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Gotham Major Crime Response Unit but Outside Commissioner Gordon Office - Inside

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Stephens turn to look at his boss office to find the door closed and he could not make out want was going on. The Window and the Door Window were cover in the white plastic that is not seeing through less the lights were on. Stephens turned back to the report he had been reading again. He felt eyes on him from the front as he read the report he was studding lightly with his eyes. Final when he realized the eyes were not going to go away he looked up to see his boss and Lightsmith both standing there watching him.

"Yes, Commissioner do you need something" Stephens said looking at the man.

Aly moved a little from where she was standing. Gordon lightly brushed her shoulder with his hand to stop her from moving too much.

"Gerry, you know that Aly and I worked together for many years before she disappeared right" Jim said keeping his mind were it should be on talking to second in command. "Why are you telling me this" Stephens asked looking at Jim and Lightsmith.

"I am placing Aly over you as my Primary Lieutenant. Stephens if you want to transfer out of the city I will understand. But Aly and I worked together for well over twenty-four years" Jim said calmly but he was hoping the man would remian in the city. "You have been here sense her seventh year as my partner. I have known you for seventeen years. But I have known Aly for seven more" Jim was not sure how to keep going with the conversation.

"Commissioner it fine. I knew the rumor that once Lightsmith had return that she would be your right hand woman in the precinct" Stephens said looking at them both he knew their was something more to this. "I am perfectly fine with that. I am happy not to have three times the paperwork to deal with" Stephens said with a soft smirk on his face.

Gordon gave Stephens a small smile as Aly moved back closer to him. Aly smiled as well at the man. She remembered that he was as straight as her and Jim were and did not take bribes as well.

"Go home, Gerry. I am telling you now so that tomorrow when I let the other in the precinct know of the new lieutenant that it well not shock you that all" Jim said softly to the man. "I know most of the people will have question and some of them may not even me happy about the appointment of Aly as my primary Lieutenant. But it will help me to know that my Second Lieutenant supports my choice" Jim said look around for a minute as he tried to figure out who would question his action more.

"I knew the day would come. Are you going to go back to courting Lightsmith again" Stephens side looking at his boss. "Just how many people in the precinct know about me courting Aly" Jim asked sounding unamused at the fact his other lieutenant asking.

"It was gossip before she disappeared. And then ten to one odds you were courting Sergeant Lightsmith on the side with your wife knowing somewhat that you had a second person you were seeing" Stephens said looking at them both full in the face.

"Well I am glad to hear that. How high as the betting gone" Aly asked softly trying to remember were the betting had been two year previous. "You know about the pool" Stephens was trying to figure out how the woman knew it. "The one about Jim and I courting yes of course I started the pool myself. How much" Aly said quietly again asking trying to figure out the number.

"Gerry, how long has this been going on" Jim ask keeping his face blank.

Stephens took a deep breath like he was trying to figure out how to get out of this without losing too much of the skin on his nose. Aly could tell that Stephens was trying to figure out how to tell them the figures of how much was in the pool.

"I found out about the betting pool shortly after I transferred into Gotham from D.C. about seventeen years ago. There was only seventy-five dollars in the pot at that point in time. I placed a hundred dollars in to it. The total right not with it is almost a thousand dollars" Stephens said looking at his boss.

Aly gave a short bark like laugh. Gordon had one that sound the same way. Stephens got a look on his face that said Aly was more like Gordon then the other people in the office new.

"You are still hiding something for us, Gerry" Alysaid to him she could tell that he did not want to talk about it. "People in the office think that the reason you disappeared is that the Commissioner wife found out about his courting you and she came after you" Stephens said his face went from being pale to being pink in color.

Aly started to truly laugh at that. She was friends with Barbara. Barbara had known that Aly and her husband had been courting off and on when their marriage got rocky in places. Gordon hand want up an out and whacked Aly upside the head lightly. She gave him a grin that said just wait till we get back to the apartment. Gordon started to grin as well. Stephen could tell they were sharing some kind of memory or something.

"Go, home Gerry get some sleep" Jim said calmly to his second command. "Right, boss, are you leaving" Stephens said quietly to Jim and Aly.

"Yes, I am leaving. Both Aly and I have something to talk about" Jim said to his second in command. "You are renewing your courtship of her again" Stephens said to Jim with a small smirk.

Gordon only nodded his head at his third in command as he took Aly hand in his and head for the door. Gordon pulled his car keys out of his pocket. They both walked out of the precinct hand in hand. Batman appeared out of no were carrying a bag in his hand.
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