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I Need Fic.

by FrankieXIero 5 reviews

Recommend something to me, I need something to read.

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My life has been put on hold and I am seriously so bored with life right now that I just need something to keep my mind occupied. Unfortunately I have come up dry with things to read, so I was wondering if you guys could recommend something to me. It doesn't have to be your story but it can be if you would like. It would probably be useful if you suggested a few stories because I've read a lot of them out there.

So please let me know of your favourites, anything goes! All bandoms and all pairings I just need something (preferably something well written and long though, all things considered)

Please and Thank You.
-Casey Von.

I'll take this down in the next few days, sorry for clogging the page!
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