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When a Stranger Calls

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When a stranger calls..would you answer it? ::AUDITIONED STORY::

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I'm so messed up, I don't, just don't know why I need this.
I feel the need to have the blood, feel it, have it within me, touch it, watch as it flows.
I don't know why, it just feels right, and this neighborhood might just be where I can get it the most. Let's see how much bloodshed I can get.

Subj- Victim 1 Abigail Raines

"B, you'll be fine, nothing will come eat you or the munchkins. Tru- Jack what the hell?!" I laughed, at the moment I was at the neighbors house, it was 7:30 pm and talking to my boyfriend of 1 and a half years Zack. Yes the bassist of All Time Low (I wonder how many fangirls would kill me...)
"What?" I asked laughing, wondering what the band's guitarist had gotten himself into.
"Hello?" A voice of a man answered, mocking a high pitched voice
"Jack?" I asked, knowing who I was talking to
"Jack? Um yeah that's me, but not the one your thinking of." I stiffled a laugh, trying to regain my composure before dying of laughter
"Barakat?" I laughed at the overly exaggerated gasp that came from the other line
"How dare you not know my last name!" I burst out in laughter at the outburst the guitarist had made
"Oh you got married?" I played along, awaiting to see what witty comment he would have next
"Yes, my new last name is..uhh Gaskarth? Yeah Gaskarth."
"Wait, so you got married to Alex? Your bandmate?" I laughed, knowing it was all a joke and such, but still, it's been a month since I've seen any of them.
"YES!" He finished with the high pitched voice, and began to get serious. "But yeah, he got really drunk, and we decided to play a prank, making him think that he married me." Fuck these guys.
"Tell me how that goes." I finished nodding, as the youngest girl Shayla walked out, clutching her stuffed bear to her chest, seeming scared.
"Of course we'll even vi- what?" I listened as he and a roadie I was guessing had a roadie started a conversation about their next stop.
"Hey, so we gotta go, love you." I smiled as Zack came back on the line
"Love you too, bye." I hung up and directed my attention at the young girl.
"What's wrong Beck?" She nodded and sat beside me
"I keep hearing something walking around upstairs." I looked at her, the only thing above her room was the attic.
"Probably a squirrel." She nodded
"It sounds like a person." Weird
"Are you going to be okay?" I asked, receiving a nod from the girl.
"Fine, probably a joke or something." She mumbled, trailing off into the kitchen for whatever reason.
With a sigh I reached over and grabbed my backpack; pulling out my homework and cell phone.

/New Text Message From- 320-557-9832/
"Who the fuck is that?" I whispered clicking the button to read it.

Have You Checked The Children?

Okay, Shayla's in the kitchen, and Kodi is downstairs I thought to myself, wondering what the fuck this person had in mind.
I shook it off, it was all a joke right? Or maybe just a wrong number, yeah a wrong number. No need to get freaked out and have to scare the kids, right?
"Abby, who's number is this?" Kodi called out from downstairs almost 2 minutes after the strange text had come through.
"What number is it?" I yelled from the top of the stairs.
"Um here." She tossed me the handset, I nervously took a look at the number.
"It's fine, only Zack." I thought out loud.
"It's fine? What do you mean?" Kodi asked calmly; I swear she was only 10 (and 3/4 as she insisted), yet she acted like a 15 year old.
"Nothing, just a prank text." I laughed a humorless laugh, making it seem like everything was fine.
"So what are you doing down here?" I looked around, the family had a rec room in their basement, which was lined with boxes and miscellaneous items.
"Homework, and just wanted to get away from the upstairs for a bit." She finished with a shrug, curling back up in her spot on the couch.
I looked around, it wasn't fully dark out yet so the few windows gave in some sunlight, causing shadows and hooded figures?
"Abby? What's wrong?" I stood there, shocked. It may of been a trick of the eyes but I think I saw a black hooded figure running across the basement.
"N-nothing." I whispered, feeling something brush against my leg. I jumped forward, only to realize it was the family dog 'Disenchanted'.
Talk about weird names huh?
"Well if you don't mind, I need to finish this book report by tommorow." Kodi curled back up on the couch, pulling open a book, resting her feet on the table.
"Have fun with that." I whispered before forcing myself to walk up the stairs.
"Abby, you have a new text." Shayla handed me my phone, which displayed..
/ New Text Message From: Zack/

Hey u didnt answer my call (am I allowed to phone the house?) Xo Zack
"What'a sweetheart" I jumped, turning to see Kodi standing, reading over my shoulder.
"What, I thought you were downstairs?!" I touched the small girl, making sure I wasn't haunted or anything.
"I was, but when I was reading my book Dis decided to lick the bottom of my foot; but when I looked up she wasn't there and I wanted to see if she ran off." My breath caught in my throat, this reminded me of a scary story I had heard.

It was me, Cianna, Jack, Alex, Rian and Zack at the lake one night (hanging out, not what you think, geez dirty minds much ;P)
"Someone should say something to scare the fuck out of Cianna." I joked, knowing my friend despised scary stories.
"No, I don't want to be freaked out and look retarted almost in tears." She fought, as I rolled my eyes
"You think I'm not going to be scared!" Moral support, even if you have to lie through your teeth to give it.
"Well if you get freaked out you can go cuddle up with your boyfriend, I have nobody." She crossed her arms as Jack jokingly wrapped an arm around her pulling her close to him.
"Now, who has a creepy story?"
"I do, but it's going to sound lame." Rian admitted
"Say it." We urged.
"Fine, there was this girl; she was alone, reading her book in one of those recliner chairs, whe-"
"Your right, this is lame." Jack cut in, smile spread across his face.
"Go on I guess." Cianna who had probably phsyced herself out the moment she heard it was a scary story stuttered.
"Okay, but Jack you better shut the fuck up. Right so she was sitting in a recliner and all of a sudden she felt her dog licking her foot. She pulled her book away and heard the sound of the dog's nails against the floor. Confused she looked around the house, in every room unable to find the dog. Shrugging it off she resumed reading and a few minutes later she felt the same sensation on her foot."
"Sensation? What is this?! A 5 gum commercial?!"
"Jack, shove a sock in it. But she felt the same LICKING on her foot, looking up again and hearing her dog running away she once again checked the house; coming up with nothing. This happened a couple more times, in which she said fuck it and didn't look for the dog. After a few minutes the dog had returned and was again licking at her foot; this time she slowly moved her book to reveal a hooded figure at her feet."
"So this hooded figure thing was licking her feet?" Alex asked, looking slightly disgusted.
"Let me finish. It turns out this hooded figure had been the "dog" all along and was; yes Alex licking her foot."
"What happened to the dog?" I asked, smiling as the annoyance spread across the drummers face.
"He killed the dog, putting the body in one sink and the head in the other, that's the last thing the girl saw before her head joined the dogs."
"So he killed her?" Alex asked as I felt Zack tighten his grip around my shoulders.

Flashback over

"Wow, Abbs you turned white as a ghost? You okay?" Kodi asked, going downstairs to return to her book.
"Wait, Kodes. Is there a kitchen downstairs?" I asked, receiving a confused look from the young girl
"No, there might be a sink why?" I nodded
"Nothing, but if you feel it again tell me alright?" She raised an eyebrow, eyes widening
"Is this from like a scary story you heard or something?" Dammit, why did she have to be so good at understanding stuff.
"It's nothing okay?" I asked and the girl nodded, walking downstairs to her old spot.

/'Cause I got your picture, I'm coming with you
Dear Maria count me in/
I jumped as my phone started going off.
"H-hello?" I asked, nervous for no real reason.
"B, what's wrong you seem nervous." I let out a sigh of releif as I heard Zack's familiar voice come from the other end.
"Just stuff that's happening." It wasn't a total lie.
"Does it have to do with Rian's dog being a hooded figure licking people's feet story?"
"How'd you know?" I was utterly confused
"I've been dating you for a year and a half and knew you my entire life. I think I should know you by now."
"I guess, so what's up?" I asked laying back on the couch.
"Driving, wait are you still babysitting?"
"Yeah, why?" I asked
"No reason, curiosity mainly." I smiled
"That's a reason."
"No it's not!" I laughed, hearing a muffled 'What the hell?!'
"Hey Alex." I laughed into my phone.
"Hey Abbs." He yelled back, going back to questioning my boyfriend.
"You don't remember? It was amazing."
"So I kissed him?! Ew." I laughed at the sound of utter disgust Alex made at the thought of kissing his best friend and band mate.
"Yeah, I watched it through the skype session." I played along, trying not to laugh.
"Fuck!" The singer yelled, walking somewhere
"Thanks, so is this a new job or what?" Shayla walked out holding the home phone out to me.
"Minute." After he said okay, I grabbed the phone from the young girl, looking at the slight fear in her wide hazel eyes, in which she tried to hide.
"Hello?" I asked, making my voice sound calm.
"Have you checked the children?" A deep scratchy voice asked
"Um yeah, one handed me the phone; why?" The voice hung up on me, leaving me dumbfounded.
"Who was it?" Shayla asked, playing with her green dyed hair.
"Wrong number probably; why don't you get changed? That looks uncomfortable." I nodded towards her green jeans and white school shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Yes, this kid loves green (if you seen her jeans and hair it would be obvious).
"Okay, be back." The nine year old skipped off upstairs as I picked up my cell phone once again.
"Hello?" I asked
"Same job?"
"Yeah, same place. Are you busy?" It came out more of a whisper.
"No why?"
"I just have a really creepy feeling." I started to gnaw on my lip.
"Like what?" I heard the sound of movement on the other line.
"Just like something bad is going to happen, and not trying to freak the kids out but I think I saw someone running downstairs." I lowered my voice so if Kodi or Shayla were in earshot neither of them would hear.
"Did you know the person?" How did Zack stay so clam? Oh right I was the one in the house.
"No he or she was weaing a black hoodie." My voice became ragged
"Well stay calm, okay? Anything else?"
"I don't thin- wait yes, I got a text from an unknown number asking if I checked the children and a call from the same number."
"Did they ask about the children?" I was waiting for a 'what the fuck' to come up in the backround.
"I'm walking down the road right now." Zack explained the reason of the silence.
"Oh, well yeah they asked and as soon as I answered and tried to get a question out of them they hung up." I heard a 'humf' from Zack.
"I don't know what to tell you, it's probably a joke or wrong number."
"Then why did they text my phone, then call the home phone with the same question."
"Coinsedence?" Zack offered.
"I don't know, how much longer until your tour is over?" I asked leaning against the counter; watching as Kodi looked for the dog once again.
"We're on our way home now, should be back in the next couple of days. You going to come to our last show?" I smiled
"Of course, that bassist from All Time Low is pretty cute." I joked smiling.
"Competition? Gotta go, love you."
"Yes, a lot. Love you too bye." I hung up, grabbing Kodi's arm.
"It happened again, but I didn't hear the nails as she ran." My heard flew into my throat.
"Okay, this isn't to scare you by any means but it's kind of bothering me that your down there." I admitted
"Why?" Kodi had tears in her perfectly imperfect light blue eyes; unlike her step-sister Shayla who had hazel
"My friend Rian told a bunch of us this story."
"Rian of All Time Low?" She asked with a joking smile.
"Yeah but can you work up here, or call me if you feel it again okay?" She nodded wrapping her arms around my waist.
"Your amazing you know that?" She whispered before walking downstairs once again.

Hours later

I sighed as the phone rang once again, it was going on 11 and the same person, texted and phoned over and over.
"What the fuck do you want?" I yelled
"We were going to ask how everything is going dear." SHIT
"So sorry Mrs. Jameson. Just a lot going on."
"Sorry to hear that, but we will be back tommorow. Are the girls alright?"
"I haven't checked on them in a bit, Kodi has been working downstairs and Shayla has been asleep since 8."
"So they've been good?" I looked up, watching as 3 figures walked by the window.
"Yeah, they are amazing." I watched, one figure had all dark hair, the other light brown and one had dark and blonde.
"Is that Jack?" I asked to myself,being he was the only one who had dark hair with a blonde stripe down the middle.
"Um okay? But we wanted to check in sooner but we've been oh so busy." Mrs.Jameson apologized
"It's fine, your out on your anniversary." I jumped as someone knocked on the door.
"Thanks darling, also you might want to answer the door." I didn't explain the night's events, only said my goodbyes and opened the door.
"HEY!" I jumped as the figure with the 'sunk' hair pounced me into a hug.
"I thought you guys had 2 days left!" I laughed, giving him and Alex hugs.
"Well we wanted to suprise you." Zack shrugged pulling me into a kiss.
"Missed you." I whispered hugging him.
"Missed you too." Followed by a chourus of 'naws' by the 2 other guys in the room.
"Aleeeeeeeex why can't we be like thaaaaaaaaaaat." Jack joked
"We're not anything." I laughed, seeing Jack trying to hold a exageraded face of pain.
"Who wouldn't love him." I joked guestering towards the guitarist.
"Me." Alex shrugged flopping down, taking over my previous spot on the couch.
"Move over Gaskarth." I poked his foot, receiving a half-hearted nod
"No, you have to answer the phone." He pointed to the kitchen
"Fuck how much does this creeper have to call?" I growled to myself under my breath.

I walked into the kitchen picking up the phone.
"Who is this?!" I yelled, hear rate picking up as the all too familiar voice answered.
"Have you checked the children?" I felt a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders
"Why?!" I yelled looking over to see I had given Jack a heartattack or two.
What's wrong? The guitarist mouthed out.
"This person won't stop calling and asking the same fucking question and hanging up!" I just snapped, tears fell down my cheeks as I sunk to the floor; bringing my knees up into my chest resting my forehead on them.
"You okay?" Zack asked, walking over and sitting beside me.
"No, as you might of heard the story." I shook, out of fear, frustration and pure hatred towards my torementor.
"It'll be okay, you have us." Alex re-assured sitting in front of me.
We sat in silence, wondering what to do next when Kodi let out a bloodchilling scream.
"SHIT!" I yelled jumping up, running towards the basement, only to trip over Alex.
"What?!" The three asked in confusion.
"Remember Rian's hooded figure foot story?" They nodded, putting two and two together.
"It's been happening hasn't it?" Zack probably got 4
"Yeah." Tears fell faster as I ran downstairs, all the lights were out.
"Shit." I whispered
"How about this, you call the cops, me and Jack will check it out and Alex and see about Shayla?" I nodded grabbing Zack and pulling him close, giving him a quick kiss before
running into the kitchen.
"Really? I have to go down there?!" Jack whispered angrily.
"Yes really, be a man Barakat."
"Gaskarth, remember." Jack pointed to the fake ring on his finger.
"Fuck, maybe it was a bad idea making you come here with me." I smiled as I ran into the kitchen calling 911.

"911 what's your emergancy?" The operator asked
"I keep getting strange phone calls, and I think something's going on."
"Has the person threatened you?"
"Um no but..."
"What have they been saying?"
"This guy keeps asking if I checked the children."
"What do you say? And do they respond?"
"I ask who it is or what they want and they always hang up." I tried to keep calm, despite the rapid climbing of my heartrace.
"Then there is nothing we can do, I'm sorry." The woman told me in a serious tone, hinting with compassion.
"What do mean?! I have 2 kids I'm babysitting and 3 friends who might fucking die in the process of helping! THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO?!" I screamed, hearing someone coming down from upstairs.
"Please miss, calm down. We can trace the call if you keep them on call long enough." I took a few deep breaths, turning to see Alex at the bottom of the stairs mouthing, 'Where is she?'.
"I-I could try." I whimpered fearfully.
"We will call you back if we find where this person is calling from."
"Thank you." I whispered hanging up, looking at Alex.
"What do you mean where is she?" I asked, trying to stay serious and calm despite my rapid heartbeat and tear tracks down my face.
"I went upstairs into her bedroom and all the rooms, I can't find her!" The singer looked as if he was about to snap.
"Shitshitshit." I cried, feeling the singer wrap his arms around me in a comforting hug.
"It's going to be okay, everyone's going to come out of this safe." He whispered in attempts to calm both of us down.
"SHIT!" I jumped at the cry from downstairs.
"Do you recognize that voice?" I whispered, heart slamming out of my chest when the answer was 'no'.
"It didn't sound like either Zack or Jack, and it wasn't a girls voice." We sat there in silence, pondering out next move. The blanket of silence that fell over the house was ripped open by the phone ringing.
"H-Hello?" I whispered grabbing my friend's hand, feeling him give a friendly squeeze.
"Have you checked the children?" It was the voice, the voice that screamed.
"Matter of a fact, yes..Where is she?" I felt the anger build up, as he let out a laugh; filled with sadistic pleasure.
"Wouldn't you like to know?" The smile in his voice evident.
"Another question, how's you boyfriend?" NonoNO! Tears flowed from my eyes, this couldn't be happening, and I being to emotionally weak all I could do was cry..CRY?!
"You bastard don't you fucking touch them." I growled, hearing him laugh and hang up.
"What? Abb what's wrong?" Alex attempting to get my attention.
"H-he's threatening everyone." I whispered, hearing the phone ring.
"I'll answer it." Alex offered grabbing the phone from my hands.
"Hello?" He answered, calmly, letting on none of the fear he may of been experiencing.
"O-Okay." The singer's face dropped and the colour drained.
"What?" I asked frantically.
"We need to get out of here. They tracked the's coming from in the house." I couldn't move, couldn't breath. I was paralized.
"Come on!" Alex yelled picking me up running towards the door and out into the yard as the police drove up.
"Are you the two teenagers that called?" One cop asked, adressing us
"Y-yeah." I whispered, tears falling.
"Are you okay? Do you know if there are any hostages?" A female officer joined her partner looking down at where we were sitting on the grass.
"Yeah, the 2 children and our friends." Alex answered, looking down at his feet.
"Do you know if their dead?" I shrugged tears falling faster.
"Well we'll find out and put this fucker behind bars." Weird, it was the first time I heard a cop swear.

"Hey, Abby it's alright." Alex attempted to calm me down, as the pain became too much, I just let the sobs come out, shaking my whole body.
I knew what was coming next, 4 body bags of people who I had a part in killing.
"OHMYGOSH! Honey are you okay?" I heard my mom run up, pulling me into a hug, the tears soaking my face soon fell to her shirt.
"What's wrong? What happened?" My mom pushed me away asking frantically.
"4 people died tonight, people we knew." Alex answered, looking sad as ever.
"Who were those people?" My mom looked scared, and caring at the same time.
"Those people being, young Kodi Lynne Jameson, Shayla Bekcer, Jack Barakat and Zack Merrick." The female cop answered, causing me to break out in pain; Kodi and Shayla, who never even got into high school, dead. Then there was Zack, all because I was freaking out, he came, and now 2 of them were dead.
"Oh honey I'm so sorry." My mother wrapped her lanky arms around me, along with Alex.
"Not to be a bother, I understand you must be in tremendous pain. But we need you two to come with us to the station for questioning." I nodded, feeling unable to stand up.
"I'll drive you two." My mother offered, leading us to her car.

-Later at the station-

"So how did this all start?" The man asked me
"I was babysitting me neighbors children, because it was their anniversary this weekend. The calls started as weird texts asking 'Have you checked the children?' I found it weird because Kodi was downstairs working, and Shayla would pass me their home phone when this guy called." I explained
"Did you notice anything weird going on?" The man asked walking back and forth.
"Well the youngest Shayla who spent most of her time upstairs in her bedroom claimed to be hearing someone walking around upstairs. Then Kodi claimed to be feeling her 'dog' licking her foot." The man raised an eyebrow
"The thing with the dog scared me, because a couple months before a friend of mine told me this story where a girl was reading her book, feet up; like Kodi. And felt her dog licking her foot then run off. The same thing happened to Kodi and I think it was the same outcome." Tears fell from my eyes; all I wanted was a hug, from Zack telling me it was alright.
But that would never happen.
"The outcome being?"
"The girl's dog being dead, head in one sink body in the other. And the 'dog' was actually a hooded figure licking her foot." The man looked at me and nodded
"That's what happened to the girl downstairs." I took a shaky breath in
"And the two guys?" He gave me a look of compassion
"The one had cuts all over his body, ending in a sliced throat." I grimaced
"Did he have blonde in his hair?" I asked and the man nodded
"Yes, while the other seemed to be brought to the same end, although in his back it said 'Has she checked the children?'" I rested my head against the table, sobs wrenching through my body.
"You cared for him didn't you?" The man asked, and I looked up confused.
"I have a teenage daughter, I know this kind of stuff. So if we have any moe questions we'll call. You can go home now." I nodded walking outside to find my mothers car.
"This isn't over." I heard a voice whisper in my ear, causing me to spin around.
Revealing I was alone.

What'da think? The thing with the dog licking the foot is based off of a story my friend told me (it was at camp, my feet were hanging off the bed at the time and someone shut off the lights; scary huh? Well it was in that position) but I hoped you liked it (and I feel back for killing Jack and Zack) Who's the killer O.o (don't reveiw it, e-mail me for guesses and I might give you a prize) which I don't know yet
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