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The "Book Store"

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AU NaruSasu Mafia fic. Sasuke works in a 'book store', making his way up the ranks until he's strong enough to kill his brother and his boss, and he's closing in on his target. When a blond police ...

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This is something of a mafia fic, will contain non-con, sec, violence, and vendettas. It's going to be NaruSasu, M/M, other pairings and ideas of revenge. Murder, most probably, and knives in gun fights. This is a gift fic for SasuNaruForever564, as it's her birthday tomorrow. I hope you enjoy. Also, Sasuke isn't going to be too whiny in this story, if I can help it.

Diclaimed for the duration of the story.

Prologue; Bitter Taste

Sasuke doesn't bother to look up from his book as the front door swings open, revealing one of his usual costumers, and she walks in, dragging a whining blond with her.

Sakura Haruno, a seemingly harmless but slightly annoying pink haired girl whose only interests in the store were literature, a quiet place to read or study, and Sasuke himself. She seems infatuated with him, which is fine as long as she never knows more than his first name, and she's not one of his real customers, one of the family or in the business, not one of the people who brings him the real money. She frequently purchases school books, for college undoubtedly and is most likely majoring in medicine, or it could simply be a hobby but with the way she studies and crams Sasuke finds it unlikely. She's smart, he's noted, but not overly so with social situations and judging herself, and seems to look for love in places it'll never be returned. If the recent love letter she's slipped him is anything to go by. Silly girl.

"Sasuke, where are the beginning biology books located?" The pink haired girl calls to him, not even bothering to look around he store herself.

"You should know, considering you're here almost every week," Sasuke says coolly, not bothering to look up. He's reading on the history of gang activity in America, and that's not something you just offhandedly look up from to help a customer. It's a good book, actually it's one of Sasuke's favorites. He got it for his sixth birthday, just before…

The girl blushes and Sasuke sighs, seeing it out of he corner of his eye. "To your left, three cases over on the fourth shelf. The one you're looking for should be to the far right."

"Wait, how do you know which book I-" The blond starts, his voice much louder than it needs to be, but is cut off as Sakura yanks him over to the shelf Sasuke identified as holding their desired book. They're out of Sasuke's sight, but he can still hear them as they search for the college-level textbook he directed them to, and the blond's gasp when they discover it exactly where Sasuke claimed it would be. On occasion, and this is not one of them, Sasuke finds himself irked that people expect him not to know every inch of his store, from the thread count of the carpet to the slight coffee stain in the Christian Mythology section, and that they don't expect him to infer about the customer based off of their clothing and stature, who they're with and the way their expressions sway. Usually, such as now, he doesn't care. If they underestimate him it's not his fault, it's probably a good thing.

As the two come to the front of the store to pay for their overpriced text book, Sasuke keeps reading through his book. It might be rude, to read while he rings them up, but this is one of his favorites, one of the things he just can't put down. He may know every sentence in the book word-by-word, but it's not something he'll just put down and expel from his thoughts. It's special to him, one of the few things that gain that title, and he only picked it up today because he wasn't expecting anyone important. It's Sunday. Very few people in his business work on Sundays, and he's one of the few, open every day every week, including holidays. He lives upstairs, and his position calls for it. Every day, from one to ten. He trains in the morning and works the rest of the day, either not eating or taking his breaks just out the front door with delivery. He's read nearly every book in the store, knows nearly every fact he can consume and he keeps it locked in his brain, taking note of the contradictions between studies and waiting for someone to come and drop off lightly used to nearly ruined books that he can devour while waiting for the days to pass, while waiting to be strong enough to move up the ranks to being number one, being able to take on all of his enemies, not just most of them.

Sasuke sighs, holding out his hand for the blond, who's holding it, to place it in his hand. He does, with a commentary to add.

"That was so cool, you just knew where it was! I didn't even tell you I was in college, or the book I was looking for and you just found it! How did you know?" The man, early twenties, asks.

"Tsk," Sasuke says, finding it more difficult to focus on his book as the blond talks on. He's starting to want to kill this guy. Fucking blond.

"You're going to ignore me! Talk about rude! Hasn't anyone ever told you to look at someone when they're talking to you?" The guy yells, clearly getting annoyed.

"Tsk," How stupid.

"Naruto, calm down!" Sakura commands, her voice surprisingly powerful.

"But Sakura! He's being rude!" The guy whines. And he probably calls himself an adult. What an idiot.

"Can it, kid," She tells him. Sasuke can't help but smirk as he wilts under her.

"Yes, Sakura." The guy is defeated, and knows it.

Sasuke rings up the biology book, flickering his eyes to the price and reading it out loud, and he half listens to a debate about whether or not Naruto, as Sasuke learns his name is, wants to give this 'bastard,' no doubt meaning Sasuke, his money. He sells used books, so it's cheaper, but the idiot thinks it'll damage his morality or some shit. Yeah right.

Sasuke sighs as money is finally shoved onto his tall desk, and he gathers up the right amount of change with little thought. He's multitasking, so he's reading a bit slower than usual (much to his annoyance), and it takes him a bit longer to get them their change, and he's glad they're going to leave when he finally does. But as they turn to leave, Gangs in the Twentieth Century is snatched from his grip.

Sasuke growls, quickly taking in the blond offender. The tall, blue eyed man who has tanned skin with no visible blemishes is holding his beginning biology textbook under his left arm with Sasuke's book in the other, and is more or less well built. He's wearing one of the most atrocious orange jumpsuits that has ever been seen, and Sasuke's surprised the man hasn't already been arrested for causing a car crash in that getup. It's disgusting, but what's worse is that he's holding Sasuke's book. It's Sasuke's book. Sasuke's.

Sasuke's mind runs in a quick pattern that hardly takes a millisecond, the blond's mouth opening to taunt him as he launches over the counter, a relative feat as it's four feet tall, tackling the blond as he goes after the book. If he damaged so much as a page, Sasuke's going to slit his fucking throat.

Naruto struggles to keep the book away from his attacker, surprised at the fact he's been shoved onto the ground by the seemingly weak and harmless check-out boy. Damn, he should have been more careful! Shouldn't of lost his temper, and he should have been prepared for an attack! He's off duty, but as a member of the police force (not to mention part time student) he should have been able to stand his ground. Well, at least he can defend his dignity by keeping the book away from the feisty black haired man.

They struggle for the book, Sakura looking at the scene and biting her lip, not sure what to do. Scolding Naruto isn't going to help, and she can't pull them apart, they're obviously stronger than her… She just has to let them go at it, then.

Sasuke's main goal is getting the book back, with little regard for the store around them. Somehow, though, they don't knock everything over, and Sasuke's finally triumphant after a minute and forty seconds, his hips straddling Naruto's chest as he holds his book close to himself, quickly checking for damage. None. The idiot is one lucky SOB.

The door opens, and Sasuke hears a chuckle.

"Tackling our customers now, Sasuke? Well, I suppose if he's your type I'll stay out of your way."

Sasuke looks up, slightly surprised to see a silver-haired man with big O shaped glasses standing there with an annoying smirk.

"Kabuto," Sasuke notes, standing up. He knows what the man's presence means, and is sure to keep his face impassive. "What are you doing here?"

Kabuto chuckles. "I think you know. The boss is back in town, and I've heard around that your brother and his… friends, are going to be here soon."

Sasuke tenses, his mind whirling. His boss, he can handle. It's been a couple of months, he needs to learn some things (and deal with the consequences, unfortunately), and maybe he'll finally be strong enough to take the man out, but his brother… His brother is a different story.

His brother is more powerful than his boss can ever even hope to be, with his 'friends,' as Kabuto called them in front of his blond and pink haired guests, are not to be messed with. Even if Sasuke takes over for his boss and becomes number one, he'd have to wait a while before taking on Itachi. Itachi… the very name sends his blood boiling through his veins.

Sasuke gulps, taking in a deep breath. "Do you know what my brother wants?"

Kabuto shakes his head. "We can all talk about this later, besides, O wants to see you."

Sasuke nods, but his mind is whirling and he's on edge. He's going to need to be on alert even more than he usually is, now. His fucking brother… "We'll talk about this after hours with him, then. I close at ten."

Kabuto smirks. "See you then," He says, and then walks out of the store.

Sasuke sighs, looking at his guests. "If you're done here, please leave,"

Sakura nods. "I'm sorry, Sasuke. I won't bring Naruto back…"

The blond frowns. "I'm coming back. I'll beat you, and then I'll become the head of police. Believe it."

They leave, and Sasuke's brow remains furrowed as he heads back behind his desk, opening his book and glancing over the contents while he thinks. So the blond is an officer, going to college, likely part time… If the guy didn't seem so thick, he ouldn potentially be threatening to the dark-haired man. But he's not a threat.

Someone whistles, and Sasuke notices a young but white-haired freak sitting on one of his shorter bookcases, smirking at him with his dark blue, almost purple eyes. "That guy is gonna be trouble. He should have known better than to try and take that book from you."

"Hn," Sasuke says, his eyes still looking over the words of his most loved possession.

Suigetsu sighs, jumping off the book case. "A storm's coming, isn't it?"

"Yes," Sasuke says, then closes his book to look at his roommate and helper in the store. "And we're going to be right in the middle of it."

Suigetsu smiles, and his pointed teeth would seem threatening to anyone else. "Can't wait."

It's going to be interesting, that's for sure.

Review, please. (Helps me know how I'm doing with it)
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