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Silent Cries

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I'm sorry...just so sorry

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I hear them yell;
Scream out in anger,
Most abuse comes verbally,
Directed at me,
Nowhere to run,
Nowhere to hide.

I put in my headphones,
Allowing the sounds of my music to wash over me,
Make me smile,
Make me happy,
Let me forget.

Allow me peace,
Give me calm,
Take away the pain,
Only for a while.

Then it comes back,
In a raging storm,
The words trashing like lightning,
The pain booming like thunder.

People surround me,
Yet I feel so alone,
Unable to think,
Without it all falling back.

The pain they inflict,
The numbness that took over,
The feeling of pleasure,
The feeling of peace.

They know,
They see,
They hear,
They act like it's not me.

No love here,
None at all,
Only for you,
Will it seem alright,
Behind the scenes,
Is a fright.

This is my story,
This I am telling,
About my silent cries,
Which go un-noticed

For I am like a breeze,
You feel it,
You acknoledge it,
But you never really care about it.

My silent cries,
The pain in them,
Will lead to my demise

Sorry, just had to let something like this out, and holy fuck. This is about my family life; how I feel and gah like I said I have to let it out...sorry for spamming the catagory
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