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Chapter One: Motionless in Sanity

by RockMusic

Rock Paper Scissors? More like Guilt Family Lust and Lust beats everything. Mikey knows its wrong, but he can't stop. *Edited/Longer/New Ending*

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AN: I've always had issues posting smut. I will eventually get over that. This is me getting over that. Dear lord, I suck at smut. You have permission to rip off my pinkies and throw them in the fire. I'm actually embarrassed to write and post  this. Let me know if Its as bad as I think it is, it's probably worse than I think it is.  This is also technically my first smut ever. Again, I know it sucks. You may kill me.
It was just a kiss at first, and innocent stupid kiss. It was supposed to mean nothing. It was a joke. It lasted less then 2 seconds. It was meaningless, it was nothing.  Then there was the second kiss. That was an accident. Or was it? I don't know. It came out of nowhere, spontaneous and reckless. I don't know who initiated it. But I didn't stop it. 

My mind screamed at me to stop. But my body didn't listen. My tongue was perma-glued to his. The kiss became more heated. Hands roaming around places they shouldn't. We stopped kissing. My brain clouded with lust, getting rid of my better judgment. I can't do this. He sucked on my neck. Moving me back and pressing me against the wall, making me moan. This is bad. I can't, I have to stop. I moved my neck away from him.

Tearing off his shirt as fast as I could, with ease. I pinned him to the ground. Biting, licking, sucking at his chest. Not leaving any skin untouched. The noises escaping his lips driving me crazy. "Frank. You have a boyfriend and I'm straight." I said, kissing around his pelvic area in between each word. He said something around 'ermgah strahlate mah az', I don't know. I started unbuckling his skin tight jeans. Once I got those little fuckers off I straddled him. Oh my god, just stop. "Mikey." Frank muttered. 

We didn't stop.
I heard the front door slam, from the living room. "Mom?" I yelled out. "Nope." Gerard suddenly appeared, sitting next to me on the brown pleather couch, that's color was slowly fading. "You're back early." I pointed out to him. I flipped the channels on the tv, not really paying attention to it, nor Gerard. I can't look at him. It's not the same. "Me and Frankie had a fight." He sighed. I'm sorry. I landed on Family Guy. Decent show. I pulled my feet up on the couch and looked at him. "That's happening a lot lately." I put it quite bluntly, my voice monotone. It's all my fault.

"I just feel like he doesn't love me anymore." Gee played with the rubber bands on his wrist. Twirling them around, spinning them on his wrist, flipping the sides back and forth. "Can you talk to him for me? You two are close." His eyes begged, pleaded. His once bright hazel brown/golden happy eyes plagued with sadness and hurt. I. I don't think I should. We're too close Gee. Suspect something, please, suspect nothing. Gerard, I'm so sorry. "Well I'll, I'll see what I can do." I shook my head. Getting off the sofa and running up to my room. I looked at the reflection in the scratched full length mirror, wood and paint chipping off. My chocolaty mousy hair stood all over the place. It looked a mess. The way Frank likes it. I was only wearing some green blue plaid pajama pants and a Nyan Cat tee. 

I walked away from the mirror, half disgusted with myself. I shimmied out of my pajama pants as I walked over to my paint chipped black dresser. I looked through 4 different drawers before I found the pants I wanted. My electric blue skinny jeans with the rips at the knees. I don't know why I wear them, they're so tight, I had to break them in for a month before I could pretend to walk straight in them. I hate these jeans. But Frank loves them. Have I seriously have nothing  but skinny jeans?  Doesn't matter, they won't be on long anyway.

I walked speedily down the stairs to find Gerard still in the living room laugh at Peter and that rooster/chicken thing fighting. He looked over at me, noticing my presence. "Thanks Mikes, you're the best. Just try to find out why he's mad at me, please. I will warn you though, he was in a terrible mood when I left. " Gerard smiled slightly at me, obviously thankful that I was trying to help considering how distant I've been from him lately. He's not mad at you. He just would rather fuck your brother than be with you. "No problem. What are brothers for?" I smiled and walked out the door. 

I sat on the porch. Smoking cig after cig. Just because I need to relax and clear my head before going to his apartment. Because the smell of cigarettes turns him on. I put my head in my hands, thinking about the past few months. I shouldn't be doing this. It was starting to get dark. The sky a vicious looking red/orange. It looked beautiful twisted. Something Gerard would probably be enjoying with Frankie right now, if they didn't fight all the time. If I didn't fulfill Franks sexual desires more than Gee ever could.

I finally felt relaxed enough to go over there. I walked. Taking in the scenery around me. The steamy humid air, the smell of pot and cigs. I turned and took a back alley. Not smart, but I can handle myself. The alley smelled like a garage and stinky whores. Luckily there were no whores around at the moment. Prostitutes smell weird. Like vagina and STD's. I speeded up my pace. The moon light fueling me with confidence not to look back every time I heard something. I finally crossed into the local park. Now, I'm about 7 minutes away from his building. If I run I can be there in 3 or 4. But I don't run, I don't walk. I sit on the swings and, I swing. Back and forth. Feeling free, like a child again. Like I can fly. I waited to I got really high and jumped off. It was a short fall, but long enough for me to freak out and scream "Ah fuck!" before not sticking my landing and falling on my shoulder. 

I continued my walk towards Frankie's. Going out my way to step on falling leaves on the sidewalk. Distracting me from what I'm about to do. From the fact that it's been going on so long. That I'm betraying my brother, my best friend. Soon I wont need a distraction. Soon I'll forget all that. Soon happened sooner than I thought. The second I saw his building my adrenaline started to pump. I ran inside, punching in the numbers so the door would open. Marty (front desk guy) greeted me. I  waved before making a b-line for the stairs. Elevators take to long, plus Franks only on the third floor. I ran up the flights of stairs. Semi-scared. The stair case, was dark and everything was plain and gray. There was some graffiti, no windows. Perfect place to get raped, maybe that's why no one uses the stairs. No one but little ol' me. I passed 6 doors and stopped at 307. I had my own key so I just let myself in. The key that was supposed to be Gerard's, would've been, isn't. "Frankie?" All the lights were out. I looked around searching for signs of life. Bathroom light is on. "Frankystein? You in there?" I knocked gingerly on the door. He opened the door instantly. I got a glance of his face. His pretty little face was stained with tears.  "Have you been crying in there?" I was kind of amused. He had this apartment all to himself, yet cries in the bathroom. He nodded and pulled me in for a hug. "Please, I know he's your brother. Just let me break up with him. I'll put it very nicely. Just please Mikey, I can't do this anymore. I only want you." Frank pleaded. He hated cheating on Gerard. But I can't let him dump Gee. He's my brother. Why would I want to see my brother heart broken? "Maybe we shouldn't do this anymore." He reasoned, releasing me from his hug. "We should." I said, nonchalantly. My arms hung limp. I shrugged. I saw tears sting the back of his eyes, hurt filling his gorgeous orbs. He wouldn't let one tear fall. He's too... Frank for that. Oh yeah, that's why he cries in the bathroom. If someone comes over he has time to clean up his face. Franks my little genius. "I'm gonna miss us. I'm gonna miss your big cock in my mouth. I'm gonna miss fucking you, gonna miss you fucking me to I can't walk straight for months." I whispered in his ear. I started to nibble at his ear lobe. "Mikey. I can't do this anymore. You can't have it both ways.  It's our happiness or your brothers." Frank said simply, not reacting to my actions. So I moved to his neck. "Fuck, Mikes. Please stop." Frank whispered. He's about to give in.  "God I love you." He sighed, forcing my lips off his neck and too his own lips. It was passionate, sweet, loving and short. "I love you too." I smiled. "Just, treat my brother right. Eventually, you'll be off to college and we can just run away. Nobody will have to know." I smirked, dropping to my knees. 

Everything has slipped my mind except Frank. My love. I wanted him bad.  I pulled his pants down swiftly along with his briefs. I grabbed his member with my right hand and started pumping him. I swirled my tongue around his tip. Licking everywhere. His moans driving me. I moved my hands to his ass and tried to him all in. His hands pulling my hair, tangled in it, turning me on further. I bobbed back and forth in time with his thrust. Gagging slightly, but not caring. My hands squeezed at his ass, his perfect little ass. I slowed down my pace slightly. My fully hardened erection craving attention. Frank tilted my head up at him to look him in the eyes. "Don't stop."
---Short Time Lapse (AN: it was just more blow jobs and what not. You aren't missing anything, but I'm not writing all that out yo.)--- 

He picked me up. My legs wrapping around his waste and carried me to his bed room. Tossing me on the bed. He crawled up to me, taking off his shirt in the process. He attacked my lips. It wasn't the best kiss, but it was his kiss. That was all that mattered


He detached his lips from mine. Looking over in the direction of his phone. "It's probably your brother." He shook his head.  "Well, don't stop on his account." I sat up, kissing him gently. "If I don't text him back he might come over here." He got up and walked over towards his dresser. I stared at his perfect ass. That's my boy, yum. I took in my surroundings. When did we both get completely naked? Who cares? "Maybe this is going too fast Frank." I walked over to him, hugging him from behind. Ignoring the urge to slam my dick into his ass, I kissed neck. He tilted his head back giving me more space. "Maybe you should go babe." Frank warily suggested. "I don't wanna." I licked up and down his neck stopping to suck at his sensitive spot. "You're gonna give me a hicky. How will I explain those to him?" Frank moaned and started to jerk off. "Wear a turtle neck." I suggested. I burried my face in the crook of his neck. Wrapping my arms around his tanned waist. "It's summer. Can't we just tell him? Please, I'm begging you Mikes." Franks voice cracked. "There's nothing to tell. I'm straight and you have a boyfriend." 
AN: I'm not sure I'm going to continue this or leave as is. If I continue there won't be much more smut than this I swear. That was terrible. I want to eventually stop using ficwad and move over to livejournal. But I'm still figuring out how to use it, especially since I use my phone. So this is easier right now until I figure all that out.
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