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“No. You couldn’t be any gayer if you were wearing a tiara and holding a giant rainbow sign covered in glitter announcing the fact to the world.”

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Well here you go, next chapter. I swear, these chapter titles are getting stupider and stupider. I am running out of imagination. Also, some of you probably noticed that 'Listen To The Wind' is now gone. Well, that is because I don't think it suited being a fan fiction. I'll be writing it as an original fiction and might not even put it on here.

So yes. I wanted to keep it to myself because I am extremely proud of everything I've invented there. I'll probably publish it as an actual book in the future - You're looking at the next JK Rowling ;D

In other news, I will have nightmares for the rest of forever. Thanks, Anna. She introduced me to the game 'Amnesia' - I am addicted but shitting myself every time I turn the corner in my own house.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'll just let you get on with the chapter.

Chapter 10; Explanations

“Today’s pretty good,” said Penina, as we sat down in English that morning.

“What do you mean?”

“Look,” she said, pulling out her timetable. “Let’s see yours.”

“Um... I suppose you’re right,” I said. “English, art, drama.. fuck, maths... music... not bad,” I said, tucking it back into my bag.

“Unlucky for maths,” said Penina, grinning at me.

“Okay, guys! You should have all gone through Chapter Fourteen in the past couple of days. Could you all get the booklets out, please?” said the teacher, striding into the room.

“Oh boy. Why on earth do we do this?” I muttered.

“Alright, now. As you guys can probably tell, this is the first proper conversation that Jane and Mr Rochester have. So...” I sighed and sat back in my seat, letting the teacher’s words float in and straight out of my brain. “Going to read through the most important phrases used...”

Great, I thought, looking at the page in front of me. My brain began to shut itself down automatically.

“... so already we see how he could be showing attraction...”

Bullshit. How would you even see that? You're just reading crap into those tiny little words. It's pure nonsense.

“‘For he had great dark eyes, and very fine eyes, too’...”

Frank’s got nice eyes, I thought, looking up at the shorter boy sitting in front of me, who was currently staring around innocently with a pencil tucked under his nose like a moustache.

“...‘Do you think me handsome?’”

Yes. Especially with that retarded pencil he has on his nose. I chuckled to myself.

“Mr Way, wake up,” the harsh voice of the teacher. My chin slipped from my hand and I banged my face on the table.

“Ow! Don’t make me jump!” I complained as the class giggled. Penina, Jenna and Frank were all staring at me.

“Mr Way, kindly refrain from falling asleep, this is an important subject. The mark is worth 30% of your overall yearly grade, so you would do well to pay attention!” said the teacher. I nodded and stifled a yawn with my hand.

“Sorry, sir, I was contemplating in which situations this analysis could come in handy,” I said, directing my gaze towards Jenna. “Especially including some certain... people.” At this, I looked at Bob, then back to Jenna. Both of them scowled at me. I smirked.

“Oh, shut up,” said Jenna, turning back around. Frank giggled and grinned at me, and I poked my tongue out at him.

“You can talk,” said Penina. I rolled my eyes and sat back in my chair. Today was going to be long.

After what seemed like an eternity (as I had predicted) the day finally dragged to a close.

“Oy, where do you think you’re going?” said Jenna as we legged it out of our last-lesson music class.

“What?” I said. “Home. Where else?”

“Nuh-uh. You’re coming with us,” said Penina, popping up beside us.

“What have I done?” I said, as the girls grabbed me by the elbows and walked with me outside.

“You haven’t done anything. We want you to spill the beans,” said Jenna.


“You’re going to buy us coffee and tell us about Frank.” I stopped in my tracks and stared at her. “Oh come on, Gee. You’re my best mate, I can tell when you got a crush on someone.”

“And he thought we hadn’t noticed,” said Penina, smirking up at Jenna. It was my turn to flush red. Were girls mind readers or something? These two certainly were.

“Aww, he’s blushing!” laughed Jenna, putting her arm around my shoulder and ruffling my hair. I batted her hand away in annoyance. 

“Come on, we only know cos we can read you like a book,” said Penina.

“And yeah, we are psychic, in case you were wondering.”

“I don’t think the others noticed your bluff, though... they believed Mikey saying you were hormonal.”

“Oh, fuck Mikey.”

“Incest is illegal.”

“That’s not...!” I rolled my eyes at the two giggling girls that walked alongside me. 

“Not what? Not any of your problems? We know you’re a horny little dick but I think your own brother should be off limits,” said Penina, grinning hugely.

“No, it’s not what I mean! Look, shut up, both of you, or I’m not paying!” I said as we entered Starbucks.

“Yeah, you will, because we will castrate you if you don’t!” said Jenna. Everyone in the coffee shop quietened down a bit at the sound of her threat, and shrunk away when they saw her. She was very... visually startling, shall we say. 

“I’m fine, I don’t want any,” said Penina.

“Good. More for me,” said Jenna. I raised my eyebrow.

“You’re only getting one,” I said, leaning on the counter. The girl behind the counter was - of all people - Candace. She didn’t take any ‘extra’ lessons (like my art), so she evidently took this part-time job when the rest of us were busy in school.

“What do you guys want?” she asked, leaning on the counter and smiling at us. “The usual?”

“Yes, thanks,” I said, smiling back - my ‘I’m going to break your slutty little heart’ smile. The one that, I don’t know why, makes girls fall left right and centre for. Sometimes I wonder if they like being treated like toys. 

“Okay,” she said, scrawling down what I Jenna and I usually had - we came here every day and Candace had learnt exactly what we took.

“Afternoon, darlin,” came yet another voice. Jenna and I stood back to see a tall, muscled jock leant over the counter, grab Candace’s face and kissed her full on the mouth.

“Excuse me for a moment, I’m just going to go and be sick,” said Jenna lightly. Candace and the guy came up for air and grinned at us.

“Jealous, honey?” said Candace. Jenna continued to stare blankly, the same sarcastic stare she gave me when I’d teased her about Bob.

“Of a slimy git with the brains of a retarded donkey and bad blonde hair?” she said, her voice bitter. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Still got your eye on the new kid, Gerard?” called Candace when we’d turned our backs. I froze and squeezed the cardboard cup that I held in my hand.

“What?” I said, my heart thudding erratically and turning to face her.

‘Oh, please. I only heard him and that other freak talking about you. It’s kind of obvious you want in his pants,” she said. I felt a blush rise up in my cheeks and I made to go and confront her, but Penina grabbed my arm.

“Not worth it, Gee,” she said, dragging me and Jenna out of the Starbucks. We walked along in quiet for a while, the two girls silent beside me.

“Jenna, drink the coffee, don’t crush it,” I said. Jenna looked at her hand and true to my words, she had been gripping the cup so hard it had crushed and coffee was leaking out the cracks.

“Oh, shit! Sorry, they just make me so sick,” she said, licking up the spilt coffee from her hand. “But, never mind me. How the fuck did she know what was going on?!”

“What do you mean?”

“You and Frankie.”

“Oh, can’t you guys leave it out?” I said, turning away.

“No. We want to know it all,” said Penina.

“There’s not much to tell,” I said, swishing about my coffee in it’s cup.

“Well, let’s see if we can figure it out,” said Jenna, perching on a bench as we reached the park.

“When he first walked into the classroom, and I’m pretty sure I saw your jaw drop.”

“Secondly, you would not stop staring at him at lunchtime that day, I even had to tell you that you were staring.”

“On Tuesday, you invited him around to your house and he accepted immediately, despite having known you for only a day and a half.”

“You’ve stuck to him like glue whenever you have the chance.”

“Stop it, guys,” I said.

“You got jealous as fuck when there was even a hint of someone else - namely one Ash Ruebeun Sirius - who might be showing a teensy bit of interest in him...” said Jenna, raising her voice.


“You were in a strop for a whole day over it. Jealous, much?”

“And last of all, you were staring at him all through the shit that we sat through today in English. I bet you were comparing everything that Jane did for Rochester, to you and Frank.”

“Can you please leave it out?!” I shouted, standing up striding away from them. They both just remained on the bench, probably in shock that I had just shouted at them. But really, they needed to STOP getting into my head! I was trying to ignore the fact that yes, I was jealous as fuck of Ash, they didn’t need to remind me of the fact.

“Is everything okay?” I looked up into the ice blue eyes of - speak of the devil - Ash.

“Yeah, perfect,” I said. Ash studied me for a moment, before beckoning with his head.

“Need to talk?”

“Since when did you talk?” I asked, but I began to walk alongside him.

“Since Frank needed someone to talk to,” said Ash. I raised my eyebrow and scowled at the mention of Frank’s name. Oh, so he could talk to Ash but he couldn’t talk to me?


“You looked like you were having a bit of an argument back there.”

“Yeah. Girls are annoying,” I said. Suddenly, my phone buzzed.

‘We’ll leave you alone - just don’t kill him. We know you’re jealous. Jen xx’ I sighed and tucked it back in my pocket.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” said Ash. I looked up at him, hoping he wasn’t looking at my phone.


“The second I mentioned Frank’s name you looked like you wanted to murder me in my sleep,” he said. I flushed.


“I don’t say much,” he said. “I pay more attention when I’m quiet.”

“... So, what are you saying?” I asked, dumping my empty coffee cup in a bin.

“You like him, am I correct?”

“Look, those two have just been interrogating me about Frank, so please don’t add to it. It just makes it awkward,” I said.

“Sorry. They were nagging you about him, then?”

“Yeah. It got annoying. Why do girls gossip so much?” I asked, looking up at him. He shrugged.

“I have no idea. I think it’s part of the DNA.”

“Female genetics,” I said, smiling. Ash nodded.

“But look, man. It’s kind of obvious that you like the new dude. I’m not gonna fuck around with him - ‘m not interested.”

I looked up at him for a moment, raising my eyebrow. Ash was a bit of an outcast and always kept to himself. He’d always been known for having a bit of a reputation because of it - quiet but aggressive when people spoke to him, and never started a conversation with someone else. I decided to run that point past him, and he smiled.

“I helped Frank when he was knocked over. He helped me when I was. You can’t avoid talking when that happens.”


“And, I wasn’t oblivious to the glares you were sending me,” he said, smirking. I shrugged.

“Uh, sorry about that. I was...”

“Very jealous?”

“Yeah, something like that,” I said. “Look... thanks for telling me. I literally just got a text telling me to not murder you.”

“Thank you for not murdering me,” he said. I smiled at him for a moment, before a loud screech of wheels came from behind me.

“What the fuck?!”

“Hey, Geefreak!” shouted a voice - Jaden sitting in his shiny red Camaro.

“Hey, asshole. Don’t make me jump like that,” I said, moving over and leaning on the side of his car.

“Sorry man,” he said. “Who’s your pal?”

“Oh, this is Ash. Ash, Jaden,” I said, pointing at him. The nodded at each other, before Jaden turned back to me.

“You guys need a lift anywhere?”

“No, I live just round the corner,” said Ash.

“Yes, I have no idea where I am. Where were you taking me, anyway?” I asked him.

“I was following you.”

“Okay. Well, I will see you, my darling, on Monday!” I said, clasping my hands together and putting on the gay.

“Darling?” asked Jaden, raising his eyebrows.

“What the fuck?”

“Oh yes! We’re all each other’s darlings here,” I said, falling over the door into the passenger seat. Both Ash and Jaden stared at me.

“You cannot be heterosexual,” said Ash, shaking his head and walking off. I looked up at Jaden and shifted around, smiling.

“No. I’m not, am I?”

“No. You couldn’t be any gayer if you were wearing a tiara and holding a giant rainbow sign covered in glitter announcing the fact to the world.”

“Uh... thanks?”


So. I do hope you guys liked this chapter! I love writing this story, it's so... lighthearted, I feel. I have another one lined up (as I'm sure many of you know) which is a horror story, and pretty much the complete opposite to what I have here. Auditions are up, you can run on over there if you like :) Please Rate and Review.

Do you want to know what happened today? I looked in the mirror, took off my makeup, put on a pair of pyjama pants and a baggy shirt, let my hair go scruffy. And I actually felt happy with how I looked. I constantly look at people and feel like I'm not good enough. I don't feel worthless, not at all, I don't hate myself. I just feel like I could do so much more with my life.

Teenage Angst. Sorry.

BleedingValentine xx
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