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Chapter 22

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(ok sorry i havent updated in a long time. Dont ve mad. But im back on schedule. This is almost over. Im sorry its been a little everywhere but youll soon see the ending. I like drawing out my stories and making them epic. So this is almost over. Im on my hone writing so im sorry for the spelling.
ENJOY !!!)

I dont talk.
And im gunna tell him why.

"i dont talk. I never really do. Really since i was 10.
Mikey an me had a grandfather that hated me an loved him."
I took a bite of salad an swallowed. It was hard cause i dont eat so much.
"he hated me because i was different he loved miey ccause he was the perfect child. Well we lived with my grandparents for a while. Well we moved in and a year later my grandma died. Thats when it started showing. I had outbursts. I was always angry, she was my biggest supoter for anything. Well my grandpa started to think it was my fault she died. He wojld wait til mom was at work and mikey was asleep an he would it me. He blamed it on the kids at school. Every hit was blamed by bullies. I agreed with the lie for 2 years. Then one day my mom got home early. She walked into the living room to see me duct taped to a chair an my grandfather hitting my mouth."
He shuddered and thats when i looked around to see eeryone watching us.
Everyone at the table glaring at me.
"gerard. Ive known you for 2 years an you never talked that much" bob was smiling.
Franks mom looked at me an smiled.

I grabbed franks hand an dragged him into the bathroom.
He couldnt keep up.
"gee. gee babe. GERARD YOUR HURTING ME"
He yelled as we ran through the door and i squeezed his wrist.
I sat in the corner crying.
"they know. They all know now. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid" i was hitting my head really hard until he ripped my arm away from me.
I was trying so hard to break free to hit my self again.
Then all if a sudden i was smacked across the side of my head.
I gasped an shuddered.
I tried to squeeze myself into the corner more.
I was terrified of Frank.

what did i do.
"Gerard, i-i-im sorry i didnt mean it. You were shaking an you wouldnt look at me an i wasnt thinking."
I leaned into hug him but he crawled away like a scared toddler.
He was still gaping at me scared
He stood up after a few minutes and ran to hug me.
I kissed his cheek as he shuddered in my arms.
"he cant hurt you. No one can anymore"
"he did that to me every night. I dont speak cause i was use to tape around my mouth an hit if i tried. 3 years of being silent. I dont sleep until 5am cause he had to stop then"

I kissed him so he wouldnt have to go on.
I took him out of the bathroom and called a cab.
My mom gave me a 20 an i brought gee home.

We got there and he fell asleep on the couch watching Watchmen.
I called m mom an explained that she was to call the school and say we were on vacation for a week.
She agreed and told gerards mom to do the same.
I had a plan an they were gunna help me with it.

Mikey was staying at my house with Cam.
Gerards mom would stay here because she would be at work for most of the day.
I waited for him to wake up an i exlained the plan

"im staying here for a week. Im going to show you there is nothing to be afraid of. Your going to talk whats ever on your mind. As soon as you think it an youll be in bed by 12 an awake at 7am on the dot"
He went to speak but i told him its starts now.

This was going to be a long week.
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