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A Situation

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Frank struggles to get Gerard home, having to deal with a few awkward moments in the process.

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Giving his thanks, Frank ended the call to the taxi company and stuffed Gerard's mobile back into his pocket. The whole thing, conversation included, was made considerably more difficult by the fact that during the entire thing, the older boy was leaning heavily against Frank's shoulder. Shooting a glance at the other, the sixteen year old frowned when it appeared that Gerard had fallen asleep. If he hadn't, then he was certainly about to soon. He'd be lying if he said he knew much about being drunk, only having ever been tipsy at best, but he was almost certain you shouldn't let someone sleep when they were still smashed off their face.

Stifling a frustrated growl, instead just clenching and unclenching his fists until slightly calmer, Frank shrugged the shoulder that Gerard was leaning on. When there was no response, he tried again though a little more forcefully this time. Nothing.

"Oi!" His voice was sharp, the sound cutting into the night air. "Oi, Gerard. Wake up." Another shrug of his shoulder was met with no response. By now it would be safe to say that the younger boy was getting somewhat worried. As annoying as Gerard was when he was drunk and awake, he would willingly take that over Gerard being drunk and passed out. At least when he was awake Frank knew that he was okay. Now though? Well now it was an unknown entity. "Gerard, wake up!" One hand moved up to poke Gerard in the shoulder. Hard.

A gasp, promptly followed by loud "What?!" met his ears and Frank found that he actually sighed in relief. Obviously the only reason for that was that he didn't want a dead Gerard leaning all over him. The younger boy watched as hazy eyes blinked against the dim light they were currently sat in, black eyeliner somehow smeared down one cheek. He was a state. A complete mess and Frank couldn't begin to fathom why he'd willingly gotten himself like this.

Apparently sitting upright was too much energy for the older boy though, slumping against the younger just a moment later. "Fraaaaaank? Where are we?"

On second thoughts, maybe Gerard was better when he was passed out. "Sitting outside the pub, waiting for the taxi because someone got too drunk to drive us home." He knew that his scathing tone would be completely lost on the other boy. At least it made him feel a little better.

"Why you do that? Silly, silly Frankie."

It was only several deep breaths, fingers topped with chipped black nail varnish pinching the bridge of his nose, which stopped Frank from screaming and storming away. Let Gerard find his own way home. He couldn't do that though. Curse him and the fact that he was too god damn nice. "I didn't do anything, Gerard. I can't even drive. You're the one who drove us here. You're the one who got drunk even though you said that we were having soft drinks all night. And now I'm the one who has to try and get us both home."

He wasn't sure what exactly it was, be it the tone which had disappointment dripping from each and every word or the way that he stared blankly ahead, not even looking at Gerard, but something broke through the drunken haze the boy was in for he sniffed pathetically a moment later, as though he was about to break down in tears. Luckily, he didn't, though what he did next was almost as shocking.

"'M sorry, Frankie. Didn't mean to. 'M really sorry."

Sighing, he nodded once. "Just hold tight. The taxi will be here soon."


Soon probably wasn't the word Frank should have used, considering it was nearly forty minutes later that the taxi eventually pulled up outside the pub. After a lot of tugging of arms, holding up of weight and persuasive words, Frank eventually managed to get Gerard bundled into the back of the vehicle.

When they were eventually both sat down, the driver, a pretty young blonde woman who probably wasn't much older than Gerard, glanced over her shoulder and shot them an apologetic look which seemed to be more directed at Frank, probably knowing he was the one who would pick up on it. "Apologies about the wait, love. The last people were a nightmare. Group of drunk lads. I think they'd been out on a stag-do. Anyway, they kept on changing where they wanted to go." Once Frank had assured her that it was fine, he told her where to take them - Gerard's house and then his own - and promised her that he wouldn't change his mind.

The journey went relatively smoothly for the first few minutes, until the sight of blue flashing lights came in through the window and the taxi ground to a halt.

"Oh for crying out loud," the woman groaned, meeting Frank's gaze in the mirror. "Looks like there's been a crash or something. We could be stuck here for a while."

That was the least of Frank's worries though, the ceasing of movement apparently perking Gerard up from his position slumped against the window. Shifting his weight, he once again lent on Frank's shoulder, though this time he nestled his head into the crook of the sixteen year old's neck. He was pressed so close against him that when he spoke, his lips brushed against Frank's collar bone. The younger boy tried to ignore the way his skin seemed to tingle under Gerard's touch.

"Mmm, Frankie, why we stopped?"

Taking a deep breath, desperately hoping that when he spoke his voice was steady, he forced himself to think clearly. "There's been an accident or something. We're going to have to just sit here until the road is cleared."

"But Frankiiiiie," Gerard all but whined. "'M sleepy. I wanna sleep." As though to prove just how tired he was, Gerard turned his whole body towards Frank. He threw one arm across Frank's waist and lifted one leg to have it draped across his thighs.

Under the sudden closeness, Frank sucked in a sharp intake of air, suddenly unsure of how exactly he was supposed to act. Was there a code of conduct on what to do when a boy you barely knew was drunk out of his mind and snuggling into you as though you were the world's greatest pillow? If there was, he certainly didn't know what it was.

"Well, if you err..." When words failed him, Frank cleared his throat and tried again. "Sleep if you want to. I'll wake you up when we get there."

Apparently that was the answer Gerard wanted to here, a hum of agreement rumbling low in his throat as he somehow moved closer, eyes falling shut. Bloody hell, this was going to be a hundred shades of awkward tomorrow. The only thing which offered Frank any comfort was the knowledge that Gerard probably wouldn't even remembered. If the other boy had no recollection of it, then Frank would be able to pretend that it never actually happened. It certainly seemed like the easiest option.

The soft laugh of the taxi driver caused Frank to look up, biting his lip when he met her amused gaze. "Looks like someone can't handle their drink. It's a good job that you can otherwise you'd be a bit stuck."

"Oh, I wasn't drinking. Gotta look after him, you know?" He could almost hear his mother's voice in his ear, telling him it was wrong to lie, though right now it seemed like the easiest option.

The woman smiled fondly at him, gaze briefly moving to look at Gerard. "Well he's lucky he has a boyfriend as nice as you."

Boy-what?! "Nooo, no no. We're not together. We're just friends."

"Well, sweetie, it looks like he would much rather you were something more."

Frank chose to ignore that particular comment.


Time seemed to drag, undoubtedly made worse by the fact that Gerard remained clinging onto Frank, though eventually the traffic cleared and they continued on their way. It was only a few moments later that they pulled up outside Gerard's house. There appeared to only be one light on in the house, coming from what Frank presumed was the living room, and the sixteen year old desperately hoped that it was Mikey who was waiting up and not one of Gerard's parents. That was not a conversation he wanted to have right now.

"If you could just hang around for a minute, that would be great. His brother's still awake so once he's inside, he can deal with him." Once sure that the driver wasn't going to disappear and leave him stranded, he began trying to get Gerard to the front door. It was a sight easier said than done. "C'mon, Gerard. You're home now."

"Mmm, no. Wanna sleep."

Sighing, Frank managed to distract himself from Gerard's grasp, albeit with a great deal of difficulty, and shuffled along the seat, much to the older boy's annoyance.

"Nooo, Frankie, come back."

If he stayed sat in the car, Frank was certain that they'd never get out, so he opened the door and physically got out. It seemed to work in as much as Gerard whined and leant towards him, hand out-stretched. Deciding to take a leap of faith and hope that it paid off, Frank took Gerard's hand in his own and tugged. "C'mon, when you get inside you can sleep."

"With you?" came the muffled response as Frank practically dragged Gerard across the seat, earning a soft choking noise from the younger boy and a snort of laughter from the taxi driver.

"Sure, Gerard, what ever you say." That at least seemed to satisfy the other, because he seemed to give in fighting, instead shuffling along the seat quite willingly. His eagerness got the better of him when it came to actually getting out of the car though, foot catching on the edge of the door, sending him sprawling across Frank and leaving the younger struggling to get him to his feet. He'd never realised quite how challenging it was carrying a deadweight and he shot a glare in the general direction of Gerard's front door, wondering why on earth Mikey hadn't come to help him.

Once he'd gotten Gerard to his feet, the pair made the slow journey to the front door, all while Gerard continued rub his head against Frank's shoulder in a way which reminded the younger boy somewhat disturbingly of a cat. All they needed was some purring and they'd have reached that point. Oh dear god, Gerard was actually moaning. Before he could ask what the hell he was making so much noise about, Gerard beat him to it.

"You're so warn and soft and squishy!"

Dark eyes rolled. "Uh huh." Not bothering to say anything more, lest Gerard have ridiculous reply for it, he simply reached out and opened the front door when they reached it. "Mikey?" He hissed, eyes instantly moving towards the one room with a light on. "Get out here and help me with your brother." He knew it wasn't fair to take out his irritation on Mikey, though the evening had wore down on his good mood, leaving him annoyed with everyone and everything. Besides, Mikey had hardly gone out of his way to help.

The brown haired boy appeared from the room, one eyebrow arching in a silent question when he took in the sight of his brother. All the things he wanted to say were clearly shown on his face, but he didn't voice any of them. Perhaps Frank's face proved that it wasn't a good idea.

"Don't give me that look. We were supposed to be on soft drinks all night. He was the one buying them and he was the one who had the vodka shots put in his." Frank watched with interest when Mikey's harsh expression crumpled momentarily, leaving his classmate looking strangely broken. It was a pitiful sight to behold, though before he could dwell on it too long the mask had returned to the other's face.

Mikey strode forward, closing the distance between them, and wrapped an arm around Gerard's waist, pulling him away from Frank. "C'mon, Gee. I've made you some food."

"But Frankie said he was going to sleep with me."

That little announcement earned a glare so full of hatred from Mikey that it could have unnerved the bravest of men.

"That is not what I said. I said that once he got home he could sleep it off then he said--, you know what? I don't need to explain myself to you. I got your brother he's your damn problem." Before he could come to regret the words, he stormed out of the house and back down the driveway towards the waiting taxi.

It was only when he got home that he realised Gerard's phone was still in his pocket.
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