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You Made Us All So Famous, We’ll Never Let You Go

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Gerard gets a visit from a special someone in the middle of the night. One shot for My Chem day! (:

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A\/N: All right you guys, so I had to write a one shot for MCR day! I don't know how I feel about it, but I hope you all like it!

You Made Us All So Famous, We’ll Never Let You Go:

“Thank you guy’s for coming out tonight! We can’t thank you enough it’s been an amazing 11 years, and we couldn’t have done any of this with the support from you all!” Gerard’s voice bellowed throughout the amphitheater.

The fans responded in a roar of appreciation, they couldn’t be more thankful for this band. For some it has saved lives, for others it has given them strength to be themselves, and for others it has just been great music to rock out to. Regardless of the meaning to each person each fan has gathered here for one reason, their love of My Chemical Romance. The band put on an anniversary show in their hometown of New Jersey for their 11th year together. Gerard gazed out into the crowd looking at all the different kinds of fans. The fans were dressed in homemade Killjoy uniforms, Black Parade outfits, suits with red ties from the Revenge era, and Bullet Proof vests for Bullets. He couldn’t believe so many people were here for them. Gerard met the eyes of each band member and could tell they were all feeling the same thing. They were so grateful for the years they had spent together.

“All right we’re gonna end tonight with an old one for you guys!” Frank screamed into the mic. The arena filled with excitement and anticipation for the last song. Frank and Ray busted out of the first chords of Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us and the crowd went wild. Mikey played his heart and soul out delivering a solid bass line, Frank and Ray shredded on their guitars passionately, and Gerard delivered each line dangerously with a hint of love for the fans.

“Thank you all so much again; we could never love you all more. Here’s to another 11 years!” Gerard screamed out when the song was over and took a bow. “Stay dangerous” were the last words he belted out to the crowd, in return the yelled praising the band.

“That was such a great show you guys!” Ray said enthusiastically as he shook his head, sending the sweat from his fro all over the band.

“Ray, control that thing! I don’t need your sweat on me too!” Mikey laughed.

“Yeah it was such a great show! I am so glad it went as well as it did.” Frank smiled widely; he always had this huge grin after any show.

“I can’t help but think where I would be without you guys, I might not even be here.” Gerard smiled at the band, grateful for all of them.

“Don’t get all mushy on us Gee.” Mikey joked, but delivered the same smile to his older brother. Getting to where they were now wasn’t easy.

“Sorry! I am just really happy.” He smiled.

“Yeah me too, but as happy as I am, I need sleep. So I’ll see you guys in the studio soon.” Frank said, and bid his goodbyes to his friends.

“Yeah I need to hit the hay too. See you guys.” Ray smiled tired eyed and left.

Gerard and Mikey talked a little more and said goodnight to each other. Gerard drove to his hotel desperate for sleep. He was the only band member who wasn’t living in Jersey anymore. He had moved out to LA with his wife Lyn-Z and their daughter bandit. He entered through the back entrance to avoid paparazzi and crazed fans. He stumbled through the door of his room and headed straight for his bed he thought a shower could until the morning. Gerard laid his head on his soft pillow and started to drift off to sleep, when he heard the door to his room open. He felt his stomach tie up into knots. He wasn’t sure who was going to be in the room, and he debated just pretending like he was a sleep, but he knew that was the stupidest thing to do. The room was still pitch black he quickly reached for the light and flipped it on ready to see what the intruder looked like. Light filled the room and Gerard jumped at the sight in front of him. His Grandma Elena was seated at the edge of his bed.

“Are you having bad dreams again my sweet Gerard?” Gerard felt all the color drain from his face. This couldn’t be possible.

“Grandma, you can’t be here. This is a dream.” He managed to stutter out.

“I can assure you that this isn’t a dream.” Elena spoke.

Gerard looked his Grandma closely, looking at each wrinkle in her face. Her grey hair and her fragile body, she looked just as he had remembered.

“Why are you here?” Gerard was puzzled, and he felt crazy. He still didn’t feel like any of this was real, but it felt real, and he was happy to see his Grandma, she was a big part of his life, and a huge help in his success.

“I just wanted to see you, and tell you how proud I am of you and Mikey. You two have come so far.” She smiled softly.

“I wish you were here to see us make it to where we are.” Gerard was getting choked up and he could feel tears swelling up in his eyes. He truly missed his Grandma, not a day passed that he didn’t think of her. He knew the same thing went for his brother too.

“I am always here, I’m in your heart.” She spoke; each word was dignified and elegant.

“I miss you.” Tears were falling out of Gerard’s eyes quickly.

Elena got up and sat next to Gerard and pulled him into a hug. Gerard felt the warmth and love of his Grandma as she held him tightly and comforted him. That’s when he decided that this was real, that she was actually in the room with him.

“Don’t ever forget how special you and your brother are to me, I watch you two and grow more proud every single day. Your band is going to change this world; it already has changed the lives of so many people.” Elena stroked her Grandson’s head; she felt tears in her eyes as well. She missed this world and her loved ones. Life was just a dream to the dead, and she dreamed about it every single day.

“I know. I love you.” Gerard spoke out just enjoying his time with her.

“I love you too. But I must go. I have stayed much too long.” She smiled, tears now streaming down her face.

“You’ve grown into such a beautiful man.” She kissed Gerard on his forehead.

“Please stay longer.” Gerard begged he wasn’t ready for her to leave yet. He wasn’t ready for her to leave at all.

“I cannot, I love you and Mikey with all my heart, and we will see each other again.” She smiled and faded away from the room.

Gerard sat in his bed crying, in shock of what had just happened. He missed his Grandma so much. He looked at the clock, it was 3am but he still picked up the phone and immediately called his brother.

“Mikey, I have to tell you something.” He said urgently.

“Me too, Gee, you’re gonna think I am insane.” Mikey had the same sense of urgency in his voice.

“You first.”

“I saw Grandma tonight.” Mikey said, Gerard was shocked again.

“Me too.” Gerard stammered. He felt chills go down his spine.

The two brothers just sat in silence on the phone trying to grasp what had happened tonight. But they knew it was real, and special. They Elena was looking out for them.
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