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Drunken Stories

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"Are you drunk?" "NO IM A MOTHERFUCKING CAT!"

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This was based off thees' picture ->


"Brendon, are you drunk?" Jon asked his friend who was currently swaying from intoxication
"No! I'm a cat." The drunken singer answered, determined to show his point he licked at his hand and rubbed it against his hair; almost like a cat would clean himself.
"Ew Brendon that's gross who knows where your hand's been." Ryan, drunk himself piped up
"Well Ryro, I know where my hands been. It's been right here on my wrist this entire time!" Brendon swung his arms around
"Sure." Spencer, the drummer of their band droned
"What, your jelous because I'm an animal and your not!" Brendon, proud of himself for some reason crossed his arms over his chest smirking.
"NO FAIR! If Brendon is an animal so am I!" Ryan fought, jelous of the fact that his friend was an animal and he wasn't.
"Okay Ryro, your- your a beautiful magestic dolphin." Brendon made up, wrapping an arm around his friend's shoulders.
"And guess what? I fucking love my magestic blue dolphin!" Brendon slurred to the rest of the group. "So hands off!"
"Brendon; Ryan isn't a magestic blue dolphin, nor is he yours." Jon explained to the two drunken friends.
"Actually Jon...I'm a beautiful magestic dolphin." Ryan pointed a finger at him trying to be serious, but bursting out in drunk laughter
"And he's MY beautiful magestic dolphin!" Brendon added onto the point by giving Ryan a sloppy kiss on the cheek.
"SEE JON?! They are meant to be." Spencer who was slightly drunk pointed to the two guys who were currently cuddling at their table.
"Ohmyfuckinggod. Why did I say I would drive." Jon asked himself, embarassed at the way his friends were acting.
"B-but don't you like us?" Brendon asked, mood suddenly changing from happy to sad.
"Yeah, but still." Jon rolled his eyes, standing up
"We're going okay?" The bassist announced, already really embarrased
"Fine, c'mon Ryro." Brendon held out a hand, which Ryan took smiling.
"SEE?! HE'S MY BEAUTIFUL MAGESSIC, no um magestis, nagestic..WHATEVER!" The singer gave up frustrated.
"Brendon, calm down." Ryan hugged the agrivated singer, leading him outside to where they parked.
"Hey Jon, where's the van?" The three drunk band mates looked around curiously.
"Oh yeah, um we walked." Jon mumbled angry that he gave up a night of drinking for this.
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