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Fifty Shades of Gay

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FRERARD: (has nothing to do with the book series 'fifty shades of gray')

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Frank had always been gay. He had known from such a young age that he was different than all the other kids. While they were pairing off with girls and pushing them around to get their attention, he was trying his hardest to be-friend the boys. He'd cry if he was put with girls. He just didn't like them.

He knew that as he grew everything was going to get harder and harder. Getting older meant finding love, and at that small age he had been, he thought he was the only one that was attracted to boys that way, and when he had asked his parents, they told him it was wrong. That he had to change before he reached grade school. He tried his hardest, but it never really worked. That put him in a bad position.

From then on his life had been a lie. He would sit with the girls all the time and barely even try to catch the boys attention. He lied to everyone and pretended he was as normal as his friend Bob was. He continued to be this way all the way up to year 12. His senior year. No one knew he was gay and would never know until he was able to move out. Well, at least that's what he told himself.

On the other hand, his parents were far too happy for him. They were proud of their grade A+, 'straight' son. Every family dinner they had they would praise him and ask how his girlfriend was. His reply was always "She's fine. We're studying here tomorrow night". His parent's never knew that Jamia, as oblivious as she was, was only a cover for him. He felt bad for using her and felt disgusting kissing her, but he had too. He had no choice.

It wasn't until he had a field trip that he accidentally let his guard down. His entire art class had traveled by bus to the local art exhibitions that were happening in the museum. All was well when he arrived there. He was happy about being out of the horribly boring school buildings and stuffy, paint fume filled classrooms. He was just in an incredibly good mood.

"Alright, are we all off the bus?" the slightly old, slightly crazy teacher asked as she tucked her frizzy hair behind her ear. She did a quick count before instructing her students to follow her into 'one of the most incredible places in New Jersey. "Everyone, stay together and stay here while I find our guide"

Frank, who was standing near the front nodded to himself and glanced around the old, busy building he was standing in. He looked down at the shiny floor beneath his feet and admired the speckled pattern on the marble tiles, looking up with a small smile as he looked at the incredible detailed stain glass over head. The building itself in it's old age was quite the piece of art. He wondered why people didn't just come here to look at the building.

As he glanced around the happy and excited faces of the crowd, including grade school kids, workers and tourists, one face caught his eye more than anyone's. A raven haired man dressed in a blue waist coat, white shirt with a name tag on his chest made him freeze as he watched him wipe down the advertisement chalk board. The man just suited the entire building. He was amazing.

Quickly snapping out of his small, creepy like trance, he looked away as he turned around, hoping he hadn't been caught. Not just by the intriguing man, but by anyone. He wasn't meant to be gay.

"Excuse me, are you guys from Bellevue Academy?" a cool voice asked from behind him, his voice thickly New Jersey accented.

Frank turned around slowly, gripping his dark gray messenger bags strap and looked up, taking a small step back when his eyes met with the blue waist coat. He slowly looked up at the mans face, nodding gently as the pale man stared down at him.

"Yes, we are. Are you our guide?" a blond girl that escapes Franks mind frequently asked in her horrible preppy voice.

The man nodded with a small smile as he looked over Franks shoulder. "I most certainly am! You guys must have incredible luck to be stuck with me" he grinned as the class started giggling and talking quietly amongst themselves excitedly. They thought he was as attractive as Frank did. He could tell.

Frank continued to stare at the man as people asked him a few questions about the building that they knew was going to end up on a test. He watched as the mans green eyes widened with excitement when he was asked a particularly good question and how he threw his hands around as he tried to explain as best he could, getting totally carried away. Frank was glad he had taken that step back before otherwise he might have had a broken nose by now.

"As much as a lot of people would like to believe and, trust me, they'll try to convince you that I'm wrong, but this building was in fact build in the early 1900s" he nodded gently. "Do you guys have a teacher with you?"

Again, the girl that had talked to him before answered. "She went looking for you and, well, she's a little bit loopy so who knows where she is now"

The guide shook his head gently with a small, amused smile. "I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Come closer" Frank stayed where he was while everyone else edged closer to the eccentric man, eager to be of a one foot radius. "Loopy people, or well, crazy and different people are the best kind" he said with a nod. "Have you guys been taught about the artist Van Gough?" a few kids nodded while Frank just stared at him. "He was weird. No one liked that guy. Heck, he even cut his own ears off and he still made it. Have you seen his art? It's incredible! If you're weird, or even different in the slightest, you're going to make it. Trust me, no one wants a boring normal person-"

"Oh there you are!" the crazy woman called out as she rushed towards her students, her frizzy hair flying everywhere as she weaved through a group of tourists. "I'm Mrs. Greeves. The art teacher at Bellevue Academy"

"Gerard. Gerard Way, guide at the Historic Center" Gerard, the man Frank had been admiring for a good ten minutes now said as he shook her hand. "Great to meet you all" he smiled.

Frank brushed his hair from his eyes and looked over at the chalk board he had been wiping off and found himself smiling. Upon the board, along with the obvious stains of being cleaned was the words "Make a difference by being different". He knew that letting his guard down was a bad thing and it was only going to screw up his plans for the future, but at that moment as he listened to Gerard the guide explain a few things they could and counldn't do in the center, he didn't care. He wanted to be able to check people out, even if it was wrong to other people. He wanted to be able to stare the way girls do to guy. He just wanted to be himself for the first time since preschool.

The day he went to the Historic Center was the day everything changed.

This is horrible to me but it's all I can do right now. So love it, hate it, comment, rate it. I don't know. xx Max
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