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If We Never Sleep Again

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Bert doesn't like Sex And The City. Anything else I say will spoil the chapter.

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Chapter 13


I hear my name and jump slightly. I turn around to find Bert standing on the balcony behind me.
“Don’t sneak up on me like that, Bert!” I complain. But I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face. Bert takes his place beside me, protectively putting his arm around me.

“Chicago looks beautiful at night…” Bert murmurs. “But nowhere near as beautiful as you.”

I rest my head on the warm spot on the side of Bert’s neck, right where it meets his shoulder. I’ve been clinging to Bert for the better part of the past 5 hours. Or 6 hours. I’ve lost track of time. Last time I checked, it was 2:34 in the morning. Bert tried to get me to sleep, but insomnia plagues me. Drinking an entire pot of coffee didn’t exactly help, either.

“Look at me.” Bert whispers, breaking my train of thought.

I pull my head away from his neck and look at his gorgeous, stubble-covered face. The twinkling city lights reflect off his blue eyes. I can just barely see the outlines of buildings in his pupils.

“I love you.” Bert says, so quietly he’s nearly mouthing it. He presses his lips to mine, softly at first, then harder as he brings me closer. Everything else fades as Bert and I create our own world, inhabited by strictly us. Even the roaring subway streaking past below doesn’t phase me. All that exists is Bert’s lips and his warm hands traveling across my body.

“Ahh! Homo sex!” Brendon Urie cries out, startling me. I reluctantly break away from my boyfriend and turn to the balcony door. Brendon is standing in the doorway with a bottle of wine, trying to act grossed out while grinning.

“Hey, homo is an offensive term.” Bert scolds him. But a small smile has crept across his face.

“Not when exchanged between two fellow homos.” Brendon replies. “Now come inside, it’s 4 ‘o clock in the fucking morning. Plus, Sex And The City is on TV.”

Bert groans. “Brendon, nobody likes that shit except for you.” But we follow him inside anyways.

-7 Hours Earlier-

“Bert, I need a break. I’m exhausted.” I pant. People walking past us on the sidewalk are staring. I’m paranoid that one of them will recognize me and yell out to the world “LOOK! IT’S GERARD WAY! HE ESCAPED FROM THE MENTAL ASYLUM!”

Bert pushes my damp hair away from my face. “We’re almost there. Just a few more blocks.”

Fuck this heat. I’m wearing layer upon layer of clothing and it’s sweltering outside. The people around us are wearing shorts and tank tops. Those lucky bastards. I trudge along beside Bert with no idea as to where he’s taking me. He seems to know the city pretty well, yet he’s from Utah. When I start to lag behind, he takes my hand and pulls me along, urging me to keep moving. After what seems like hours (though it was only a couple minutes,) Bert finally says those two magic words.

“We’re here.”

“Here” is a small music shop with nobody inside. The walls are plastered in posters. Shelves crammed full of CDs and other random merchandise crowd the room. I recognize a lot of the bands being advertised and my heart leaps with joy. I immediately make my way towards the stack of Green Day albums. 21st Century Breakdown. I don’t recognize it. It probably came out while I was gone… Damn I’ve missed so much. A magazine announces that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced. Five years ago, they were engaged.

“Bert!” a cheery voice calls from across the room. I look up to find a black haired man crossing the store towards Bert.

“Hey, Brendon!” Bert greets him. A cold feeling fills me. Were they boyfriends before I met Bert? I scowl with jealousy, imagining Brendon’s full lips kissing Bert.

“Gerard, this is Brendon. Friend from college.” Bert tells me.

“Hey, Gerard!” Brendon greets me, smiling. Then he turns to Bert. “Where’d you pick up this little slice?”


“Isn’t Sarah just gorgeous in this movie?” Brendon gushes, elbow-deep in a bag of Chex Mix.

“She looks like a horse.” Bert replies with his arm around my shoulders.

“What about you, Gerard?” Brendon asks, his glazed-over eyes never flickering away from the TV screen.

“Um…” I stammer.

“You’re too cute. Bert got lucky.” Brendon grins.

“Shut up, Brendon.” Bert says. I slump forward, curling up on Bert’s lap. My heavy eyelids begin to droop.

“Tired?” Bert murmurs, stroking my hair. I manage a sleepy nod.

“Brendon, we’re going to go to bed now.” Bert says.

“The movie isn’t over yet!” Brendon complains. “Bert, you asshole.” But he smiles and gestures to the hallway. “Second room on the right.”

I rise from the couch like a zombie. “G’night.” I mumble groggily. Bert stands up and lifts me easily. I can feel Brendon’s eyes following me as Bert carries me into his guest bedroom. I’d already stripped off my numerous layers of clothing hours before and put on worn pajama pants and one of Bert’s t-shirts. It smells like him.

“Are you happy that you’re out of that place?” Bert asks quietly, pulling the soft sheets of the queen-sized bed around me.

“Mhm.” I murmur. Bert slides into bed beside me. I instantly reach for him and pull him close to me. “We’re free.”

I can’t quite wrap my head around the events of today. It all feels like a dream. A blissful, surreal dream. But when Bert’s lips are touching mine, I know it’s real. I’ve missed five years worth of events, and I don’t want to miss out on another. Earlier, I’d found a stack of magazines in Brendon’s kitchen and poured through them. I recognized some of the celebrities on the glossy pages, but the majority of them were knew to me. Who the hell is Lady GaGa? She looks like a wannabe Madonna who rolled through a yard sale.

I spent a good two hours or so on Brendon’s laptop, browsing through news websites and catching up on politics. Finally, a black president. It seems like the teenage crowd has grown even more fucked up and prejudiced over the past years. I searched my favorite bands on YouTube and listened to their material until the earphones began to make my ears sore. Then I made coffee and stood on the balcony, watching the sun sink into the horizon, afraid that if I tore my eyes away from the world I would miss everything once again.

“Bert?” I whisper, thinking he’s asleep. But he opens his eyes and yawns.


“I don’t want to go to sleep.”

Bert frowns and starts playing with my hair again. “How come?” he asks, slightly worried.

My hazel eyes meet his blues. “What if I wake up and this is all a dream?”

“Honey…” Bert pulls me closer. “This isn’t a dream. We really broke out of Berkman’s.”

I wince. “Don’t say that word…”

Bert’s face softens. “I’m sorry, darling.”

For a few minutes, we lie in silence. The only audible sound is my favorite. Bert’s heartbeat. Then I kiss Bert lightly on the lips to alert him.

“Promise me that when I wake up, you’ll still be here.” I whisper.

“I promise.” Bert replies. That’s the fourth time he’s said those two words. And every time, he’s lived up to the promise.

His lips kiss my forehead, and then I’m asleep.

Here it is. The chapter after Gee and Bertie's escape. Things are gonna get interesting soon, I promise. Thanks for sticking with me this far. Thanks guys.
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