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The Secret

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chapter 3 basically involves kuja and beatrix and what has happened in the past, a new character also comes into the scene...

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The secret

authors note:
well it seems two of oure characters have been in love and no one knew about it till now. PLZ PLZ PEEPZ REVIEW ALL IM ASKIN 4 IZ 1 REVIEW!!! oh yh I fogot 2 ad this is gunna b the best chapta yet (shock,humor and some romance!!!!)

disclaims/claims: If I owned final fantasy I would not be sat in a house where it always rain I would be sat in a mansion in a hot sunny place, I do not own any final fantasy characters either, except for the new one introduced in this chapter.

Kuja was sat nect to Beatrix by the dock it was late in the night, they were talking about recent happenings and old times.
Beatrix felt guilty she had still not told Kuja and he needed to know. "This is it I will tell him." She thought to herself.
" Kuja listen there is somethng I need to tell you and I will not feel right until I do."
" My sweet rose I do not mind at all please coninue." These words drifted through Beatrix his voice, it was beatiful almost enchanting. "o.k here goes" she mutered t herself. " Kuja remember the last time you visited..." Kuja nodded a smile came to his face. He carried on lookin into her eyes. "Well..." she hesitated slightly "Just after you left I found out I was well ... pregnant." Kuja seemed perfectly calm a smile yet again met his face this time a completley gental smile as if to reasure her. "Why that is the most wonderful news I have heard in such a long time, yet no one seems to know..."
Beatrix could not bring herself to tell Kuja the next bit. She felt herself sad nearly crying, " Well I didn't know what to do so I left the child on a doorstep of some where with a note"
Kuja seemed to not mind instead of elling or looking shocked he put a had into hers and looked lovingly into her eyes. " Listen I do understand I really do you were probably scared and did the right choice, I still love you and always will..." They both decided they were tired and went there sepret was to the rooms.

Garnet and Zindane were lied in bed when they started to talk. " Zidane I really don't think we should have spied on Beatrix and Kuja I mean ... I feel shocked but I also feel well not right."
"Hey hey don't worry I just really need to talk to Kuja about this I mean they are gunna have to tell us at some time any ways aren't they?"
"I suppose... well I still think you shouldn't talk to Kuja about this but, hw am I suposed o stop you? I no what you are like." She tried to hide the smile on her face but she failed.
They kissed and turned out the lights.

The next morning there was a knock at the front doors, A servent went down to answer it. There was a teenager stood at he door with long blond hair blue eyes and a sword aroung her waist. hert clothes had been mended many times it was obvious. She was very beatiful and looked a lot like someone who he could not put his finger on. The young girl stood there eying the servent " Is there any chance that I could possibly see the Genral it is urgunt." the girl said "ummm if it is urgent then I dn't see why ma lady may not see the genral." He hurried off to find the genral. The girl carried on standing there wondering if she was in the right place this place was just beatiful to her especially the dock. The genral appeared at the door and studied the girl quickly with her one good eye. "Umm are you genral Beatrix?" the girl asked quickly she was obviously extremley nervous. "probably another recruit to join the army." she muttered to herself. "Why indeed I am and what business do you have with me ?" The girl hesitated slightly and then spoked slowly "Well um... I don't know how to say this... but I think you are... my mother..." Beatrix looked like she had just seen a ghost she was scared slightly, she was confused. "Oh um.... heck" Beatrix muttered to herself, "I suppose you had better come in the castle and we will sort someth-" Before Beatrix could finish talking she found that the girl had just passed out on the doorstep, Beatrix took her up to one of the many spare rooms and ordered some food and lots of water to be taken up. She left the girl and went to find Kuja, she felt so happy her daughter had found her and Kuja had returned to her, her life was coming together again. She knew where Kuja would be, and there he was sat in his room staring out the window at the castle gardens. "Oh you startled me slightly my rose, I did not see you came in." Kuja directed his head away from the window and looked at Beatrix. " Kuja I have some great news!!" Beatrix said to him gazing into his eyes.
Kuja got up from his wooden seat and walked over Beatrix, he held her close in his arms he kissed her delcatley on the lips, still staring in his eyes she began to talk again. "Kuja listen our daughter has found us!"
"What!" "Where is she?" Kuja sounded quite excited. Beatrix just looked at his and smiled a small laugh escaped her mouth, Kuja turned to look at her again. "My darling do you know what this means?" "We are a family." He looked at Beatrix's beatiful chesnut eyes which matched her hair, he then pulled her closer and kissed her tightly on the lips. There was a tap at the door, Beatrix jumped back in shock. " Who's there?" kuja camley asked. "It's zidane Kuja can i come in or are we going to have a conversation like this?"
"it's zidane what am I going to do?" Beatrix asked Kuja in a pankiy voice. "I know just pretend You have popped in to make sure I am not doing anything uh evil ye just say that!"
Beatrx sighed and opened the door," O good Afternoon your majesty I was just checking up on you brother to make sure he was not up to his old tricks." A big grin came across zidanes face as Beatrix wen past hi and down the stairs.
"You know I really don't think it's wise for you to be going out with the genral of the kingdom Kuja." Kuja looked shocked!
"what the.. how the... I mean wwhatever are you on about zidane?"
"hehe I knew it o.k spill the beans Kuja you are aren't you?"
"I am doing what?"
"you kno going out with Beatrix." Kuja saw no way out of this and thought he may as well tell him as he was going to find out some time, about them and their daughter. "Okay okay I'll tell you.."Zidane sniggered under his breath. Meanwhile the young gil iin the room had just awoken, "where am I? I can't remeber anythin- oh yeah I remember now, wow I must be in the castle I wonder where my mother is..." Beatrix walked slowly down the staircase a thought came to her"Oh hell Zidane can get anything out of anyone what am I supposed to do he probably knows by now... I suppose I better check up on her." Beatrix could not cal her by her name just yet. It ringed through her head over and over again she had a major headache from this.
"KUJA!!!!! I NO THAT BEATRIX IS QUITE ATTRACTIVE BUT YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE A KID WITH HER!!!!" Kuja knew he shouldn't have told Zidane about his and Beateix's child. Zidane went absolutley mad at it. He just stood there calm as ever and stared at Zidane a slight smirk on his face. "KUJA IT'S NOT FUNNY I MEAN WHAT'S DAGGER GOING TO SAY?"
"Don't worry Zidane I can handle this I mean come on you married a queen and you have bothing to do with royalty."
"Ye but shes a hot genral..." Beatrix could hear everythind zidane was saying actually she thought the whole kingdom could the way he was shouting. "Oh god all hope is lost now."
She walked down another corrider and then down another flight of stairs she finally came to the spare room where her daughter was. She twisted the brass handle t was cold at touch she pushed open the door and there was her daughter. She was sat up on the bed wide awake looking like she was admiring the room. Beatrix let a grin slip across her face"how you feeling?"
"oh i'm umm fine what happened???" The girl looked a bit confused she was very preety. "I think you kinda passed out I think it was from not drinking something for a while, how long have you been travaling?"
"Bout 3 years, I have learned mch from it though nuch that I could not have experianced in life." A single tear rolled down the girls cheek she looked a bit sad . Hey Hey whats the matter?"
"Oh don't worry bout me please I'm just so happy I finally found you. Just one question!"
"Whos my dad."

Zidane had decided that Kuja was in the clear just one problem Steiner. Steiner had never trusted Kuja and god knows what he would do if he found out. Zidane knew how much Steiner valued Beatrix's friendship and knew he would crush any one whi would dare to hurt her physicaly or emotionally. But Zidane was happy for his brother also, happy that he had forgotten the past and settled down well kind of He just had to sort out a few things.

So peeps what do ya think Zidane knows about Kuja and Beatrixs child :D Beatrix is not happy abiut this as you can see. Please tell me what you think about the romance between Kuja and Beatrix R&R for the children hehe
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