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Chapter 25

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We stand in the living room.
Glaring at them.
Them glaring back.

Bob an Cam making out on the couch.
'Ugh.. This isnt what it looks like" Bob smiled weakly.
all of a sudden I see Gerard holding his chest hes laughing so hard.
He explains he doesnt care if they have sex.
They go upstairs and immediatly we can hear Cam yelling.
Ok that was more Gross.

Me and Frank sit on the opposite couch afraid of the other one.
We sit there talking.
He makes me do that to get out my feelings.
"Well. I dont know babe. You know everything about me now. what else is there?" Hes laying on my chest.
He shrugs his shoulders and kisses my neck.
I groan as he sucks my neck.
Hes sucking my jaw line.
Next thing I know hes straddling me and were making out on a fairly small couch.

20 minutes later Frankie is shirtless laying across my bare chest.
Were happy together and always will be.
We decide to check up on the kids as were letting them miss school to have sex.
We slowly creep up the stairs.
We glance over the stair way to her bedroom and see that Bobs not in her bed.
Shes covered in a duvet alone.
"Hey there" Bob comes around the corner of the bathroom and makes us jump 4 ft in the air.
"What the hell!" I laugh as Frank yells.
Bob giggles and tells us to be quiet cause shes sleeping.
He goes into her room and lays down.
She sleepily gets up and lays on his chest sweetly and innocently.
They really are in love.
But im happy for them



We wake up on the couch.
We fell asleep on the couches talking about Cam and Bob being together.
Cam was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs an Bob was at the table drinking coffee.
I climb into the kitchen leaving Gee asleep on the couch.
"Missing school again are we?"
Cam nods her head and Bob smiles at me.
I allow them to only for today cause they've actually only gone on Monday.
Lucky bastards.

"Bacon Frank?" Cam asks.
"Im a vegetarian actually."
"I know. So am I. my aunt bought me some Veggie bacon" She smiles and hands me the bacon.
I Smile and scarf down the food.
It has an odd taste but Ive eaten it for so long is so good to me.
If you just try it you wont like it.
Gerard walks into the kitchen yawning and pouring coffee.
He sits beside me after kissing my forehead with my mouth full of bacon.
"Oh bacon" he grabs a piece but before we can tell him hes taking a bite and spitting it everywhere.
We all start laughing hard and he glares at us.

We start laughing at his comment again..


We decide to take Cam an Bob shopping.
Gerard calls his mom and she tells him were the card is.
We can buy what we want she doesnt care.

"Gee. Can we go to the Claires?' cam asks sweetly.
"Ew that girly store. No way babe" Bob frowns immediatly regretting his words.
I laugh at him as we were driving down the road in my car.
We all get out and run to the doors.

When you first walk in the scent of rubber from the shoe store and the scent of cinnamon buns from the food court fill your nose in the crowded mall.
This is like another heaven for Cam.
We deposit 100 for each of them and send them on their way.
We meet at the Starbucks around noon for lunch.
They set off down the store aisles and me and Gerard walk around looking for the pet store.
He says he has a suprise waiting for me.
I dont know what he means so I follow instead of asking questions.

Animals are allowed in this mall.
I love the little animals.
We find the store and he heads to the register.
"Hey. Im here for Gerard Way"
The lady behind the counter smiles and walks to the back room.
She immerges 6 minutes later with the most adorable puppy in her hands.

"AWE GEE! Look at her" I pet the dog taking her into my arms.
"Well. Whats her name then?" He asks smiling.
I look up as I was playing on the floor with her.
"You mean shes mine? Imma call her ... ugh .. Basil"
"I love it. And Basil!" He smiles and kisses my cheek.

We grab a collar and leash for her and decide to go looking for Bob and Cam to show them.
Alot of animals are walking around the mall today.
Basil seems it necassary to smell everything.

We spot Bob and Cam leaving the doors with a group of teens.
Gee points this out and we follow.
We turn down the alley still following and we see Bob yelling at a boy that looks familiar.
Then it hits me.
Cams ex-boyfriend.

We run to Bob.
"BRING IT ON BITCH" the taller boy yells at him.
"Stop this Bob" Cams grabbing his arm trying to pull him away from the fight thats starting.
But were to late.
He kisses Cam and swings a punch at the kid.
He hits him in the jaw.
Just when the kid comes back with a swing.
Gerard steps infront of him and he stops the punch.
Gerard isnt happy.
He shoes everyone away and grabs Bob by the ear and Cam by the hand.

"What were you thinking?" I ask calmly still holding a scared Basil.
"Cute dog?" Cam smirks trying to hide the fact there in alot of trouble.
Gerard explains to never to it again.
We head home and spend the next 3 hours in the yard with my new puppy.

As the dog runs around i sit in Gees lap and Cam in Bobs.
We could all die and not really care right now.
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