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The Boss

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*REWRITTEN* Flamboyant boss Shannon Leto returns from a long trip to find a mysterious new office assistant, but will his overly-confident personality keep him from seeing what's right in front of ...

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The tall office building of Leto Inc. gave nothing away to the outside world with it's shiny mirrored glassed exterior and spotless reputation. But inside there were packed offices and meeting rooms filled with row upon row of stressed employees sat behind computers and around desks. It was the morning that their boss got back from travelling the world, and everyone was tired and calmly panicked over making sure all was good for his return. Some hadn't even gone home from the night before in a last frantic attempt to sort things out. His workers were dedicated to the company and had been hand-selected from a selection of the finest in the world. The building itself stood proudly in the center of New York among some of the worlds other famous businesses. It was fine example of how right things can go in life.
That said, tension was running so unbelievably high that it felt like stretched the office workers could snap any minute, their faithful yet fed up voices hummed noisily.
“Where's the Thompson report? Mr. Leto might want to see it!”
“There's no paper in the printer, guys!”
“Never mind that, my computer's just gone down and I hadn't saved”
“Who the fuck moved the file from my desk?”
“For the love of God, someone reorganise that filing cabinet by the door”

As the boss walked through the front door at 9.45 AM, the building fell silent in anticipation. Always the caring boss, he strolled through every floor of offices there were, 32 to be exact, leaving a trail of stunned yet relieved workers in his wake. They gaped at his flawlessly smooth, tanned skin, his expensive suit and impeccable hair. He nodded around appreciatively at those who looked particularly more worked up or tired, and smiled egotistically at all. His favourites, he winked at and stopped to flirt with. He stopped off in an office on the 17th floor to see his best-liked, Marcus, who he led by the wrist willingly to an empty meeting room, locked the door and made out roughly on the desk. They emerged 20 minutes later, blabbering something about saving money on electricity bills and headed their separate ways.

Finally Shannon reached his own, private, floor: the 33rd. The floor space had been divided into an outside balcony complete with hot tub and mini bar, and a large space for the small team he liked to keep close to him. This floor was decorated more like a 5 star hotel than an office. Two years ago, Shannon had brought in an well-renowned interior designer to completely make over the space; He had given the employees lounge chairs with, of course, matching ottomans. Their desks were fine solid oak and fitted with the most advanced computers, updated to new models 3 times a year, and everything they could possibly need including a complicated intercom-surround sound speaker system that cost over $3,000. But Shannon demanded only the best for anyone who worked for him.

He walked in past his secretary, beaming smugly to himself as he ran a hand through his hair.
“Karen, fix these for me” he flung a folder of papers onto her desk without looking.
“Excuse me sir?” the voice belonged to a man with an accent. Shannon turned to find a tall man with long, dark hair dressed in a smart Armani suit. He looked scruffy yet his unique beauty took Shannon by surprise.
“Oh... You're not Karen” although he should have, Shannon clearly didn't sound disappointed.
“No sir, I'm your new secretary” The man informed him.
“Is that so?" Shannon leant back on the assistant's desk and crossed his legs "You're certainly prettier than the last one” he briefly licked the corner of his lips and winked, he wasn't particularly well-know for being reserved.
“Careful, that's harassment sir” he joked.
Shannon laughed heartily and asked:
“What's your name, son?” Shannon demanded. He felt like the scary headteacher greeting the new kid on their first day. And he just loved to watch people squirm under his intense charisma.
“Tomislav Milicevic, sir”
“...I think I just orgasmed”
“Sir -” he started skeptically, feeling his stomach flip.
“Please Tomislav, you can call me Shannon” Shannon interrupted. His tone was significantly lower now and he took unmistakably sharp breaths.
“Shannon, sir, you can call me Tomo” Looking only slightly uneasy, tried to swallow down the lump in his throat.
“Well Tomo, seeing as we are going to be seeing a lot of each other here, I suggest we get to know each other. Would you care to join me for lunch?”

“Certainly sir... I'll make the reservations. Any preferences?” Tomo chimed faithfully.
“Save no expense, quote my name and we can get just about anywhere you please”
“Why thank you Shannon” he stuttered, flattered that Shannon was willing to take him somewhere expensive, or maybe he was just trying to show off. Either way it meant that Shannon was interested in him.
“I like you Tomo. I think you'll fit in here just fine” Shannon turned away, beaming arrogantly because he knew Tomo would be staring after him. He reached his office door and stroked the golden lettering on his new name plate, appreciating the way light caught on the letters. He walked in and looked at himself in the mirror before sitting down at his desk. He smiled proudly to himself and spun his chair around to look at the stunning view he had of all of New York city; the skyscrapers and shops and traffic all welcoming him home.
'This view is almost as perfect as me' he couldn't help but think.
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