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Something about her.

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This is about zelos. Its lemon-ish. I DON'T OWN ZELOS OR TALES OF SYMPHONIA!

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Zelos didn't know what it was about Rina Hagura that attracted him. She wasn't overly gorgeous. She wasn't busty like his other hunnies either. She was short, that was for sure.
She stood at only 4 feet and 11 inches, not even 5 feet. Her uneven blue hair was slightly cute he supposed.
But her round breasts weren't even like Sheena's lovely bosoms, Sheena had DD's, and Rina had C-cups. Her bottom was a bit more curved and large, but he didn't like butts much.
He loved breasts though not as much as many people believed. Yet here he was, in the rain, dripping wet and squatting on Rina's window seal like some sort of hobo.
It was really damn cold out here too. Yet he stayed there, quiet and almost unseen, hidden by her black gossamer curtains.
He took a second to take in the sight of her, Red shirt, red panties, nothing else. She lit another candle and smiled, obviously preparing for him.
He gave a slight tap to indicate he was there, she gave a slight jolt.

"Hello Dear. Let me in, I'm fucking cold as shit." he said bluntly. She opened the window and smiled at him.

"No problem Zelos." she replied, stepping back so he could enter. That was it. She didn't treat him like the chosen.
She treated him like a dear friend. "come on in, I've been waiting." it was that sexy tone that showed what he had hoped.
After many months of waiting, she was ready to have sex with him. He became giddy, his groin stirring as he grinned.

"Are you ready darling?" He asked her, grinning like a fool. Her face went from that angelic smile to a half frown.

"Zelos, I don't know. It's my first time ever." she said, looking at her toes. She moved quickly then, grabbing a towel and holding it up for him to use.

"Well, no going back my love." he said, rubbing her back. "don't worry." he then leaned down and took her mouth with his.

He didn't know how it had happened, one moment they were passionately kissing, the next they were laying on her bed, naked in each other's arms.
Her nails dug into his back, moans escaping her lips as his fingers pleasured her. This wasn't new. This was old.
He wanted what she was with holding from him.

"Rina..." he muttered, "I want more." he purred, his voice husky with desire, as he continued kissing her.

"I can't" she said, "I don't know how to pleasure you..."

"I'll show you how." He replied, holding her hand.

"okay." she muttered, lacing her fingers through his. She allowed him to sink into her slowly.

As promised, he was patient and loving with her. He allowed her to take control when she wanted, not with holding anything from his young lover.
She was only 18 after all. They became like equals, no part of him wasn't connected to her in some way.
He had never felt like this before, this insane happiness. Not even when he wasn't the chosen anymore. His entwined fingers stayed with hers, their bodies syncing together.

After, he held her tightly, kissing her brow. "I love you Zelos." she muttered, head pillowed on his chest.
"I love you too." he replied, smiling. Too bad this couldn't last, at some point. He had to tell her he was going to go away for a while. But no, not tonight.
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