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Music Drabble Challenge

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Frerard. 10 songs on shuffle, with a drabble written for each one. The drabble can only be written while that song is playing.

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Author's note: I found this on deviantART and decided to give it a go. I managed it without cheating; I didn't write for longer than a song or skip any. It was actually a whole heap of fun! I definitely recommend it! I've included the rules in case any of you want to give it a try. :) Reviews and ratings are much appreciated! :D


DA Music Meme for Writers
1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.
2. Put your music program on shuffle/ random and start playing songs.
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.
4. Do 10 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/ artist.


1) Coffee Shop Soundtrack (Acoustic remix) – All Time Low
Steam rose from the liquid in soft wisps, the dark eyed man watching it disappear into nothing. Disappear into nothing just as all the good things in his life did. His degree which he’d had to give up because he couldn’t afford to continue studying. His friends which he’d lost the second he’d left the university campus for the last time. The most important thing which had disappeared though was Gerard. Gone from his life, like a puff of smoke. He’d known it wouldn’t last – how could it? Gerard had a life without him. He had a girlfriend. A child on the way. What was Frank to him but a passing entertainment?

It had been more to the younger man though. So much more. Gerard had been his inspiration, his reason to carry on. He’d loved him. Loved him like he’d never dreamed possible. He still did love him. Gerard was the first thing he thought of in the morning and the last thing he thought of at night. But that didn’t matter. Not anymore.

All the promises they had made together had been nothing but lies. Cheap words to keep him around, keep him from pressuring Gerard into doing the right thing. The right thing which was so wrong. Leaving his girlfriend. He never had.

And now he was gone.


2) Dead End Countdown – The New Cities
Laughing elatedly, Gerard linked his fingers between Frank’s, tugging the man into a faster run. The wind whipped past them, brushing their hair from their faces as they ran. Ran faster and faster. Down the road. Through the housing estates. Across the fields. Away. The pair of them, running away from everything they wanted to forget about. All they needed was each other.

“C’mon, Frank! We’ll be there soon.”

Each wore a grin a mile wide, despite the fact that one thing was clear to both of them – they had no idea where there was. They had no idea where they were going, no idea what they were going to do when they got there, no idea how they were going to survive. That didn’t matter though. So long as they were together, everything else would fall into place.

They were against a countdown. A countdown which would end, but would never stop them running.


3) I’m Not A Vampire – Falling In Reverse
As the night drew in, Gerard awoke. The setting of the sun, the ending of the day marked the beginning of a day for the teenager. Only in the darkness, where shadows loomed from every corner, threatening to grab you, pull you under into a world of nightmares, did he feel truly safe. Tugging on his jet black skinnies, a thick hoodie to match and pushing feet into well worn Converses, the teenager stepped outside.

Just a few minutes down the road, Frank stumbled down the road, attempting to find his way. The world spun around him, making it impossible to keep his vision focused on one object. At least, not if he wanted to remain standing. A couple of times he didn’t manage it; he stumbled and fell. He soon got up and carried on though. He knew where he needed to be.

Both teenagers did.

One barely managing to move in a straight line, the other moving with a purpose which would have the most determined of men stepping out of his way, they kept on moving. Moving towards each other.

They were insane. They had to be. Why else would they keep this up? They were destroying themselves with this way of living, but boy, did it feel good.

Fingers reached out, hands holding onto each other, lips connecting into a passionate kiss. They weren't vampires. They weren’t zombies. But if they needed to feel like one to keep this feeling alive, then they would do it again and again.


4) Goodbye Graceful – Falling In Reverse
The brightness was blinding. Even through his tightly shut eyes, the bright light somehow seeped in. He could still see it, could still hear the voices. The voices which taunted him, laughed at his pain as fists and feet connected with various parts of his body, forcing the air from his lungs. Forcing his eyes open, he almost wished he hadn’t as the complete and utter whiteness of the place assaulted him. There was only one thing which kept his eyes open and that was the soft voice next to him.

“Gerard? Oh thank god, I thought I was going to lose you.”

Frank. His boyfriend. The one who was there for him through everything, never leaving his side. If only he’d been there when the group had attacked him. No. It was better than he wasn’t. This way, only one of them was hurt.

“Frank. They’re in my head. I can hear them. They won’t leave me.”

Still the voices were there, getting louder and louder as each second passed. He felt his heart quicken, his breathing shorten, Frank’s hand tighten on his. He felt the air refusing to enter his lungs, muscles aching as oxygen began to run out. He heard Frank calling for a nurse. He felt the distinctive feeling of a needle being pushed into his arm. A sense of calm swept over him as the drug kicked in, calming him, soothing him, dragging him under into a much needed sleep.

“I’m sorry, Gee,” he heard a soft voice murmur. Who it was though, he didn’t know. “I’m sorry, but you need your sleep. I’ll be here when you wake. Goodbye, graceful.”


5) If I’m James Dean, Then You’re Audrey Hepburn – Sleeping With Sirens
“Stay for tonight.”

The question was verging on a plea. The duvet was pulled up to the dark haired boy’s chin as he watched his partner, his lover turn to face him. He worried that he would leave. Would leave and never come back. It was a fear which never left him despite the fact he had no reason for it. Gerard never left him.

“Of course, baby. I’ll stay for as long as you need.”

Turning, Gerard moved almost silently across the room before sliding under the covers, arms wrapping around Frank’s tiny frame, pulling the other boy close to him.

“Love you,” Frank murmured, snuggling into Gerard’s chest, his breathing slowly considerably as he felt his irrational fear slowly dissipating.

“I know. I love you, too.”

He didn’t know how it had happened. He doubted he ever would. How could he ever know how someone as fantastic as Gerard had chosen someone as messed up as him? The older boy was everything he wasn’t – he was smart, clever, funny and downright gorgeous. All he had to offer was a whole heap of social awkwardness.

That didn’t matter though, because for some reason, Gerard had chosen him. He was all Frank needed.


6) Drowning Lessons – My Chemical Romance
A kiss goodbye was all she received as a way of telling her that it was over. Them, done. Frank turned and walked away from her and she knew exactly where he was going. He was going to visit the person she could never compete with, no matter how much she tried. She supposed that she’d known it all along – it could never just be then, not when Frank’s heart belonged firmly to someone else. Gerard, she believed his name was though she couldn’t be sure. Frank made sure to talk about him as little as possible, as though it would somehow hide it. Make it all go away.

Nothing could make it go away though. Her boyfriend of three years was in love with someone else. Always had been if she thought correctly. She supposed there was a lesson to learn in this. A lesson of how to drown. Get yourself in so deep that you can’t get out. So deep that when your life line leaves, you’re left to drown all alone, without a sound.

Frank had wished her away, managed to remove her from his life completely without uttering a single word.


7) Heaven’s Calling – Black Veil Brides
It was a strange feeling, being aware of yourself dying. Not particularly unpleasant exactly, but odd none the less. He watched with fading vision as the blood continued to run from his veins, the same veins which he’d just tore open which his much loved razor blade. It had become his best friend after Frank’s death.

When his boyfriend had died it was as if part of him had died with him. A little part of him, the part which made him want to get up each morning, to fight his way through each day had gone. Been torn away from him, along with the best thing in his life.

Heaven was calling out to him. He could hear it. He could hear Frank’s voice reassuring him, promising him that it would be okay. That it would all be over soon. It was that which kept him calm. He couldn’t possibly panic when he could hear his beloved Frankie’s voice once again.

His body dropped to the floor, falling into a puddle of his own blood, as his eyes fell shut for one last time. Never to open again.

“Oh, Gerard. You’ve been so brave.”


8) The Ghost Of You – My Chemical Romance
Till death do us part.

Those had been the words that Frank Iero and Gerard Way had spoken to each other on their wedding day. Until death tore them so cruelly apart, they would be together. Would always be together.

Fate hadn’t been kind. They hadn’t had long enough. Just five short years. They should have had more; ten, fifteen, twenty. So many more years they should have been able to share together. It had all been ripped away from them though, by one foolish person. One driver who’d decided to get in their car, knowing full well they were in no fit state to drive.

Gerard’s only comfort was the fact it had been quick. Doctors said Frank wouldn’t have a felt a thing. If only the same could be said for him. He felt the pain of losing Frank every single day. Every single time he woke up and he wasn’t there. Every time he got home from work and Frank wasn’t lounging on the sofa. Every time Frank never came back from visits to his friends’ house.

The memory of Frank haunted him and he couldn’t let it go.


9) I Caught Myself – Paramore
It was nothing more than a bit of fun. A wanton thrill which neither of them could get from their respective partners. He and Gerard had known each other for years, simply growing closer and closer as the band’s fame sky-rocketed. There was nothing that could stop My Chemical Romance. If only the same could be said for Frank’s personal life.

They were both married and with kids, perfectly content to the public eye. He knew the fans still speculated – all it took was a quick google search to find that many of them still pined after what they had termed ‘Frerard’. They knew it had all been ‘stage gay’ though, something which had to stop the moment the pair were married.

If only they knew. If only they knew what went on behind closed doors. The secret meetings. The excuses as to why they wouldn’t be around for weekends at a time. It was exciting, exhilarating. There was nothing better than the feeling of skin on skin, the sparks practically flying between them.

It had become something more for Frank though. Something which it should have never become. Gerard had pushed him and pulled him, dragging him further and further into the web of lives the pair of them had spun. He’d willingly gone along with it. But now it was too late.

He was in love with Gerard Way.


10) Knives and Pens – Black Veil Brides
They were unstoppable. Together, no one could come close, could sway them from the dangerous games which they both played. Two teenagers who’d lost their way, let down one too many times by people who were supposed to care. They fought together and they won together, won against everyone who had ever let them down.

They were dangerous. They each carried a knife, pale fingers wrapping around the cool handle of the weapon. It was their life line. Their object of choice, helping them to wage war against a world which had never quite understood them.

They were fearless. They had nothing left to lose, except each other, but that would never happen. They held onto each other too tightly to ever imagine leaving each other. Pens scribbled across paper, left next to every body they tore life away from. Two fingers stuck up at a world they wanted no part of.

This was their final fight. They’d made their plight and now it was time to leave it, leave everyone else to deal with the mess they’d made. Tips of the knives which had served them so well pressed to each other’s throats, a brief smile full of a tenderness and love no one had ever seen them wear flickered across their lips before the plunged the knives forward.
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