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3- Trust Builds

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“I won’t tell anyone.”

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(Gerard’s POV)

Madelyn had chosen a pair of dark blue jeans which hugged her hips and a white tank top, overall the entire outfit demonstrated that though she did not currently actively work out she still had a smoking hot body, one that my eyes were glued to. “So…” She awkwardly looked down the trail, after glancing at me.

I blushed, feeling the heat warm up my cheeks, “Sorry, it’s just… you look great.”

She laughed, “I used to hear that a lot but it feels different this time.”

“I wonder why.” We made a turn, heading towards the parking lot.

“Maybe because when I heard it before it was all that mattered.” Madelyn sounded sad, “It was all that I thought mattered. I guess my mind’s opened up through all of this.” Was she going to finally talk about what had happened? I could only hope. Maybe today would be a real breakthrough.

“I wish everyone would realize that looking great wasn’t all that matters.” Maybe then we’d have a lot less bullying in schools, and plastic surgery altering what had been naturally given. Hell, a lot of bad things could be ruled out if we weren’t so hung up on looks.

“It does matter though, to an extent.” Madelyn was right.

“It’s not that important.”

“Would you date an ugly girl, or marry one?” I loved the challenge in her tone.

“Well, if she’s a good person…” I awkwardly thought about it.

“Then you wouldn’t think about sleeping with her.” Madelyn pointed out, quickly furrowing her eyebrows. “Or him. I’m not homophobic.”

I laughed, “I’m not homophobic either but I’m more in to ladies. And you know… I would still sleep with her.” I was trying so hard not to seem like a bad guy here.

“Yeah, you might. Would your pulse race when you looked at her though? Would you think about her when you closed your eyes, would she stop you from cheating when you saw someone else that you were attracted to?” Madelyn stopped in place, “Look Gerard, it’s not a bad thing, and I’m not saying you’re a bad person for admitting that you wouldn’t be with someone ugly. I’m just pointing out that attraction is important but it also varies. What is ugly to one person is beautiful to the next. It’s important but it’s not all that matters, and physical looks are not all that is involved in attraction.”

I stopped as well, surprised with how deep she was. “I like it when you say my name.” The words slipped out, embarrassing me beyond belief.

Madelyn smiled, “And that right there is attraction.” She winked, beginning to walk again.

I was about to say something else but then we reached the gates before the parking lot and I had to dig Madelyn’s day pass out of my pocket, handing it to one of the guards. He smiled and nodded, letting us pass.

“I didn’t even know that there were such things as a day pass.” Madelyn admitted once we were actually in the parking lot.

“It’s only permitted for patients that aren’t a risk to other people, or to themselves. Plus, you have to have someone from the facility with you.” I explained, directing her towards my car.

“You count, even though you’re what… a volunteer?” Madelyn searched my face for something, I wasn’t sure what though. “You aren’t employed here, are you? I mean, I know your dad works here but…”

“I’m still in school so right now I’m just a volunteer but my dad running the facility does give me a certain advantage.” I pointed towards my car, “There, there’s my car.”

Madelyn glanced towards it before walking beside me, stopping at the passenger’s side door. I opened the door for her, letting her get in. She smiled, “You’re quite the gentleman.” I smiled in return before closing the door, and then I took a deep breath. Would my expensive car or my expensive lifestyle make her think differently of me?

“So, you drive a Lexus?” Madelyn asked once I was in my car.

“Yes, I do.” I smiled at her, “So where to first?”

“That’s an interesting budget for a volunteer who is still in school.” Madelyn noted. “And I have absolutely no idea actually… I kind of hoped you had a plan.”

“I have an idea for a plan but I don’t really know what kind of things you like since you’ve never told me. We just started talking yesterday.” I reminded her, not going in to just how much money I had. I didn’t want to come off as spoiled. People thought of you differently when they learned you were rich; they actually seemed to start thinking less of you.

“Honestly Gerard, I’m already so surprised that I get to leave on my birthday. I’m just excited to go out and do something, anything really.” Which was surprising because Madelyn didn’t seem to want to leave the facility; she didn’t really seem up for anything even a simple conversation but I was learning she was deeper than that.

“Well, are you hungry? We could go out for lunch- or breakfast in your case… and go from there. We’ve got all day.” I grinned at her, as I began to slowly pull out of the parking lot.

“Breakfast… lunch sounds good.” Madelyn agreed, as she played with the buttons on the radio. “You’re right Gerard.” I shivered as she said my name, her tone changing. “I don’t get along with my brother.”

This was interesting… She was opening up.

“Oh?” I didn’t want her to shut down, but I also didn’t want to press her to say more if she didn’t want to.

“He’s not a good guy.” Madelyn said softly, looking out the window. She’d given up on the radio, and now it was turned down… the sound of very distant music coming from the speakers. “Something went wrong with him, I think. It was his dad. His dad wasn’t a good guy. We don’t have the same dad’s- mine is dead.”

“Nature or nurture?” I was confused, “Who raised you guys?”

“Well… mainly his dad but his dad was different with him than he was with me. We were raised together but so differently.” Madelyn took a deep unsteady breath. “I know you saw the bruises…”

“I wish they weren’t there.” I whispered, horrified.

“I need to know that you won’t run and tell your dad everything that I tell you.” Madelyn said softly. “I need this to be between us- and I’m only telling you because… Well, I trust you- even if I shouldn’t.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” I whispered, clutching on to the steering wheel tightly. What was I about to hear?


(Horrible cliffhanger I know- I’m sorry! I’ll update again shortly if there is interest shown. I just want to see if I should continue this, if anyone is reading… If people are then I will make the next update longer!)
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