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The Darkest Door of Twelve


*Auditioned Story* For wicked and deceitful mouths are opened against me, speaking against me with lying tongues. They encircle me with words of hate, and attack me without cause. In return for my ...

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On an innocent visit to England to visit a friend, the Band find themselves involved in the twisted ways of WMP, a science Project specialising in mutations.

So the first time I wrote this... It sucked. Royally. So here is the edited version

Mikey's POV

Urgh, why must train journeys be so god damn boring? I asked myself, pressing my face against the cool glass of the cabin window and peering into the misty depths of the british countryside. A cloud of fog on the window grew and shrunk as I breathed, for some reason reminding me of the Dementors from Harry Potter. I certainly did feel like my soul was being sucked. 
We'd arrived in London in the late hours of the evening, only given enough time to pee before being shoved into Kings cross station and onto a train bound for the north; it certainly had been hectic. I was starting to regret agreeing to meet up with my dear old friend Aura.

"Geeeeeeee," I heard Frank whine form across the table, drawing out Gerard's name in the way we all know he hates, "Are we there yet?" Even Frank's immature energy had been crushed by the sounds of train wheels and some annoying old geezer a few rows back snoring. 

"I-" before Gerard had time to reply the Train ground to a halt and a nasally voice ground through the over head speakers,

"Wel... To... -ster le stree... -ation. Plea... Mind y... -ep"

what? simultaneously the four of us shared a confused look before leaning towards the window. Ray was the first to point out a building on the platform with a sign reading 

Chester-le-Street station

Where the hell were We?

The second we stepped onto the platform we were assaulted by the crisp winter air that burns your lungs and makes your teeth ache. The train chugged off without anyone else stepping off, leaving us in an abandoned station at midnight.

"come on Pugsley, ya fatty!" the voice was laden with a thick Geordie accent and we turned to face a teenage girl attempting to pull a rather obese bulldog across the platform. The girl couldn't have been over 16 with grass green hair tied back into a messy ponytail, bright skinnies, and a big leather jacket. Smart girl.

"excuse me!" Ray called, startling the stranger into letting go of the lead. The dog, who I'm guessing was Pugsley, bolted straight towards a kneeling Frank and proceeded to pee on his shoe. "we were wondering if you knew the way to Newcastle from here?" the girl just stared, wide-eyed.

"you're My Chemical Romance!" she suddenly burst out, "bu' of course ya knew tha', i mean you're you!" she blushed, "Erm... Yeah I know the way, you'll have to get a taxi though 'cause there aren't anymore trains. What'a you doing In England? A didn't know yous had a tour or a woulda go' tickets" 
At least I'm assuming that's what she said, it was hard to understand with that accent.

"We're actually here to meet a friend of Mikey's. We were supposed to get off at Newcastle but we missed it. Is there any cabs around?" Gerard asked, giving the girl a friendly smile, which was returned with an even deeper blush.

"er... Yeah, just cross the bridge to the other side of the platform and head towards Morrison's, there's a taxi rank there" the girl pointed in the general direction and collected her dog, who didn't seem to want to leave Frank's side.

"Thanks!" Gerard said, "Bye," 

The girl had been right and soon we were squished in a small cab heading to Aura's home. My tiredness had vanished as the excitement of seeing my old friend again arose. Being a straightfaced, scrawny kid that spent his time reading comics and playing bass secretly meant I hadn't had many friends. Then came Aura. Like myself, she was into alternative rock music and the like. She loved art and writing too. Aura had been shy at first, speaking to few people and keeping to herself until an English project where we were paired. Soon she showed her true colours and proved to be bubbly and talkative; you couldn't get a word in edgeways!

It didn't take long to arrive at Aura's quaint little house and we piled out onto the sidewalk (what to the british call it? Pavement?), shivering in the chilly weather. The street in which Aura lived was simply a row of identical homes, complete with emerald lawns and chimneys. We stopped outside number 07, the golden plaque beneath the bell reading 'Davenport house'.

"SURPRISE!!" We cried at a tired Aura when the door finally opened.

"Mikey!? Gerard!? Ray!?" Aura replied, hugging us each in turn before moving her green-eyed gaze to Frank. "Frank, right? Well welcome! I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow!" she spun on her heel suddenly, her cobalt blue hair disappearing down the corridor, only to reappear a few moments later. "you coming?" 


That night I lay in the twin bed of one of the spare rooms, listening to my brother's soft snoring. The warm light of the fireplace flickered across his peaceful face, softening his features to an almost angelic factor. He'd been acting strange lately: distant and out of it. I feared he was slipping back into the state of depression he had during the revenge tour; and it scared the living crap out of me.

Hi! Finally. This should start to fully begin in the next chapter :)

Yes this is set in England but you guys can be American if you want to, just let me know :)


P.S which era should this be? I can't seem to decide.. O.o
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