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If Only You Saw Me Like He Sees Me

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This will be a Mindon. Sorry if I didn't rate it accordingly, I don't know what to do...

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Hello. I hope this story isn't too bad. I don't know what to think of it. But I hope you enjoy it. It is gonna be short, like a two/three-shot, you know... By the way, Brendon will enter soon...

Okay, I'm sick of 'Chapter 1, 2, 3 etc.' So these are just gonna have really bad names. :)

Mikey, You Make Me Laugh
Gerard's Point Of View...

"Gee, I don't feel too good..." Mikey whined through my bedroom door. 

"Mikey, just get ready. C'mon!" I knew exactly what he was trying to do. Just trying to get out of going to this party I'm going to. I have to drag him along because according to dad Mikey can't be trusted after what he did to himself the last time when I came almost stoned to find his pale, freezing body in a bath of water full of his blood from his self-inflicted cuts on his arms. 
I can't really remember anything from that night. I was so drunk. And dad was on some work trip. I just remember going to the hospital with his  unconscious body in my arms. 
To be honest, I think he was just looking for attention. He doesn't have any friends but it's not like he tries to talk to people. He just chooses to have no friends. All the kids beat him up at school. I used to try and help him because it did hurt to see him so broken but now it's like 24/7 and I can't look after him the whole time. He's a 15 year old kid. He should know how to defend himself. 

I open my bedroom door to find him leaning against the door frame with his usual pathetic look on his face. I sigh and push past him to put on my shoes. I call his name again and tell him to hurry up. I open the front door and slam it shut and get into my car. 

Eventually, he comes out and opens the front passenger door. 
"Can't sit there. 'm picking up Pete and Frank." I tell him and watch his face alter and form a small scowl. He mumbles something under his breath and then gets into the back. 
Jesus, he's so dramatic sometimes. 

"Hey Frank. Where's Pete?" I ask Frank as he climbs into the front seat. 

"He's coming now. I think Brendon is coming too, but not til later." 

I nod and then I see Pete running out the door. Great! a hyper Pete with no alcohol just yet means this night is gonna be crazy. 

"Why is... he here?" Frank asks with a confused look. It takes me a second to catch on that he is talking about Mikey. I forgot he was in the car. 

"Oh, you se-" I get cut off as Pete opens the door. 

"Hey guys! What's up?" He jumps into the back seat and starts talking crazy about his goldfish or something. I don't know.

Then all of a sudden he stops talking. I look in the mirror to see him sitting there, eyes fixed on Mikey who only turns around now to see whats happening. He stares blankly back at Pete with a raised eyebrow. Could he not atleast say 'hi'? Would it be so hard?

Pete breaks into a smile and shouts "Mikey! You're coming!" He hugs Mikey, mockingly. Frank and I laugh at Pete's antics. He starts poking Mikey. "Hey Mikey, why are you not talking? Do you not like me? What's wrong Mikey? I only want to help!" He bursts out laughing himself along with Frank and I. Mikey just turns away and rests his head on his hands. 
Seriously, the kid is way too depressed. He needs to lighten up a bit. That was a joke and he didn't even crack a smile. He didn't even say something. Which I guess made it all the more funny. 

"Oh come on Mikey! It was a joke. Lighten up, you're way too serious and boring all the time." Frank complains to him. He sighs loudly when Mikey completely buries his head in his arms. 

"Just ignore him. He obviously doesn't want to talk to us." I tell Frank, loud enough so that Mikey can hear too. 

We arrive at the club and we all get out except Mikey who I almost forgot again. Wouldn't be surprised if I forget to bring him home too! 

"Mikey, get out of the car now!" I shout at him through the window. Next thing, Pete is in the other side and he starts talking to him. Eventually, Mikey gets out and walks straight past us all and into the club. Pete smirks as he follows him with us. 

"Whatcha say to him?" I ask. He giggles a bit. 

When we go in, I see Mikey head straight towards the bathroom. Okay, this is his problem if he does something stupid. I'm not looking after him. He should be able to do that now if he was normal. 

Frank gives me a drink and after a couple more rounds, everything is blurry and my head is buzzing. Jumping on the floor. Pete showing off his drunken dance moves. Frank cheering him on and handing him a shot every few minutes. 

I see some familiar blurry face in the corner and try to think who it could be. I usually see this face at home. Mikey would never be here. I'm just imagining things. That's got to be it... 

Hah, Mikey at a club?! That's hilarious. Pete soon passes out on the floor and Frank and I attempt to carry his body to some surrounding seat. Let him rest. 

Or just leave him there til' morning. Whichever works out. 

"Geraaaard, that Mikeeey?" I hear Frank slur out. 
"Hi Mikey. Bredaaaan!" Frank squeals. Mikey is here?! What the fuck?

"Fran-" Hiccup "-Ank. Mikey's not 'ere. Why tha fuck would he be 'ere?" I laugh. And Frank joins in. Along with others that I can barely make out to see who they are. 

I'm gonna feel like shit in the morning. 

It's worth it though. 


There you are. I contemplated a long time about whether or not I should post this now or after my holiday but I went along with posting it now. I hope it's okay. I'm kinda nervous about it. It's not a Pikey, no. We'll see more soon. And it won't be too long. But I won't be able to update, as I said, for a week. But thanks for reading and please leave a review or rate! Thanks :)
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