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You know those little sticky notes you can put on your desktop? This is what's on mine. Unfinished poems, movies, songs, and everything in between.

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No one thought him capable of
The monster he became

No one thought her capable of
The things she did for fame
^ Needs verses! Mess with piano ASAP!
Sometimes I feel a little worthless
And that's hard for me
Because everyone expects me to be perfect
And God knows I'm trying
For all I know, I might be dying
But I'm numb on the inside
Just another day of my life
Passing by windows and doors that change before my eyes
And oh God, I think I'm blind
Why else is it so dark in here?
And no one's listening because they're drowning in their beers
Searching for the bottom of the bottle while I'm nearly in tears
But I'm not important enough for them to listen to my fears
Have another drink and see if I care
And I'm definitely dynamite, baby
Any minute and I'll
Band Names:
The Noise and the Storm
Riots in the Crowd
Of Snowflakes and Stars
* might count as album names.
'Cause you're special
And people are jealous
And that's why
You'll find
That perfection is worthless
Jaco Van Den Hoven - Karkat Vantas
Mommy doesn't want to see what I see
She's too busy with the smiles
"Can't you be happy?"
Sure I can
Can't you?
Not with me
Every little mistake I make is like a bomb going off next to you
Am I allowed to trip now and then
Or will it affect me later in life
Every little crack in the sidewalk standing between me and my future as someone's trophy wife
I don't want to be so silent
I want to let the world know
Pick up my pieces
And welcome you to my show
║УA†нηΘ†£║ Don't piss me off, I've got a pen...
"The future's too bright to dwell on the past. Life moves fast, run faster." - Frank Iero
Cat Names:
Judas (I'm so fucking clever)
Soy Sauce
The Doctor
EriKar (Love Me Drowned)
This is so hard
Writing down my thoughts
Writing down my feelings
I hope that you can't hear me
I can't do it
But it's happening
This is me
Cutting words into the page that is my skin
Don't wanna do it again

Don't treat me like I'm broken
Just think of me when it gets dark and
I will try to smile
Even if grins are poison
Teach me how to lie
You're not sorry

I am on the ground again
Sirens blaring
Kids are screaming
Is this who I am?
Just one more word on paper
We can't talk about this later
It's all your
It's all their
It's all my fault

Don't treat me like I'm broken
Just think of me when it gets dark and
I will try to smile
Even if grins are poison
Teach me how to lie

Keep treating me like I'm broken
It's always dark but you can't hear at all and
I can't try to smile
This skull grin is all I have
Teach me how to lie

You're not sorry
And neither am I
John Egbert, Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, Dad, Rose's Mom, Dirk Strider, Gamzee Makara, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor, Eridan Ampora, Jade Harley, Jake English, Tavros Nitram, Jack Noir, Equius Zahhak, Kanaya Maryam, Jane Crocker, Terezi Pyrope, Vriska Serket, UndyingUmbrage, Wayward Vagabond, Nepeta Leijon, Feferi Peixes, Calliope, Roxy Lalonde, Roxy's Mom, Aradia Megido, Aranea Serket
People at my school: Ew your music is garbage. What is that shit you listen to? You're stupid.
My music
Asking Alexandria: I was meant to make you smile. I was meant to make you shine.
A Day To Remember: You're first a foremost, you're always on my mind. Through the songs that I'll sing, I'll give you my heart.
Bring Me The Horizon: Don't give up hope, my friend, this is not the end.
Of Mice & Men: You'll always be right by my side. To help me show hope to all that are lost and sick in this dying world.
We Came As Romans: I believe in me. I believe in you. I believe that we are not meaningless
Their music: ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass.
I am totally Johnny Depp's daughter.
I got a little distant
And people didn't know what to expect
When I came back
Mama told me
'Break the mirror'
Let yourself go blind
Always care what people say
'Cause I'm the judging kind
I think they like to see me cry
"Hey, b**!
Haha! Loser!
Why don't you curl up and die?!"
Alright, you convinced me.
Maybe I will.
Open up my medicine cabinet and pop a few too many pills.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
You'd f*** love it, wouldn't you?!
Hazel eyes
Flat and empty
Never wanting to look forward to anything
But always forced to never look back
Back when life wasn't anthing more than books and music
Forward into the unknown and frightening
And people wonder why she gets so depressed
Why she can never smile like the others
Or why she cries so easily
It's the thought of failure
Of one day deciding that enough is enough
In the past, we know what happened
We know that we survived
But in the future
Where everything is so unpredictable
How do we know?
Intensity breeds from silence.

Silence breeds from tension.

Tension breeds from intensity.
*Stop eating Nutella. Shit gets weird.
"I think something's wrong with her".
Oh really?
You don't say
Wanna see me do a swan dive
Off a cliff
I'm a second away
From giving it up
Stopping everything
Just slipping into darkness
It won't be any different than how I feel as I sing this
Every wound is fresh
You see them bleeding
I guess you'll just ignore me anyway
Because seeing is believing
You can't see my brain or my heart
You can't see those burning scars
Each one like a fuse
Watch me blow apart
Movies to Watch:
Season of the Witch
Songs to Download:
Guardian Angel - Abandon All Ships

Zero -Vanrsity

Dig Up Her Bones - The Misfits

Telephone - Annisokay

Vampiro - Blind Fool Love

Love The Way You Lie - I Am King

Alejandro - All Time Low

Umbrella - All Time Low

Hit Me Up - Danny Fernandes (Feat. Josh Ramsay and Belly)

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