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Drunken Speeches on Sobriety

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An idea that I give most (well all) of the credit to an amazing MissWayBeckett (please tell me I spelled the username right)

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So I wrote the whole 'Drunken Stories' fic (meh not the best thing ever)
and the idea is
-Drunk Rydon fics

Which led me to this idea (based off something in the MCR category), which is you (yes all of you amazing people who decided to read my random mock-ADD fics....ask/request something that happens in the two (should-be) boyfriends lives (I'm actually serious, they aren't gay but if they were they would be adorable together)

So um, to make this not a note, and spamming everyone...I shall include a fic (OHMYGAWD! My akwardness is getting into my writing O.o)

--------------Reading a Rydon fic-------------------

"Ryaaaaaaaaannnnn." Brendon called out, droning on the older boys name. Attempting to make himself both look and sound sad
"Brendon, what's wrong?" Ryan slurred, voice cracking during his question
"I-I think I love you." Brendon copied the words in the "amazing, wonderfull 'script' he had pulled up off some website.
"Um what'da I say?" Ryan asked confused at his friend's secret.
"You say....uhhhhhhhh "Brendon, I shove, no luve, no um.." Brendon started intently at the screen in attempts to pronounce the 4 letter word right.
"Love." Jon helped, receiving an angry glare from the drunk singer
"NO! Jon, ju-just shud'up. I don' want you making me feel re-re- ah fuck it." The singer gave up on the sentence, unable to pronounce the word.
"Brendon, WHAT'DA I SAY?!" Ryan squeaked; yes legitametly squeaked to the man he believed loved him.
"I dunno' how to say that word." Brendon pointed at the screen, mumbling something in his own made up language
"Liv, no, uhhh-" Ryan was cut off by a hiccup that shook his entire body.
"Ryan? Are-are you 'kay?" Brendon stood up, swaying slightly as he grabbed the taller boy's shoulders.
"I dun' think so." Ryan hiccuped again, fear obvious in his amber eyes.
"Spencer! HELP HE-HE..he could die." Brendon dropped his voice, thinking Ryan would hear none of it.
"Ry? Your gunna die?!" Spencer asked, in his drunk state, he believed his friend wasn't going to live.
"Ryro, don' leave. I'm sorry, I should'a told you how I felt, so much longer ago." Brendon slurred, wrapping his arms tightley around his 'boyriend'.
"Brendon, I'm scared." Ryan whispered clinging to the smaller boy
"It's 'kay, I won' let you die." Brendon rocked himself and Ryan back and forth, scared.
"Brendon, stop crying. Ryan stop flipping out, and Spencer what the hell are you doing?" Jon spoke up, being the sober one of the group.
"Your face though, it-it's so pretty." Spencer was currently freaking the bassist out by rubbing the side of his face.
"Okay then. I think it's time we should go." Jon stood up, and ducked out of the reaches of a certain drunk drummer.
"NO! Jon you didn't hear the song I made for you." Spencer gave the bassist a serious look, making his way over to his drumset.
"Spence, no." Jon attempted to stop him; ending in faliure; Spencer was already hitting random drums, resulting in a sound that would kill any animal in earshot.
After he was done, Ryan and Brendon were clapping (more hiccuping on Ryan's part)
"W-We should start a band!" Brendon suggested, flayling his arms to add to his point.
"YES! We would be named, uh..." Ryan trailed off, deep in thought.
"Panic! At The Disco?" Jon suggested, hoping they would remember they were already in a band.
"Jon, that's amazing! I love you for that." Brendon shuffled over giving the bassist a hug, resting his head on his shoulder; making it incredibly akward for the one who was sober.
"Brendon; you don' love me anymore?" Ryan slurred, pain striking his features.
"No, did you thin' of a amazing band name? I don' think so!" Brendon slurred, pointing a finger at Ryan
"No you didn'" Brendon finished in a whisper.
"Spencer, Jon..let's start a diffren' band 'cause Brendon's a dick." Ryan complained slumping back into a chair.
"Yeah Bren stop bein' a dick." Spencer yelled throwing a drumstick aimed for the singers head; only to hit Jon square in the face.
"WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?!" The bassist yelled, holding his face where he had been hit
"I'm drunk, what'da expect?" Spencer mumbled in his defence
"Jon, TAKE ME TO BED!" Ryan yelled, trying to stand from the chair he fell back in
"'Cause Imma beautiful magesic dolphin!"
"God not this again." Jon muttered to himself, leaving the basement before he would be sucked into any conversations involving Brendon being a cat and Ryan the 'beautiful magestic dolhpin'
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