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Chapter Five; Gave me Heartache to Sing

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"The feeling that went through me felt like electricity." Mikey's POV

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The New Jersey air was whipping though the car windows. My hair was conveniently held back by the wind. The sounds of Journey surrounded me and the blond next to me. I kept catching glances at her. She had her sunglasses and was belting out the words and using her hands emotively. The way her hair whipped with the wind made everything seem it was going in slow motion. She looked like she was having the time of her life.

“Mikey, sing with me!” I heard her yell over the music. I laughed.
“I’ll leave that to you, Swift”
“Oh, come on! Please?!”

How could I resist?

I belted out to the words to Faithfully as she harmonized with my horrible singing. The rest of our car ride consisted of such activities until we reached our destination. I looked up to my now empty home from the drive way.
“well, we’re here.” I said, parking the car and turning it off. I looked over to Taylor. The sun was setting, panning a glow over her. She looked so beautiful; so captivating. She was smiling bright. My heart was beating fast. She’s simply stunning.
“Oh.” I muttered and got out of the car. I ran out and around to the other door until Taylor could get it herself. She stared up at me and I could see the blush creeping up to her cheeks. I helped you out and with her things and we made our was up to the house
When we entered, I forgot how bland it was now that I stashed every trace of Alicia I could into a box far far away in the corner of a closet. My heart sank at the thought. I walked in and welcomed Taylor into my home
“It’s not much, but it’s home.” I said, feeling myself shy away.
“Oh no, it’s the lovely.” she said. I watched her look around in curiosity. “It’s cozy.”
I smiled. “Well let’s gett you settled.” I said. I went to pick up her guitar and bags but something stopped me.
“Wait.” I heard her say. She walked over to the one of the many basses that were in the room. But this one wasn’t like any others I had. It was an acoustic Taylor bass with shiny Rhine stones. Aka; My “Our Song” replica bass.
My face was fucking red at this point. Fuck. I really should’ve put that away before this happened. She turned to me with her signature surprise face.
“Oh my gosh Mikey!” she said, as she jumped around in her place. I hid my face in my hand. “Awh fuck, I’m really embarrassed…” I mumbled. Suddenly I was being pulled to the hand over to the couch. She grabbed her guitar case out of my grasp.
“Play with me?” she asked as she pulled out her guitar. I was gulped. Fuck, I was unsure and nervous, and it obviously showed.
“I heard you in the car, Mikey.” she said as she strummed a few chords. “You’re good. Please play and sing with me?”
I was genuinely shocked. I was never confident in my singing voice. I assumed from an early age that it just wasn’t my thing, due to Gerard being a singing prodigy.
I sat down and grabbed over to get the bass.

I just fucking can’t resist her.

We locked eyes and she started playing. I watched her as she got into the song, being captivated and consumed from it. Then I noticed what song she was playing.

“Elevator buttons and morning air..
”Stanger silence makes me want to take the stairs.”

She looked up at me.

”If you were here we’d laugh about their vacant stares..
”But right now, my time is theirs.”

Then I chimed in with my bass. It sounded amazing together; complete and clean. I smiled. Then I did it. She hit the chorus of the song and I harmonized with her the best I knew how. My voice was shakey and quiet but it was there. I felt her watching me, but I couldn’t bring myself to looke at her. So I just looked as my bass as it sparkled with ever pluck.
As the bridge hit, I cut the bass and watched her hands at work on the guitar. Then, I slowly looked up at her.

“I love the gap between your teeth..”

I found myself smiling.

“And I love the riddles that you speak..”

The feeling that went through me felt like electricity. I watched something happen in her eyes. They danced as we sang the last chorus together.

”The stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours.”
Our instruments rang and echoed though the living room. We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. I watched her shake her head and bite her lip.

“You’re amazing Mikey.” her voice was breathy and drenched in awe. I looked down at my feet.
”I’m not amazing.” I mumbled. I felt her hand grab mine.
”Mikey you are. Don’t ever think otherwise.” I heard her say. I looked up and saw her eyes dance again. I couldn’t breathe. The skin contact made my hair stand up on my arms and my heart was ready to pound right out of my chest and projectile across the room. I watched Taylor have some kind of internal struggle. She looked down at our hands and slowly pulled hers away. almost looking reluctant.

She put her guitar back in it’s case and I hung my bass back in it’s wall hanger.
”You must be tired” I blurted out, my voice shaky and fucked up from my nerves and aftershock of what just happened.
“Um, yeah.” she said, almost too quietly.
I stood up and grabbed her guitar for her. She grabbed her other bags as I mumbled a “follow me” over my shoulder. I let her upstairs to the guest room across from my room. I opened the door of the room and turned on the light. I’m glad I picked up and dusted in here before I left to get her.
“I hope this will be comfy enough for you.” I said setting her guitar down on the bed. I pointed over to the other door in the room. “That’s the bathroom” I said
“Thank you so much Mikey.” she said, sitting on the bed. I smiled.
“No problem at all. Well I’ll let you have at it. I said as I walked to the door.

“Wait.” She blurted from behind me, running and grabbing my hand. More sparks went through me at the contact. She looked up to me.
“Just. thank you..” she said in a whisper.
I smiled and pushed a strand of hair out of her face.
“Goodnight Taylor.” I said, and walked out, not looking back.

I knew what this was. This wasn’t a crush, or even an obsession. I was falling and I wasn’t going to deny it. There was no way to.

I was falling at a million miles per minute.
The fact that I was up at 6 am was not flying with me. My dreams were filled with a certain blond and activities that were hard to associate with her due to her pure-hearted nature. It was official; I was a pervert. I decided that more sleep was inevitable and made my way out of bed and downstairs.
I sat at my kitchen table with some toast and my delicious coffee. The sun was coming up, making the sky a dark blue. I sipped on my coffee, when I suddenly heard the sound of a guitar coming from upstairs. I looked up at the ceiling as if it would help me hear better. I heard Taylor faintly singing, but I didn’t recognize the song. I decided to creep upstairs to get a better hear of the song.
I was standing at the end of the hallway at the top of the stairs. I could hear her clearly now. The song was very slow, almost like a lullaby. Lyrics finally were sung.

“You have that electric heartbeat baby, With your breath hitched and that look in your eyes.”

This must be a new song. Holy shit; a new Taylor Swift song.

”I watch them dancing, and wonder if you could see, right through me.”
This song had a sense of yearning. I could hear it in her voice. I could hear her sing out a few “la la la’s.” I smiled. She has a voice of an angel. I heard her stop and bustle around the room. I was still on what I just heard. I was leaning against the wall. Her songwriting is..well..Enchanting.
”Oh!” I heard, whipping my head up. I didn’t hear Taylor open up the door of her room. “I didn’t wake you did I?” she said, sounding very sorry.
“No, you didn’t wake me, I’ve been up for a while.” I said. I looked her up and down, finally grasping her image right now. I couldn’t help myself. She was wearing black booty shorts that had the word “Paramore” on the right cuff, and a skin tight blue tank top; and it was clear that there was no bra on her. This wasn’t helping my previous cluttered dream from last night.

I looked up at her face to see her doing the same to me. I was just in boxers. Oh fuck. I was practically naked.
“Um are you hungry? I can make you something.” I blurted.
“Oh, um. Yes I would love that.” she said, looking at her feet.
I smiled at her out of character act.
“Just give me a second.” she mumbled, then disappeared into her room again. I took this opportunity to make myself look decent, and made my way bakc downstairs. I found Taylor had helped herself to some coffee, and was looking through a magazine with My Chem on the cover. I smiled; something about this scene gave me the greatest warm feeling. It was new to see her with a little bedhead and no make up on. And yet, she still could make people turn heads at her beauty, even looking so natural. I walked into the kitchen now feeling decent enough for her presence.
“What will it be Swift?” I said, watching her look up at me. “Eggs? Pancakes?”
I walked up to the stove and started grabbing pans and a spatula that I needed.
”You wouldn’t happen to have blueberries, would you?” I hear her say. I walked over to the fridge and opened it. My search wasn’t very hard.
”Why yes, I do.” I walked over back to the stove. “You craving some blueberry pancakes there, Swift?” I heard her laugh.
”Why yes, I am.” She said, playing along with my way of words. I prepared her food, and I served it to her.

I sat across from her and watched her eat. I smiled; she had no shame when she was hungry it seemed. I watched her eyes wonder and something had her attention. I looked down, searching for what was so fascinating. I looked at my hand resting on the table, holding onto my coffee mug. Then I saw it; my tattoo.

Ugh, fuck.

I sighed and moved my arm to my lap. I locked eyes with her and I could tell she was trying to read me.
“What’s it mean?” she asked, quietly and cautiously. She abandoned the pancakes on her plate and focused everything on me. I bit my lip and looked at my lap.
“Well, I might as well tell you. It has to come up sometime.” As I said this, I felt extremely guilty. I could tell by the look on her face, that she was expecting the worst.
“I have a matching tattoo with my now ex-wife.” I just blurted it out. I couldn’t bring myself to look her in the eyes when I said it. “And when I say recent, I mean only a few days ago, recent.”
“Oh my god..” I heard her gasp. I looked up to see her with her hand over her mouth. She got up, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me into the biggest hug I’ve ever been given. Her face was pressed against my chest and I could hear muffled “‘I’m sorry’s” coming from her. I pulled her away a little and looked down to her. Compassion and empathy radiated off of her and in her eyes.
“Why did it happen?” She asked, almost in a whisper.
“She thought I was cheating on her.” I said with a little bittersweet smirk on my face. But it was wiped away by her reaction. She began to tear up and hugged me again.
“I’m so sorry” she whimpered. Now I really felt guilty. It’s only been a day of her staying here and I have her crying.
“Taylor, please, it’s okay. really.” I said rubbing circles on her back. “I wasn’t happy months before this. I was going to end it sooner or later. It just happened this way.”
She pulled back and looked up, relieved a little. “Really?”
“Yes, so it’s okay. I promise.” I gave her the best reassuring smile that I could do.

I watched her sigh and realize how close we were. She turned the deepest red. I just smiled. I have to admit, red sure does look good on her. She pulled away more and muttered a “sorry to the ground.
”It’s okay. Thank you for being so caring.” I said. “Now, I’m going to go get ready. You going to be okay?” I asked rubbing her shoulder. She smile at me.
”Yes, I have some amazing pancakes to finish.” she grinned and giggled.

She really does know how to make a man melt.
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