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I Don't Need Saving

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I was friendless. I was unliked. I was alone. But then they came and saved me. One-shot for MCR day

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Hey, this is a one-shot I thought of for MCR day, I hope you all like it! Some of it is based on stuff that was going on in my life before I found MCR, but other parts of it are made up. Enjoy, rate, review!
I'd always had a normal life. I watched Disney Channel as a kid, listened to Hannah Montana while she was in style- even though I never liked her- pretty much got along with everyone I knew. Then seventh grade came along, and things began to go down hill. Three of my closest friends moved to another school, and meanwhile I started fighting with my best friend. Then, around two months into the year, that friend had had enough. A few months later, so did those three friends at the other school. I'd gone from having a decent amount of friends, to only one, who I was constantly at ends with. I was shy, immature, unorganized, and she was loudmouthed, extremely grown up, and a bit of a neat freak. We'd never gotten along before that well, and things weren't any better when it was just the two of us.

Seventh grade was the worst year of my life. I'd lost two people who had been my friends since I was six, and two more I'd known since birth. I blamed myself. Disney channel's made for TV movies that were supposed to make kids feel good about themselves did the opposite for me. The main characters in those movies, the "misfits," were more like the popular girls at my school than outcasts like me. I wasn't a phenomenal singer, I wasn't hilarious, I could write pretty well, but I was no child prodigy. Things that used to bring me comfort, made things worse for me, because they reminded me I was different, and made me want to be anything but that. I blamed myself. I thought it was my fault I lost all those friends, that I wasn't trying hard enough, that I wasn't a good enough person to deserve friends like them. Yea, seventh grade sucked, and eighth grade wasn't shaping up to be any better.

That is, until one day I was driving with my sister during one of her breaks from school, and this song came on the CD she was playing. It wasn't something I'd heard before, it wasn't even a song she liked, but I made her keep it on. That song made me laugh, because it described perfectly the way I felt about other kids my age, and made me realize how silly that was. As soon as it was over, I asked my sister the name of the song. She looked surprised that I liked it, but told me it was called Teenagers and that it was by My Chemical Romance. While we drove, I made her replay that song ten times.

Over the next few months, I started listening to more songs by My Chemical Romance, and soon enough they were my favorite band. I knew all the members' names, birthdays, who was the funniest, who could make me smile on my worst days, who I desperately wished I could be on some days. I grew to love the other fans, who could make me laugh no matter how bad things got. I found out that my friend- the one I was always fighting with- was a fan of My Chemical Romance too, and after finding out she liked other bands I listened to, we actually started getting along for once. Soon enough, she was my best friend for reasons other than that she was my only friend. One of my friends who ditched me liked them as well, and after a while of talking about them, we became friends again. I was no longer afraid to talk to other people because I thought they'd judge me. MCR changed that, they changed me. They made me feel good about myself when no one else could. I'm not one of those people who was way off the deep end when they discovered this band, but I was close. My Chemical Romance didn't save my life, they saved me from needing to be saved.
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