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Just an idea for a new story

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So guys I'm thinking about writing a new story, one that would involve the MCR boys as some side characters. The story would be about a girl (I haven't decided on the name of the character) and she has problems that she hides from everyone including her friends. She has mastered the skill of hiding emotions and so no one knows what's really going on. It would sort of show a downward spiral in her life, and I don't want to say what the ending would be in case I do write it. The story would be an audition one if I were to write it. I know what characters the auditions would be for as well. There is also a possibility of some frerard on the side. I was originally going to have Mikey as the main character but I didn't think the story I want to write really fit him well. If you guys have any opinions on this please let me know! Should I write it or trash it? Also if you have any suggestions for it I would gladly take those too. Thanks I love you guys!!!
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