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Chapter Two: Murder Was The Case The Interwebs Gave Me

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Sometimes you die inside. Sometimes you wish you could. Title from LeATHERMØUTH

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Backstory: Mikey and Frank have been best friends forever. Gerard knew Frank through Mikey (obviously). Gerard and Frank had an interest in each other when Frank was 15 making Gerard 20. They argued that love had no age boundaries and ended up dating after getting Frank's parents approval. When his parents approved their relationship they said because he was gonna date an adult he should live like one. That's why he has his own apartment. Frank is not really intending to go to college, just to disappear with Mikey and eventually go to college after they've settled down somewhere or become a famous rock star. Mikey encourages the rock star thing while Gerard nags at him not to believe silly dreams because 'he tried to follow his dreams of being an artist and now he lives in his moms basement, in the same position he's been in for seven years. Then one day Frank and Mikey kiss on a dare... Blah blah blah. Y'all got that part. Yes? Yes? On with the story. -end of random backstory-
I looked at my house warily. All my problems are in that house. I shrugged it off and pushed through the door. "Mikey!" My brothers voice called from the tv. I walked towards his voice sluggishly. Giving way more attention to my plain black converse than need. "Did you talk to Frank?" Gerard's voice perked up a tad. Eyes glinting with hope. I couldn't look at his eyes. They reminded me of my own, reminded me that he's my brother, reminded me of the close bond we once had. Reminded me of betrayal. "Yeah." I took a seat next to him on the pleather couch. Still avoiding his gaze. I scratched at the part of the seat where the glossy pleather part was coming off. 

"What did he say? Was it something I did?" Gerard's voice made me physically sick. "He said his weeks been bad and he's sorry. It's not your fault." It's my fault. The noise of the television was muted suddenly. I looked over at my brother cautiously. "Oh. Thanks Mikes. You're the best." Gerard paused, as if thinking of something life changing and brilliant and wanted dramatic effect. "Did he say what made his week bad?" Gerard's concern was his boyfriend was killing. You did. Being with you Gerard. That made his week fucking awful! "Sorry, he didn't say. Wish I could have been more help." I got up to leave. The television coming a live again. "It's okay. There's nothing much that you could've done." I nodded and made way for the door. "Wait. Can I confide in you?" I sighed deep, rolling my eyes before turning back around to face to ebony haired one. "Yes Gerard." It came out more condescending than intended but Gerard either didn't notice or didn't care.  "I really love Frank and the reason I've been paranoid about our relationship is because. Ya see." Gee sighed. Grief and guilt laced his eyes. "Frank is a great guy. The perfect guy. Trustworthy." He trailed off, looking up at the ceiling. "He'd never do anything wrong. He's perfect." Gerard abandoned the ceiling and turned his attention to his feet. "I did something bad Mikey." I walked over to my now weeping brother and placed my hand on his shoulder. That's all the comfort you're getting buddy. He continued, "I cheated on Frankie". Now he was all out bawling, how pathetic

If he tells Frank, Frank will have an excuse to dump him. Then Gerard will be even worse off than he is now. I can't let that happen. "With who?" I asked. Rubbing circles on his back with my hand, like mom used to do. Gerard calmed down just enough to get out his answer "Bert.… I cheated on him with Bert," then he immediately went back into all out crying. I sat down and pulled him in. Letting him cry on my shoulder. 

"Should I tell him?" He sniffled, calming down. "Do you like Bert?" I asked. "No, not one bit. I love Frankie." Gerard snuggled into me more. "Than don't tell him. Franks a great guy. But no one believes in seventh chances." Gerard starting crying again. Why did I bring that up? "Gerard I love you but, I've got things to do." I said nervously, unwrapping my hands from around him. "Oh right, I'm sorry." He sat up, offering a small smile. He turned to the tv, flipping channels. It seemed like he was channel surfing because it was keeping him from crying. It was amusing, he clearly didn't care what was on tv. 

I left the room and went upstairs to my own bedroom. I turned my computer on. I looked around  awkwardly before typing in my password. My messenger instantly popped up.

Frankie Online  
--- (AN: Their messages will be normal and Mikey's thoughts will be in bold)---
ImNotAMOUSE:  Hey babe
HalloweenSktlz: Hey
HalloweenSktlz: Gerard happy? -annoyed face- 
ImNotAMOUSE: Shut upppppp. Nd no I dnt think he is
HalloweenSktlz: I cnt do this forever. Nxt u'll ask me to marry him to keep him happy! Then I'll be in a full blown affair. 
I didn't know how to respond to that. Part of me thinks it's a possibility but the other  part thinks Franks just getting soft on me again and being over dramatic. The poor boy is too sweet for his own good.
ImNotAMOUSE: We'll go with our original plan. That plan isn't changing. You aren't marrying him. We're running away together and getting married in Vegas. 
HalloweenSktlz: Wow, properneZ. Some1 is serious. But tht wasn't OUT plan. That was UR plan. 
ImNotAMOUSE: Fine. Forget the marriage. We're too young to think about that anyway. But we are gonna run away together. 5 months after you graduate. 
HalloweenSktlz: If I didnt love you, I'd prolly hate you rite nah. U stubborn mule. 
ImNotAMOUSE: U luv meh
HalloweenSktlz: U kno, ur brothers 22, I think he can handle rejection
ImNotAMOUSE: stop changing the subject. We were talking about how much u luveth mwah
HalloweenSktlz: Fine. Eyez Lovez U..He's 22 Mikes
ImNotAMOUSE: He's had to deal with enough rejection, don't be another number on tht list. Plz 
HalloweenSktlz: Bye Micheal
ImNotAMOUSE: Babe..

Frankie  Offline 

AN: ooohhhh Frankie's mad. 
Mikey's 18 (Freshman in college) 
Frank's 17 (senior in high school) 
Gerard is 22 (recently graduate college)
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