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*Oneshot for IMCRD 2012*

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Happy International MCR day 2012 :D

I met up with some of the MCRmy today and it was an awesome day :3

Rate and review this little thing that i came up with.

Not the best and it could have been better but im busy at the moment so

My Chemical Romance.

Those 3 words can mean anything if it fell on different ears. It could mean 'Suicide promotion' or 'emo cult' to the judgemental. It could mean 'Devil music' to Christians or religious people. It could mean 'Scary' or 'Unnormal' to the mainstream hipsters /chavs or whatever you call them. It could mean 'Shit' or 'Pussy music' to the hard core metal screamo fans. To a world they would be 'Just another rock band' to rock lovers they would be an 'okay' or 'eh i have seen better' type of band.

But to thousands of people all over the world either in UK, Ireland, Europe or America they would be described as the band that 'Saved my life' or that this band 'Taught me to stand up for my self' or 'Its okay to be messed up'. It also showed thousands of people that they are not alone.

They are not alone because of whats called their fanbase. the MCRmy. It consists of many people who are so alike in many ways. The MCRmy is what made MCR who they are today. MCR made the MCRmy who they are. The MCRmy is a family that shall stick together no matter what happens. They may be a 'Bullet Bringer', 'Sweet Revenger', 'Black Parade Marcher' or a 'Killjoy' or a combination. They stand for eachother and care about eachother.

MCR inspires the MCRmy in many ways. Ways that are different to each of the members. They saved many of the members lives in many ways. Different albums or songs showed them to be who they want to be and not to let anyone treat you like shit as your just as important on this earth as they are.

MCR helps them through tough times and sad depressing moments or helps to get your anger out. The MCRmy knows that they have someone there to listen to them when noone else would. MCR gave the outcasts a voice. It let people fit in with the world when they felt like they were a jigsaw piece that wouldn't fit into a particular puzzle.

MCR let thousands know that you just be yourself and dont lower yourself to anyones level and not to go with the crowd as its better to be yourself and not what someone wants you to be. If they don't like who you are now then they are not worth your time.

MCR gave the MCRmy something to believe in and to look upto. It creates massive amounts of friendships within the MCRmy. The MCRmy try to thank them by writing fanfictions, creating pages, drawings or something else.

They are a unique band and mean the world to alot of people. Without MCR the MCRmy wouldn't be alive today and they wouldn't have the friends they had today.

Thank you MCR,

Thank you for giving me hope in the world and the strength to carry on and care for me when noone else would.
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