not so happy meal’. I couldn’t bear the thought, when Bobs hand let go of my wrist I went to run back for him but Bob’s arm wrapped around my stomach and he held me back, the tears started to pour from my eyes, the only thing I could resort to was shouting his name and hoping he replied…

Frank’s POV

I could hear the pain in Gerard’s voice, the crack in his voice as he struggled to get his words out, I could see his face in my mind, his perfect face stained by his tears, I had to find Mikey, I had to.

I gripped the handle of my bat tightly and ran through the now considerably smaller horde smashing some skulls as I made my way through “Mikey!” I shouted, not getting a reply I changed my tactic, I clambered on to the roof of one of the nearby cars and glanced around, I noticed, besides the fact the zombies were coming toward me, there was something underneath one of the cars, I could definitely make out the crossbow Mikey was using scanning the area around the car, I memorised where the car was and climbed back down, I was almost at the car when I was surrounded by some of the zombies, trapped in a circle of five of them, I swung the bat in a circle by twisting my wrist and swung the bat with all my strength into the head of one of the zombies and the circle kind of fell like dominoes the zombies all lost balance and I took that as my opportunity to run through and get to Mikey, I dropped to the floor my the car when I felt a sharp stabbing pain enter my left shoulder suddenly “Shit Mikey!” I said trying to contain the pain that was flooding through my arm “Shit, Frank, I’m so sorry!” he said loudly, I shook my head “It could be worse, now come on!” I dragged Mikey out from under the car with my good arm and held his wrist as we ran through the horde knocking some of the zombies out of the way in the process.

the minute we escaped the zombies and we were in the safe hands of Bob Bryar, I let go of Mikey’s wrist letting him be consumed into a deep hug by his emotional brother as I sat against a red ford focus and admired the arrow sticking out of my left shoulder, “Nice shot Mikes” I stated bluntly, Gerard and Mikey both turned to look at me “Holy shit Mikes! You shot him!” Gerard shouted Mikey’s eyes widened “I-I th-thought h-he was a zombie…” Mikey stuttered I wrapped my hand around the arrow preparing to pull it out but before I could I felt a warm hand place itself on mine, I looked up and my eyes met Gerard’s, they were filled with concern and sympathy I smiled lightly and slipped my hand from underneath his, I watched as his hand wrapped around the arrow and I closed my eyes mentally preparing myself for the pain, I felt Gerard’s other hand on my right shoulder, my eyes still closed I felt his breathe on my neck, “It’s Okay…” he whispered softly and soon the pain stretched from my shoulder and ran through my entire body and my eyes shot open, I glanced down at my shoulder, the blood stain forming on my shirt from where the arrow once was, I looked at Gerard whose hand was still on my shoulder his other holding a blood stained arrow, I smirked and my gaze briefly fell onto his lips and then back to his eyes, I felt myself blush and Gerard smiled, his own cheeks a pale shade of pink, my mind was dragged from Gerard and back to my aching, bleeding shoulder, I glanced down at the ground to see a rather large puddle of blood forming, I felt myself go light headed quickly, my vision blurred and then all I knew was black…

Gerard’s POV

My hand was still on Frank’s shoulder when he passed out, I turned around quickly to Mikey who was standing there wide eyed his eyes glassy with the tears filling them “It’s not your fault Mikes calm down…” he nodded and I turned to Bob who was trying to start the car when I finally heard that distinctive roar of the engine, I sighed with relief, Mikey ran to the front passenger seat and I carried Frank into the back, I lay him across the seat, I tore off a sleeve of my shirt and used it as a tourniquet to stop the loss of blood, then I climbed into the car and placed Frank’s head on my shoulder so he wasn’t uncomfortable, I looked over to Mikey who was looking at Frank his eyes filled with guilt “Mikey…it’s not your fault, don’t worry about it” I said softly so he’d calm down, which after a few deep breaths he did, after Bob had familiarised himself with the new vehicle we got going, I watched the rise and fall of Frank’s chest every now and again to make sure he was still breathing, I don’t know what it was but subconsciously I began stroking his hair gently, I noticed his breathing hitched when I first touched him, but it soon went back to normal, I guess he just wasn’t expecting it…
“I owe him my life…” Mikey stated after a few minutes silence “So do I…” I muttered, my brother cocked an eyebrow “How do you mean?” I glanced down at Frank and smiled to myself “Because Mikey without you I’d go insane, and that’s no life worth living…”
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