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So here is mah one shot to celebrate this very special day.

"What day is it today?" My current best friend Kayla asked in a questioning tone; as I stoppped jumping around and singing /Kiss You Inside Out/.
"Of what?"
"No what's today?" Kayla pushed, looking somewhat annoyed
"I'm pretty sure it's July 23rd, I don't think I slept a full day." I answered, fearing abuse if I got the wrong answer.
"I swear Sam, your the worst My Chemical Romance fan ever!" Oh, it's on now bitch
"Why? Like your any fucking better." I growled, nobody..NOBODY said I was a bad fan and got away with it.
"Well for starters you don't know it's My Chem. day, the day for MCR. Plus you were rocking out to Hedley when I came in, and you are wearing no MCR merch." Shit son, that's today?
"Well for starters, I bought the song last night, yes BOUGHT as in OFF ITUNES..My mom won't let me have any of their merch, and so what I haven't been online lately." I shrugged changing the song to 'Famous Last Words'.
"Yeah right, and really? Famous Last Words?"
"Yes Famous Last motherfucking Words!" Kayla at this point was getting under my skin; I don't own any of their merch so what am I to wear? My poster?! I have a life..somewhat so I don't live offline and read pages and pages of fanfiction like she does, and plus I did buy the song so I have full rights to listen to whatever I want to.
"Wow, I can't belive the fandom treats you with respect." Pulling me into reality, she played with her nails.
"Why?" I asked, receiving a dirty look from the younger girl.
"Well, you own nothing of merch, weren't listening to them until I started shit and plus you can't and won't listen to them all day." All day? Really?
"What so today I have to all hard-core obsessive fangirl to be a true fan?!" I snapped
"Well if that's the case I don't want to be part of the fandom, if you have to abide by certain rules, then I want out!" I yelled, kicking the judgemental little freak out of my room.
"Time to tell the world." I whispered logging onto my accounts.


In less than an hour I got unwanted responses.
Woah why wouldn't you want to be in our fandom?
I know, some people huh? But it is a good fandom
Then Kayla popped up
Geez, publicity stunt? Just because you feel the need to hate on this amazing NON-emo band, doesn't mean you have to go all 'oh I hate my life, I wanna kill myself and no longer be in the fandom

With a sigh, I walked over, curling up in my bed and turning on 'I Don't Love You'. I closed my eyes as the tears welled up, maybe it was true, maybe Kayla was speaking on their behalf, maybe I was the worst fan.


I looked at my IPod screen, revealing nothing. I unlocked it punching in my passcode (LuckyBitch21) and notcing the mail app had a little '1' by it.

/New DM from Gerard Way/
Really? He DM'd me?

Clicking into twitter I went straight to Direct Messages and low and behold it was true.

"Hey so I saw the tweet about the fandom, and some of the things people said was mightily rude. The guys and I all understand if you don't want to go all out today, if you don't own merch what can you wear? If you force yourself to listen to only our music all day it will get old, if you feel like the fandom is closing in on you, remember that going all out on 'MCR day' doesn't mean your not a fan. If you like our music and respect us as people, that's all we want. So really, reading through your past tweets (we read the stuff you tweet to us btw), it is obvious you are a dedicated fan, so why let one simple day ruin all of it for you?

Smiling, I turned up my music, put all the songs on shuffle and listened; pulling out my sketch pad I wrote down the message I had received only minutes ago, and drew off that.
Who needs a certain day just to love a band, shouldn't that be everyday?
Not just 'hey on this day we have to show our love for the band', because really? That seems kind of rude and like a phoney fan, only loving them for one day because you want to seem like a true die-hard fan.

It isn't about how much merch you own, how many songs you know off by heart, how much fanart you draw, how many times you met them or saw them live, it's all about if you like their music and respect the 4 guys who are out there making music for us.

Yup this is my MCR day one-shot (one of many hopefully)
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