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You've got One Life, Don't Stop Live It Up

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Title cred- One Life, Hedley "Hey I'm Dakota and I have a fucked up life..Enjoy"

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What's up? I'm Dakota Rae, yes my parents decided on 2 first names.
Fun huh?

"DAKOTA WAKE UP GREEN DAY CONCERT TONIGHT SO GET YOUR LAZY BUM OUTTA BED!" I groaned as my best friend Cianna screamed; in attempts to make me give up sleep and go along with her to get ready for a concert...which started in 6 hours.
"No, we have 6 hours, let me sleep for half of them." I mumbled into my pillow, rolling over to avoid the creeper face Cian was probably making at me.
"Dakota Rae Mitchell get YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!" She's a Screamer (Yeah I quoted the title of a GC song, bite me).
"Dakota just get out of bed so she'll shut up." My younger brother Chrisitan growled as he passed by my room, which was currently enhabbited by sleeping beauty and a banshee.
"Or Cianna could stop screaming and just rip the covers off." My younger sister; and Christians twin Gloria suggested, also passing by my room.
"Damn she's smart." ShitShitShitShitShitShitShitShitShitShitShitFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckBitchBitchBitchDamnDamnDamnDamnTHATS COLD
"SON OF A MOTHER!" I yelled curling into a ball, as the cold air replaced my warm blanket.
"Son of a mother?" Cianna asked, stiffiling a laugh
"Yes, it's the outcome of an attempt to say son of a bitch and motherfucker at the same time." I explained, receiving an outburst of laughter from my cruel, sadistic friend. I rolling my eyes slid out of bed and pulled on a pair of dark sweats over my current boxer shorts (so what; Imma girl that wears boxers to bed, their comfy okay?!)
"Mornin' darling, hello again Cianna." My mother greeted, standing by the stove cooking eggs or pancakes.
"Morning Mrs.Connors." My mom got re-married after she broke up with my dad, leaving me with Charlie, that stupid whore.
"Kodie! Good to see you this morning." Charlie.Called.Me.Kodie.He.Must.Die
"Don't fucking call me that." I growled, only my dad called me that (from what I hear from my mom)
"Well, your mother did say only your father called you that, so I belive in all fairness since I am your new father I should get that privalege."
"No." I was not moving on this decision, this was MY decision.
"STOP CALLING ME BY THAT, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHTS!" I huffed in annoyance, wanting him just to call me Dakota, was that so hard?
"Fine Dakota, have any plans for tonight?" I looked up, a peice of brown-ish red hair falling into my face
"Yeah why?" I mumbled pushing the length of hair back from my face
"Oh, I found this boy who I think would be amazing with you." Really? Was this the 1900s again?
"You do know this isn't the 1940s? Correct?" I mimicked the way Charlie would ask is he was right, damn bastard had to sound shmancy and say 'correct' instead of 'right?'
"Sorry, I thought you would like a chance with a boy, considering you almost never can get a boyfriend." That.Is.Low
"Not my fault my step-dad questions them until they run away." I hissed under my breath crossing my arms
"Well if they actually cared they wouldn't have run off now would they?" My step-dad fought
"Really? So you asking them if they have any deises or STD's won't freak them out into thinking I'm parinoid and fucked up?!" I snapped, this was the perfect way to start off a morning!
"Sorry, what if they knock you up? Then what will you do?!" This made me choke on my orange juice I had decided to take a sip of.
"Charlie, wow she's not a skank." Gloria mentioned, looking back down to her book.
"Young lady where did you learn that language!?" Funny, our step-dad freaks out more than our mom.
"I'm 16, I know this stuff." FUCK YES! My baby sister's a smartass.
"Well then." Charlie gave up, exiting the room angrily and leaving for work.

"Mom, what do you find in that guy? He treats us horribly, you horribly and acts like we're fucking everyone we can get out hands on." Christian looked down at the table, eyes as wide as plates in suprise at our step-fathers lack of trust for us.
"I'm sorry that you think that way, he is a really nice man if you give him the chance." My mom, always looking for the bright side in the darkest of situations.
"Whatever." I mumbled leaning back, wanting this all to be over.
"You know what, I'll give him a chance if our REAL dad is a bigger dick than he is." Gloria proposed; the thing is, we never met out real dad.
He left right after Chrisitan and Gloria were born and I was only 1. None of us remember him, nor do we have any pictures or evidence leading us to who he was.
"Koda, we need to get ready! GREEN DAY IN 5 AND A HALF HOURS!" Cianna yelled; I swear she was part banshee. I gave her a glare, which made her jaw drop.
"This is random, but your eyes are like, green, hazel and slightly blue." The fuck?
"Okay then." I mumbled shaking out my collar bone length hair, allowing it to messily fall over my shoulders.
"Oh that's your plans." My mother's voice sounded fearful and somewhat sad.
"Yeah, backstage passes and everything." Cianna had connections, I must say.
"Oh, have fun then." My mom forcing a preppy tone into her voice, before grabbing the kitchen phone and walking out of the room.
"Why did she suddenly act like that?" Cianna asked
"WHY DID SHE LEAVE THE PANCAKES AND EGGS HERE TO BURN!?" Chirstian yelled, running over to the stove, revealing an empty frying pan.
"A phone call, dumbass." I kidded
"The phone wasn't ringing dipstick." My brother kidded back with a somewhat witty comment.
"Guys shush." Gloria was crouching by the door to the living room, where she could most likely hear our mother.
"No, you left and their lvies have been okay since then, I'm sorry I understand their your children and your in town and such but I don't want you to see them." Was she talking to our dad?
"No. I understand they would love to see you and all but I don't want you in their life..." The rest was trailed off by our mom leaving the room.
"What just happened?" Gloria asked, face full of pain.
"It's okay Glor, maybe it was someone else." Christian wrapped an arm around his younger twin's shoulders.
"Yeah, if not then she's a bitch." I agreed, giving my sisters leg a squeeze, wanting her to cheer up.
"I'm sorry." She mumbled, tears falling
"For what? Wanting to see our dad? Getting upset when there's a chance mom won't let us meet him?" Christian was an amazing guy with a soft heart
"Kids." Our mom walked in the door, sighing.
"Yeah?" I asked keeping my voice calm, depsite the fact that I really wanted to yell out at her.
"Do you want to meet your father?" We all nodded happily.
"Good because he's coming tommorow at noon." Gloria's tears went from sorrow to excitment, Christians face brightened noticable and my heart and spirits lifted.
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