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Unrecognized Number

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(rated for language. Frerard) When Frank's phone gets stalked by unknown numbers, Gerard comes up with a great way to stop it.

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"Ugh!" I nearly threw my phone at the wall when I saw the unrecgonized number on the screen. Again.

This is the tenth time in the last half hour. "Again?" Gee asked, rolling his head to look at me. I nodded, dropping my head in my hands.

"Ya know, I have an idea. Aren't they usually the same numbers?" I groaned a small yes. "If you answer in weird ways, maybe they'll stop calling."

My head snapped up. I thought over what he said, my mind interrupted by my phone ringing again. He took it and looked at the screen. "Here we go. Be quiet." He growled deeply and answered. "Jim's Whore House. You got the dough, we got the hoe." I covered my mouth as a laugh threathened to burst out. "Wrong number? Okay, bye bye." He hung up and gave the phone back and laughed loudly.

I let myself laugh with him. "Gee, I think I just fell in love with you." I laughed. He smiled and pulled me toward him.

"I know you do." He kissed me softly. I smiled. "And just? I've known for a while."

"Shut up!" I laughed and pushed his face away. "So, what about when the next one calls?"

"Oh, I have a bunch of ideas." He smiled evilly. "Now we wait."

An hour later, I got another call. He smiled at me before he answered and murmured something that made me blush. "Remember what we did to make Mikey puke last month?"

He answered and I moaned loudly. "Somebody better be dying." He moaned. "Oh God! Andy!" He winked at me. I moaned again, trying to not laugh.

"Greg!" I screamed, my voice straining. He set the phone down and grinned at me. "Did they hang up?"

"I can't imagine why." He laughed. "Who's Greg?"

"Who's Andy?" I raised an eyebrow. He shrugged and smiled wider.

"How many more?" He asked, laying across my lap. I looked at my phone.

"Three." I yawned, already bored.

"Yay! More fun." He groaned, stretching harder against my legs. "Mm....let's take a nap."

"Sure." I lay back, pulling him up against me. We buried against each other with soft yawns and sighs. About two hours later, we woke up a second before my phone rang.

"Hello? I yawned, smiling at Gee. "No, put the dildo over there, dammit! I'll find another toy if you can't do your job right!"

He laughed quietly and murmured a soft "I'm sorry master" before the line went silent. I hit end and laughed loudly.

"That was great." I hugged him. He kissed my neck with a laugh. "BGM much?" He laughed.

"Yes. Very." I stuck my tongue out at him. "Maybe later, though." He laughed and kissed my shoulder.

"Maybe?" He poked my side, making me gasp.

We finished messing with the unknown numbers and fell asleep again. My phone woke us up this time. "Jim's Whore House. You got the dough, we got the hoe." I held back a yawn.

"Frank Anthony Iero!" My mom yelled on the other end. I jumped up, Gerard falling off of me.

"Mom!" I cried, shocked. "I can explain!"

"We'll talk when I get home young man!" She hung up.

"Fuck me." I groaned and fell back.

"Maybe later." Gee breathed in his sleep.

I laughed despite what had just happened.

R+R. I actually do the Whore House one when someone I don't know calls me. Always freaks em out.

Use those if you want. It'll mindfuck nearly anyone. Have fun with it :)

Hugs and Peanuts,
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