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First Time

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Stefan and Ashley get in a lot of trouble.

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“I’m not staying, you can leave when you’ve tidied the classroom” said Mr Clarke, grabbing his car keys, “If this room is still a mess tommorow morning I will exclude you.”

He turned and left, leaving Stefan and Ashley completely alone.

“Apart from the cleaner, there’s no-one else here right now” Ashley whispered into Stefan’s ear as he grabbed him from behind.

“What are you getting at?” Stefan laughed nervously.

“We could…have some fun” Ashley purred.

Stefan turned round, kissing Ashley on the lips, gently nibbling at them.

This drove Ash crazy, and he pushed Stefan onto the nearest desk, knocking a load of work onto the floor.

“Should we really be doing this here?” Stefan asked worridely.

“I fucking want you. Right here. Right now.” Ashley growled, climbing on top of Stefan.

He pushed him down so that he was laying on top of him, inbetween his legs. Ashley started to unbutton Stefans top, kissing his Chest as he went.

Stefan responded by taking off Ash’s shirt to, sliding his hands up his slightly tanned chest until his fingers were twirled in his gingerish hair.

Suddenly Ashley couldn’t wait any longer, and whipped off both their trousers, taking their pants with it.

After they were both undressed Ashley paused slightly, checking that Stefan was okay with this.

“Please Ash?” he begged, looking at him with his little puppy eyes.

He leant up to kiss Ashley passionately, yelping slightly when he felt Ashleys fingers enter him. He moaned as he felt Ashley slide another finger in.

“You sure?” Ashley asked, lining his cock up with Stefan’s hole and removing his fingers.

“I want you” was all Stefan replied, looking into Ashley’s eyes.

Stefan winced as Ashley started to push himself in.

“Are you okay baby?” Ash asked, pausing and stroking Stefan’s cheek.

“Don’t stop Ash” he whined, tears gathering in his eyes.

It took a few thrusts from Ashley, before Stefan finally started to feel the pleasure.

“Oh my god, this is great” Stefan panted.

“You look so hot baby” Ashley whimpered, trying to control his breathing.

“Fuck Ash, go faster!” Stefan yelled, bucking his hips underneath him.

Stefan grabbed his own dick and started wanking himself off as Ashley fucked him.

“I love you, I fucking love you!” Ashley screamed as he felt the familar tension in his stomach.

“Sorry guys, forgot my phone, how are—what the fuck?” yelled Mr Clarke.

“Shit” yelled both the boys, scrambling off each other and grabbing their clothes.

“My office, now.”
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