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The Ending I Wanted To Write

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Fakir writes the story he's always wanted to... but will he beable to figure out an ending?

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WOOOT!!! a finished story; very pleased with myself. the trouble Fakir has in this story is a problem i had writing the thing. but it just came to me, much like it comes to Fakir; you'll get it. please leave a reveiw! thx and enjoy


The Ending I Wanted To Write

The lake reflected the light, sparkling under the blue sky. I sat with my pen in hand scribbling on my pad of paper. Some time ago I had stop using all of Dosselmeyer's things; replacing them with my own preferred utensils.
I looked down to see a yellow duck with big blue eyes. She looked at me in ernest and I smiled at her.
"Yes I know it's you Duck"
Her expression relaxed and she sat by my wooden chair while looking longingly out at the water.
"You know, this is the same lake that we..."
I trailed off because she had heard it before. I tended to mention it whenever we were here.
"That's why it's my favorite writing place. And I'll never forget why"
Duck nodded. Lately she seemed so afraid of being forgotten. It had been well over 6 months since the whole Raven incident and every time I thought back on the events they were hidden in a mist. There was only one thing that stood out in that mist; Duck. She was the light of hope that not only led Mytho but me as well.
"I'll fix all this Duck. Don't worry. I won't let you forget your memories"
That was the problem right now. Duck had found herself sinking into being a normal duck. So every day I wrote about whatever memories we had shared. So, at the very least, she wouldn't forget me.
I went back to writing and Duck stayed silent by my side. I was determined to turn her human no matter what it took. After all she did for everyone else, she deserved it. The only problem was that I didn't know how. I started saying my words out loud so Duck could hear.
"Her human form was a sight to behold. With braided orange hair and blue eyes, she caught the stares of many around her. But none cared more about her than her two friends. For six months they lived their lives with holes in their hearts. She was missing from them and they longed to see her walk up to them as if nothing had happened; for her to dance ballet once more.
"But no one on heaven or earth wanted to see her dance more than the young writer. He longed to see her clumsy movements, for no one said she was graceful. She was after all, only a duck. But to the writer it was as beautiful as a swan's flight. She was his muse, the only one his pen and heart would allow him to write about. And every day he sat with her, thinking of ways to help her. He prayed to all the Gods in the sky and mind; Please help me restore her..."
I gritted my teeth as my hand wrote words I didn't want to on it's own. Duck, who had been listening with wide eyes, now looked concern as I grunted. Finally my hand stopped; with a sigh I set the pen down.
"It always ends the same. 'But there was no way she could be restored. No matter how hard the writer tried, no words came to save his Duck' why is it always the same!?"
I pinched the bridge of my nose
"What force is keeping me from finding the right words? What am I missing? What kind of plot device do I need?"
"Quack quack quack!"
I looked down at Duck and smiled. Sometimes, I think, she forgets I can't quite understand her.
"I bet you have the perfect idea huh? Too bad I can't speak duck"
I stood, packing up my stuff.
"Come on, let's go. We have to get back to the dorms before it gets dark. And I still want to get dinner"
She nodded and followed me down the path. Then something hit me. Something about the hill, the mist, and the two of us together, made me think of what we were both missing.
"Hold up"
I sat instantly in the dirt extracting my paper and pen from my satchel.
"As the duck followed the writer home she heard a faint drum. At first it seemed like a fluttering heartbeat. But it soon came closer flooding back with it memories of a small adorable girl..."
I heard it now, the faint drumming, mimicking a steady heartbeat, was coming closer. Duck seemed to smile and I grinned as I kept writing
"Answers were coming in the form of a free spirit with a drum. The duck's heart started to match the rhythm of the drum as it sped up.
"Just as the little girl came to the top of the muddy hill the writer and duck said her name..."
Even though Duck only quacked I'm sure we said the same name
"What'cha doin' Zura?"
I laughed as I ran to Uzura. I grabbed her around the waist, holding her in the air making a huge smile spread across her face.
"Fakir is so happy -Zura!!"
I hugged her to my chest, putting my hand on her green hair.
"Yes, Fakir is happy"
"Quack!! Quack quack qu-quack quack!!"
"Duck -Zura!"
Uzura slipped out of my arms and embraced Duck. I was sure now I could save Duck. If I could write Uzura back into the town then surely I could make Duck human again.
Then again, I had written that Uzura was bringing answers. What answer could Uzura bring?
"Uzura, do you remember where you came from?"
She let go of Duck and did a little thinking pose
"With Drosselmeyer, but it was boring -Zura"
Her little face showed a scowl as she thought back on the memory
"He never answered Uzura's questions -Zura"
I chuckled as I patted her on the head
"Well, I'll answer your questions. Me and Duck were going to dinner."
"Can I come -Zura?"
"Of corse silly"
We walked in a line; an odd group of friends out for dinner. Uzura would often beat her drum or try and dip Duck in any passing water. Of course it didn't get the desired reaction but I still tensed up, ready to look away or hide.
"Uzura, stop pestering Duck. The water won't make her change back anymore"
"Are you gonna fix her -Zura?"
We reached the restaurant and booked an outside table, all while I thought of what to say to Uzura. Though to the waitress it seemed just like a teenager with his little sister, Duck got the third chair and I gave her some of my bread.
"Yes Uzura, I'm gonna fix it"
"So you and Duck can be Lovey-Dovey -Zura?"
I nearly choked on my drink. I looked wildly at Uzura and then at Duck. Duck, though just a bird, showed so much emotion. And right now her little face was red and she was looking at the table.
"Not... Uh..."
I didn't have an answer. Had I ever even told Duck that I loved her? Did I love her? Or were we really good friends? We were partners in arms against the Raven, I knew that much.
"I don't know yet Uzura... Right now what I have to worry about is getting her human again"
I hoped that was the right answer. Judging by Duck relaxation I assumed it was.
"Did you know Doslemeyer hates Lovey-Dovey -Zura?"
"I figured that much"
"He said the Duck would never be Lovey-Dovey with someone as mean as you -Zura"
I scowled
"Eat Uzura"
She scowled right back
"He was right -Zura"
I grunted and started eating. I felt Duck's eyes on me and my face grew hot. I glanced at her and then back at my food. She also looked away and sighed. What did she want?
I shrugged to myself trying to put it out of my mind. Whatever it was she could tell me when she's human.
We arrived at my dorm and I flopped onto my bed with a huff. Duck immediately went to her bed of covers by the window while Uzura sat on what use to be Mytho's bed.
"My hand hurts from writing so much and it didn't even accomplish anything."
I just stayed staring at the ceiling for hours slipping in and out of sleep.
I know I'm missing a plot devise somewhere; I just don't know what it is or where it goes in the story. If I get too fancy and start messing with peoples lives then the Book-Men would come after me. Everything I write has to stay within the bounds of reality or it won't happen.
I put my arm over my face
"How am I suppose to write with so much stuff stifling my creativity?!"
I sighed and let my brain wonder as I drifted to sleep.
"Wake up -Zura!"
I sat up groggily, rubbing my eyes.
I looked down to see Uzura. I had almost forgotten I had written the green haired girl back to real life.
"Ducks' gone -Zura"
I flopped back on the bed with every intention of catch my missing Zs. Then I realized what she said and flung myself straight up.
"She's gone?"
Uzura nodded and pointed to the pile of covers where Duck usually slept.
I ran out the door not thinking about the fact that I hadn't showered or changed clothes since yesterday morning. Nor did I think about how late I would be for school. None of that mattered at this moment; the thing that did was finding Duck.
"Watch where you're going Fakir!"
I was shoving past people looking under anything I could find.
I ran outside, checking the garden for her. I ran past Arturo and he tried to grab my arm
"Where are you going? We have to get to class!"
"Let go"
I shoved myself away from him, running for the fountain and smiled. There sitting on the edge was Duck.
"There you are"
Then I scowled, the fear of her being gone morphing into anger.
"What gives Duck?! You didn't even bother to tell me you were leaving. Jeez, ya moron"
I sat next to her and she placed her head on my lap. I looked skyward, my face growing hot. I could feel her blue eyes on me.
"What do you want?"
"I've told you, I don't understand...."
Then I had an idea. Was there a way for me to understand her? Like if I wrote something... Then the idea was squashed as soon as it came. It was a hopeless endeavor. That would mess with reality too much.
I looked down at her with a blank look as she scowled. With a smirk I patted her head, closing my eyes.
"Both of us are"
I shook my head; trying to imagine myself anywhere but here. Where would I be if I wasn't trying to get Duck back?
"I can't give up; not yet."
"Who are you talking to?"
I looked up to see Pique. At least I think that's her name, she was one of Duck's friends.
"I- I'm not talking to anyone"
"Oh, well do you mind if I join you?"
She sat to my left and looked at Duck in my lap who was now dozing.
"Is that like your pet or something?"
"I found her and she needed help. It's not a big deal"
"I didn't know you were so sweet."
I answered with a scowl.
"Do you have somewhere to be?"
"Not really. Ballet class ain't the same since... Well...."
"Well what? Don't start a sentence and not finish. You're as bad as Duck"
Pique perked up at that
"You spoke to Duck that often?"
"Ummmm.... She came around Mytho a lot so I just noticed it"
"you know, anymore, people act like she never existed. Me and Lilia still talk about her though. We miss her a lot"
"She was clumsy..."
I had no idea where I was going with that statement; it was the only thing I could think to say.
"Yeah. Her best quality, I think. Even though she was clumsy she always tried her hardest and danced anyway. Gotta give her credit for that"
"I guess"
Pique looked at the sky
"I really miss her"
She looked at me and I gave her a blank stare
"What about you? Do miss her, Mytho, and Rue?"
I shrugged. I wanted to tell her that Duck wasn't gone like Mytho and Rue; she was right here in my arms were she belonged.
"So what?"
Pique looked at me stunned
"So what if I miss them? I gotta get to class, and so should you"
I stood, still holding Duck. Without even so much as a glance to Pique I headed for the school.
I dumped Duck at my dorm and arrived late to ballet class. Mr. Cat was no longer around and had been replaced by a man that shares some of Mr. Cats qualities. His name is Mr. C and he was a good dancer, but he had a tendency to make every class about how to dance with love.
Again that was today's lesson and I wanted to brood through it. That was until Mr. C asked me to show the class to dance with love.
"Mr. Fakir, please show the class your dance of love"
Now that Mytho and Rue were gone I was the best in the class; but that doesn't mean I want to dance for the class every day.
"Mr. C, I'm not..."
"Nonsense. You are one of the best dancers I've ever taught!"
I stood grumbling to myself
"That's not what I was gonna say but whatever"
I took the floor taking the stance of a dance I had looked up once. It fit my mood so it worked well. Within the first fluid motion the blind pianist knew it instantly. Which still makes no sense till this day. The dance was a dark one and would most likely work best with a partner. But I was alone so it was like a tragic unrequited love. By the time I finished the class was silent, including Mr. C.
"Well, mister Fakir, that was... Beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful. Thank you"
With a bow I took my seat and sank into my brooding on how to save Duck. That's when I heard the whispers. Duck's old friends, a black headed girl, and a brown haired girl started chattering just in my hearing range. The brown haired one started.
"You know Fakir's been depressed lately. At least I think so"
The black hair nodded with a reply.
"I agree. Sure he's a tad bit nicer but every dance he does seems so lonely!"
"It's so tragic and horrible. I bet Fakir was seeing Duck and she ditched him. It's so horrible and painful for Duck. But tearing his heart out was terrible of her, really terrible!"
"Oh come on, get serious Liliay. Duck would never even consider Fakir. She was in love with Mytho. Her and Fakir would never work out"
The black hair was the one who answered Liliay who was answered by Pique.
"I don't know, she was starting to turn into a hard core Fakir-Girl"
I cocked an eyebrow. What in the world are they going on about?!
"Yeah she was wasn't she? I thought Pique and her were going to have to fight over him! It would be so romantic and then Fakir would crush all her hopes and feelings!"
They're making me out to be some cold heart stud!
"I wouldn't have fought her. Their are tons of Fakir-Girls. Most likely none of them have a chance"
Do I honestly have a fan-base? The thought of fangirls obsessed with me was terrifying.
"It doesn't change the fact that no matter how much we bothered Duck about it she would never admit she liked him"
"I'm not sure if she did. Like him I mean"
"She would blush that's for sure. But I think she loved Mytho more"
"But did you notice that when Mytho went all man-whore Fakir and Duck started hanging out a lot! I saw them hanging out, like they were meeting in secret."
Ducks old friends suddenly shouted in alarm at the other girls observation
I ducked my head, face growing hot. Everyone's eyes trailed from them to me and I just stared at the floor. What do I do? Deny it? Leave? Correct them that we were just friends? But that'd be a lie. Would it? Most defiantly. Why? Because I love Duck. WHAT?! it's true. When did I come to that realization? Just now, but I've loved her since... I'd say the time Mytho got kidnapped. No it can't be for that long. But it's true. How does Duck feel about me? I have no idea. Why an I having this conversation with myself!? Yeah I have more pressing matters. Like how to deal with what was just said, right? Yeah so stop talking to yourself!
I suddenly snapped out of my head and looked around. My face had cooled some and my brain had ceased its ramblings. Lucky for me Mr. C came to my rescue.
"Now girls it's not right to start rumors about people"
A bunch of girls started to stand up one by one.
"It's not a rumor. I saw them together"
The floor is very interesting ya know?
"I even saw her go to his house"
So many nooks and scratches in the wood.
"I saw them in the library together a lot too"
And yet the wood is smooth from all the use.
"I know that when Fakir got kicked out, Duck went and seen him"
The wood is a beautiful tan that shares so many stories
"I saw them walking together"
Is that a bug? It's crawling right for Mr. C, interesting.
"I thought I saw them holding hands!"
That's a big bug. I wonder what would happen if it went up Mr. C's leg?
"I heard that they ki..."
Mr. C started a crazy dance swatting the bug on his foot. I took that as a sign and snuck out the door before anyone noticed.
Once outside I didn't know where to go so I headed for the library, plotting. I knew that if people still remembered Duck then there was a chance I could get her back. Maybe, just maybe, if enough people thought about her, she would come back.
After about an hour of reading pointless books that were no use to me, I wondered to my dorm. When I entered Duck and Uzura were sitting on my bed and Uzura was whispering something.
"What's going on?"
Uzura's head snapped up
"Nothin' -Zura"
I scowled
She grimaced
"I was tellin' Duck bout something -Zura"
"What something would that be?"
I started to fiddle with my school work, placing it on my desk
"How to be a girl -Zura"
I froze and slowly turned to her
"Do you know how Uzura?"
She nodded and smiled
"Duck needs to be confident -Zura"
I stared for a moment and grinned
"Come on!"
We arrived at the lake and I sat; with no time to waste I started scribbling and reading what I wrote out loud
"The Duck looked over the water and remembered what it used to do for her. How when she had a shard of Mytho's heart she could become a girl and Princess Tutu. This was because the heart shard was Mytho's confidence. This shard allowed her to believe she could be a girl. But Duck didn't need it anymore; she could do it on her own; her friends believed in her, the writer believed in her. All Duck had to do was think of herself as human and step into the water. As long as she had that confidence and loving friends she would never be alone. She would be a human girl and the water would turn her into one; just so long as she didn't act like a duck...."
I looked down at Duck as I pulled off my jacket
"You can do it Duck... I believe in you"
"I believe in you -Zura!"
I smiled and Duck nodded. She stepped into the water and at first nothing happened. Then there was a flash of light and a splash of water. When the light faded standing in front of me was a human Duck. I quickly gave her my jacket and she smiled
"Thank you Fakir. I..."
I placed my hand under her chin and kissed her. I saw her face turn red as I closed my eyes. It felt right and good and I thanked what ever god had brought her back to me.
I pulled back and wrapped her in my arms
"Welcome back... My Duck"
She was in my arms; exactly where she belonged.

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