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The Backdrop Of These Gears And Scalpels

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Gerard wakes up in the emergency room. Again.

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Well, my writer's block went away and this is the result.

Chapter 17

I smell smoke. Has Bert been smoking in our room? Brendon specifically told him he can only smoke on the balcony. My throat feels dry. Really dry… I open my eyes and begin to cough violently.

What I see makes my coughing turn to screaming.

I’m in the emergency room.

“B-Bert.” I cough weakly. My voice sounds weird. There’s some sort of mask on my face. I reach up and attempt to claw it off, but somebody pulls my hands away.

“You might want to keep that on.” a voice says. I look up to find an unfamiliar doctor in a familiar white coat. I shrink into the hospital bed and begin to shake. It’s all over. Bert and I will never see each other again. Tears form in my eyes and stream down my face. The tears sting like saltwater.

“Hey, don’t cry. You’re not hurt too bad. You just inhaled too much smoke.” the doctor reassures me.

“Smoke?” I rasp. It hurts to talk.

“You were in an accident on the Navy Pier Ferris wheel…”

It all comes rushing back like a leak in a dam. The wail of sirens and screaming reverberating through my eardrums, the taste of gasoline in the air. Sweaty fingers curled into an iron grip around Bert’s arms. Tendrils of unforgiving smoke creeping towards me like the hands of death. Bert stroking my hair, his terrified heart beating in a frantic staccato.

“Bert.” I croak again. “Where’s Bert?”

The doctor frowns in confusion. “Who’s Bert?”

I start to cry harder. “Bert. My b-boyfriend. He w-was with me…”

The doctor’s beeper starts to go off, and he rushes from the room without giving me a second look. I see a second hospital bed behind where he was standing. Dark, curly hair is spilled across the stark white pillow. A beautiful, soot-streaked face lies in the middle of the mass of hair. Well, there's my answer.

I instantly rip the mask off of my face and make my way to Bert’s bed, shaking slightly. He looks way different then he did when we met in the emergency room. This exact one, most likely. Then, he was sitting up and grinning. I like you, kid. Now, he’s unconscious and still. An oxygen mask like the one I was wearing obscures his nose and mouth.

“B-Bert?” I say, my hoarse voice merely a squeak. When he doesn’t respond, I shake him lightly.

“Bert!” I say louder.

His eyes flutter open. “Mmm.. Gerard?” he whispers. “What’s going on?”

I pull the mask off of his face. “Are you okay?” I ask, still crying.

His eyes widen. They’re bloodshot. I wonder if mine are the same. “Where are we?” he asks.

“The emergency room.”


Bert swings his legs over the side of the bed and tries to stand up. He sways and topples into me, causing us to fall back onto the neighboring bed. Bert’s face is centimeters away from mine. “Hi there.” he whispers, like the first time he kissed me. Our lips meet each other for a short kiss. He tastes like smoke.

Then it’s back to business. “How are we going to get out?” I ask.

“Follow me.”

Bert leads me out of the room and down a hallway. Nurses are hurrying past, but they don’t seem to notice us. At the end of the hallway; however, a woman that seems to be stuffed into her uniform holds out her plump hand to stop us.

“Excuse me. What are you two doing?” she asks suspiciously, raising her eyebrows.

I open my mouth, but no sound comes out. My hands begin to sweat. I hate nurses. I turn to Bert. We’re screwed, I tell him through my expression. I got this, he silently replies.

“Uh, we’re here because our…our son was in the accident.” Bert lies.

The nurse looks from me to Bert, from Bert to me. “Your son?”

Oh yeah… both of us have a penis. “He’s adopted.” I blurt.

The nurse’s expression softens. “Oh. Okay. Come with me so we can get your insurance information…”

“T-That’s alright. But thanks for the help.” Bert says quickly. He grabs my hand and pulls me down the hallway.

“Wait! Come back!” the nurse calls, following us.

“FUCK! GERARD, RUN!” Bert’s words from our first escape fill my head. I hear people shouting behind us. Obviously our story didn’t fool them.

Then, for the thousandth time in my life, I begin to run away.
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