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Turn Away, 'Cause I Need You More

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He raises one of his fists in an attempt to hit the mirror, but slowly lowers it. He knows that it'll hurt far too much and he doesn't handle pain very well.

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Gerard hears the front door close and he looks down at his phone to check the time: 4:13 AM. Sighing, he rolls over and pulls his comforter further up his body. His head is pounding from crying all night, and he can't breathe through his nose at all. He can hear the dog, Beatus, get up from his spot on Donald's bed and skid down the hallway towards the door.

"Hey there, puppy! Hi buddy!" Donald's voice is cheerful and happy, as if he's forgotten that he tried to strangle his fourteen year old son about six hours ago. Gerard cringes in his bed and shuffles until his back is pressed against the wall. "Wanna go out? Huh? You wanna go for a walk?" He hears a drawer open and the jingle of Beatus' leash rings in the air. Soon the front door opens again then shuts.

Rubbing his hands across his face aggressively, Gerard shakily ambles down the ladder and out of his room. He goes to the bathroom, stands in front of the sink, and looks at his reflection. His short black hair is a mess from his fingers combing through it obsessively, and his eyes are bloodshot. Whenever he blinks, a shock of pain radiates under his eyelids and he groans. Tears well up in Gerard's eyes and he plasters a fake smile on his face. His small teeth gnash together awkwardly behind his powder-pink lips, causing him to let out a choked noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. He raises one of his fists in an attempt to hit the mirror, but slowly lowers it. He knows that it'll hurt far too much and he doesn't handle pain very well. More tears roll down his face as he realizes how much of a loser he is.

The teenager stares at himself a while longer before he splashes some cold water on his face and dries it on his Batman towel hanging on the rack. He glares at his reflection once more as he shuffles out of the room, only to come face to chest with his father. Donald reeks of overpowering perfume, and Gerard can feel his stomach churn with upset. His father smiles at him with yellowing teeth before he pushes past him and into the bathroom. Gerard blinks a few times before slowly heading to the kitchen. He takes out another bottle of water and gazes longingly at a piece of cheesecake sitting on one of the shelves.

"Really, Gerard?" Mikey's voice causes Gerard to practically jump out of his skin. The younger Way smirks at his brother and eyes the cheesecake in his hand with a chuckle. "You really think you need more sugar? You're already overweight, Gerard. You wanna look like a house?" His eyes glint behind his glasses as Gerard blushes and puts the desert back into the fridge. Mikey shoves him out of the way and jumps on the couch, grabbing his X-Box controller out of a nearby cabinet.

Gerard lifts up his white t-shirt, then looks down at his stomach to see a slight muffin top peeking over the waistband of his boxers. “Oh.” He stares into space, his mind recalling all of the times someone mentioned his weight. The main perpetrators were his mother, father, Mikey, and his grandparents. A smile whimper escapes his mouth as he grips the water bottle tightly and closes his eyes. He can hear Mikey snicker and bites his lip to keep himself from saying anything. As soon as he says something, he knows his brother will go tell their mother and he’ll get in trouble. Like always. So Gerard just glares intensely at Mikey, who doesn’t notice as he’s too absorbed in his video games, and goes back to his room.

Just as he’s about to close the door, Beatus wiggles his nose in the crack between the door and the jamb. His golden eyes peer up at Gerard, causing the boy to sigh and step into the hallway. Beatus wags his tail approvingly and falls to the floor with a thud, rolling onto his back and waiting for Gerard to rub his belly. Gerard drags his fingers over the dog’s stomach slowly, tracing the patches of white on his otherwise caramel colored fur. “Hey, Beat,” he says, smiling as the dog’s ears perk up at the sound of his nickname. “You’re such a good boy, Beatus. Yes you are.” Donald pokes his head out of the doorway to his room and rolls his eyes, and mutters something that sounds suspiciously like ‘fairy’ in Gerard’s direction before retreating back into his room. “I’m going back to bed, Beat,” Gerard mumbles as he presses a kiss to the dog’s head before pushing himself off the ground and entering his bedroom.

The room is pitch black, and Gerard trips over his backpack but catches himself before he falls. He takes a minute to let his heart slow down then climbs into his bed, pulling his phone out from under one of his pillows. He shoves his Batman earphones in his ears and scrolls through his apps until he gets to Pandora. Clicking on the ‘Sleeping With Sirens’ station, he lets the sound of Kellin Quinn’s voice take him away into a land of numbess.

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