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Chapter 1. The Beginning

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My first story-ever- so please be gentle. It may be a Frerard it may not, that's up to you. Takes place in a Danger Days setting, with the essence of other eras thrown in. Enjoy.

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Gerard's POV
Looking up into the sky, I couldn't help but miss the shitty clouds of New Jersey, my childhood home. This bright-as-fuck sun was pissing me off, even though I've only been out here for half an hour. I missed all the rain too. I even missed High School, with all of it's two faced barbies, steroid-addicted jocks and hell spawn robot teachers. But none of that is left. Not since the Helium Wars, and sure as hell not after Sarah Ross. Sarah Ross, just thinking about her makes my skin crawl. Like scratching on a chalk board. That she-devil used to be my girlfriend, no matter how ashamed I am to admit coming in contact with something so sick. The story is, that even after New Jersey was blown in the Helium Wars, there was still a high school. It was temporary, held in a few abandoned warehouses that just so happened to survive the chaos, but it was still school, where my friends were. I had been dating Sarah for about 7 weeks before the school went down, and for almost 3 months after. We broke up when she found out I was secretly fighting against BL/ind(for freedom and rights,you know like, oh I don't know. NOT getting emotion numbing drugs injected into you?). She turned me in, forcing me to drop out with the other three fellow rebels that were caught. Said rebels, just so you know, are: Raymond Manuel Toro-Oritz a.k.a. Ray a.k.a. Froman a.k.a Jet Star, Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. a.k.a. Frank/Frankie a.k.a Fun Ghoul, Michael James Way(my younger brother) a.k.a Mikey a.k.a Kobra Kid, and me Gerard Arthur Way a.k.a. Gee a.k.a Party Poison. That's a lot of a.k.a.'s I know, but long story short I hope I never cross paths with that back stabbing whore again. If I ever do see her again, who knows what I'd do? I'd probably-

"-Catch the fuck up, Gee!" Bullets pierce through my daydreams, and I look up to see Mikey glaring at me over his shoulder a few yards away. Turning around he mutters something unintelligible and switches his 'Good Luck' helmet from His left hand to his right.

"Frank's faster than you and his legs are fucking short." Mikey teased after I sped up my pace a bit. I had caught up with them just in time to grab Frank before he tackled Mikey, who seemed to be in a worse mood than me. All of us were in shitty moods though. Even Fun Ghoul(who was already grumpy when Mikey spoke of his vertical challenges), the one usually trying his best to keep the spirits up, was kicking dirt into the dry, polluted air. We were walking about 10 meters from the road among the brush, just in case we saw any Draculoids patrolling the road. Not that hiding in these dead, brown bushes with flaming red hair would do much good. But so fat our lucks been okay actually(surprising, I know), other than the car breaking down. We were almost to Zone 6. A group of kids there had sent a ton of requests to us for a visit through WKIL with Dr.Death Defying, asking for help and inspiration. One stood out the most.

"Hey Ray. What was that girl's name? The one who wanted to volunteer." I questioned the tall man's back.

"Can't remember, sorry. I think it was something like Miley or Lissa." He answered, looking straight ahead. That wasn't much help, I already knew it started with an L, so it sure as hell wasn't Miley. We walked on for another half-mile, stopping for a quick lunch of warm water and shitty beans. Our destination came into view, nearly hidden in a rocky crater. If it weren't for our current knowledge of what was in said crater we would have purposely avoided it(We don't really have a thing for climbing craters at 102 degrees Fahrenheit). We stopped a few feet away from the opening hidden high on a hill, just to take it all in. The rugged, surprisingly colorful little town by the name of Zone 6. Mikey was the first to break the silence.

"Her name was Lillie. She called herself Toxic Renegade." And with that we stepped foot into the Zone.

I didn't know what her Killjoy name should be, so I just used mine. I'm not sure whether or not to continue this story, so if you want me too please say so. If there are any punctual or grammar errors I may have made, please alert me, I would be more than happy to correct them. Sorry if it was a bit short for your taste. If this goes on they won't all be short! 'Cause I'm not very fond of super short chapters either. Sincerely~Toxic Renegade
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